Late Wednesday in Bird World

09 March 2022

This is a very short check in on some of the nests I have been watching today. There is lots of joy in Bird World this afternoon and some sadness.

At the Captiva Osprey Nest, it is nearing 18:00. Lena and the chicks have had only one fish delivery today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a much better fishing day for Andy. Big got 98% of the fish with Lena, Little, and Middle getting a few scrapes. Mum has to eat too and Lena is starting to look a wee thin. Send those good positive wishes for them.

Little at the Duke Farms Bald Eagle nest is no longer with us. There is one healthy eaglet now on the nest. It has been very cold and the nest was damp. Let us hope that this remaining eaglet thrives and fledges.

I have always joked about River, the Mum at the Dale Hollow Lake nest, reminding me of my grandmother. This afternoon River left the three chicks uncovered for a very long period of time. They needed the sun and that nest needed to dry out. River found a way to do it!!!!!! At the same time, Little Bit got some nice fresh air and got itself up at the table for some food. Tears of joy rolled down.

Not only did Little Bit get to the table but River fed that sweet baby nice chunks of fish. Life feels a lot better.

There is real happiness at the West End Bald Eagle nest of Thunder and Akecheta (Cheta). For the past two breeding seasons, since they have been together, this couple has not had any chicks. This is Cheta’s first baby and he can hardly leave the nest! But he did. He has brought in 4 fish so far and Thunder has brought in 1. I am adding a bunch of images from today. This is the same joy that Jackie and Shadow felt with their little miracle.

Two very proud parents. One very much loved little eaglet.

I love how they look at those fuzzy little balls of life with such tenderness.

The golden glow on the little one who is not yet even a day old. You can clearly see that hammer of an egg tooth used to get out of that shell.


Two very proud parents!

It has been a great day albeit a windy one at the nest of Jackie and Shadow at Big Bear. The chick has been fed and fed – 8 feedings so far and it is just the middle of the afternoon in California. Lena sure would like to have one of those fish that Shadow has been bringing in for her and her kids at Captiva.

One of my readers thinks that ‘Miracle’ would be a good name for this baby. I totally agree!

Here is a short video from a feeding yesterday that Big Bear prepared.

Everyone is waiting as patiently as they can to get news from Karl II, the Black Stork male from Karula National Forest in Estonia, as to where he is on his migration home. Fingers crossed. Many things can happen when crossing desert areas. Wishing the best. I will continue to monitor his progress.

Enjoy your evening. Thanks so much for this quick check in. Take care everyone.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Duke Farms, Dale Hollow Lakes Bald Eagles, Friends of Big Bear Valley, and


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks so very much Mary Ann for all the updates. Sorry about the little one who passed away at Dukes Farms. Best wishes for the big one. Glad to hear the little one at River and Obeys got fed and doing good. Best wishes and prayers for Captiva nest to receive more fish tomorrow too! So much to be Thankful for!
    Have a good evening and I look forward to the next updates soon!

    1. You are so welcome. It is a pleasure, most of the time, to write about these amazing birds. We look forward and hope that the surviving eagle thrives! River seems to be a very intuitive Mum…Little Bit ate well. Take care. See you tomorrow.

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