Wednesday Afternoon in Bird World

09 March 2022

The sky is a bright blue with a few clouds and the sun is pouring down on the birds in the garden. The temperature is -15. Dyson and Scraggles have been chasing one another and Dyson has now lost the back half of its tail. I wonder if that wasn’t the evidence of an injury that I saw last week? No worries. Dyson is fine and fat and is still eating the right mess of seeds that he managed to dump! Mr Downy has been at the suet feeder this morning and there have been 63 Starlings in the mix with the House Sparrows. There are now two Grackles that have arrived. It seems early for them. Spring is definitely coming.

Starlings are incredibly beautiful. Just look at the untouched colours in the bird below. Gorgeous.

Duke Farms has put out a statement about Little.

The little one at Dale Hollow continues to worry me, too. It was spunky and up there with the twins. I wonder if it has gotten sick from the rain and the cold and the damp?

It has literally been the weirdest day at the Captiva Osprey nest I have encountered since Andy and Lena began incubating eggs. Lena flew off. Andy flew in with a fish around 14:00 – the chicks have not eaten all day. He tried to feed them. Lena returned. There was a kerfuffle on the nest and, in the end, Big is eating all of the fish. Little and Middle will likely have to wait, hoping that another comes in before Big gets hungry. Both Middle and Big recognize that Big is the dominant bird on the nest and gets first dibs. Ah,…it was so different a little over a week ago when all lined up and ate together each leaving the table with some food in the belly.

Big Bob ate the entire fish. I do not know if Lena got more than a few bites. It is now 14:54, almost mid-afternoon and the other two remain hungry and hot along with Mum. Oh, I hope Andy can get some good fishing in. Big Bob is so full he would probably ignore a fish if it arrived on the nest right now. Fingers crossed! Maybe Lena will go fishing, too. That would be quite helpful — just like Diane on the Achieva Credit Union nest last year. Diane really saved the day when she started bringing in her catfish.

It is still snowing at the nest of Big Red and Arthur.

This morning the camera zoomed in on the most beautiful Red-tail hawk in the world, Big Red. She is also the most famous – know around the world!

Toni Castelli-Rosen posted the following chart for Big Red’s egg laying today on the Cornell Hawk Cam Chatters FB group:

The West End Bald eagles are really happy today. The male, Cheta, is not know for hanging around the nest and that is all he has done since the wee chick hatched yesterday. Like Jackie and Shadow, this couple had two years without any eaglets because of the Ravens. Let us hope this diligence continues!

Here is the link to this nest if you do not have it on your list:

All is well with Jackie and Shadow. The little one is doing so well and the feedings and fish deliveries continue.

It is good to leave on a nice note. The chick at both the West End and here at Big Bear are strong and well. Andy will get a fish on the nest again at Captiva. His fishing could have been hampered by those in boats. There seems to be a lot of them about today. Those osplets are fine albeit hungry. Andy and Lena are great parents. A really nice way to end in the day in a few hours would be to see Ervie again! Oh, that bird just lifts all our spirits!

Thank you for joining me. Take care everyone. Think spring!!!!! It is coming.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or FB pages where I took my screen captures: Cornell Hawk Cam Chatters, Captiva Ospreys and Window on the World, Cornell Bird Lab RTH, Friends of Big Bear Valley, Dale Hollow Lake Eagles,, and the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thanks again for this nice newsletter and updates. Hopefully another fish will be delivered soon to Captiva nest so all will be fed today.🙏❤️❤️❤️
    Sad about little bitty at Dukes Farm and prayers for it and the Dale Hollow little one too.
    Big Red is a beauty indeed. Looking forward to them and their eggs soon.
    Have a good afternoon and we will hope for another visit from Ervie!

    1. You are so very welcome, Linda. Lots and lots happening. That little chick at the West End is a welcome bundle of joy to Thunder and Cheta. I hope all stay safe there. It is a bit of a sad day with Duke Farms and Dale Hollow – I think those wee ones got a cold from the damp cold nests. Isn’t Big Red gorgeous?! She is 19 years old! So looking forward to the eyases. Enjoy the rest of your day. When I worry about the nests I clean!!!!!! The floors should be spotless soon!

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