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17 March 2022

Before I begin what is a much happier news letter, there is something that I need to do. It appeared that Little Bit at the Dale Hollow nest had died. However at 17:47 Little Bit came out of playing possum (I swore the chick was dead).

That movement caused Big to turn around and attack.

The status of Little Bit is unclear. What is known is that Big has not let Little Bit or Middle eat today. The situation remains dire and sad at Dale Hollow. Little Bit and Middle have not eaten since Wednesday morning. I am absolutely amazed that Little Bit is still with us.

Lena had been keeping Middle and Little (or Little and Mini) shaded and in flies Andy with a really nice catfish at 16:13! He looks like he is posing for the camera. Thank you, Andy. We know you are a great provider.

The chicks were hungry and I bet Mum Lena was glad to see a fish. We have to remember that the Ospreys get that hydration from the fish as well as their food.

Just look at that crop!!!!!!! I cannot tell if this is Little or Middle. Oh, looking back over the footage, I think it is Little.

Indeed, Little Bob was still eating at 17:27! Lena has been feeding babies for 1 hour and 14 minutes. Lena will not stop until all are full. She is a great Mum and to be appreciated.

Lena even got to have some nice catfish herself! The two chicks, Little now completely full, are off watching the happenings on the Gulf. They are content. Everyone on this nest will sleep well tonight.

All of us need a giggle after what has happened at the Dale Hollow Nest. I needed something ridiculous. On the chat of the West End Bald Eagles, someone said that Akecheta is being a Poptent. Those babies are being shaded and protected!

It is 15:47 in California and Thunder has just joined the rest of her family.

Akecheta is such a proud papa.

It is 18:51 in Ithaca, New York and Big Red is just coming back to the nest from her last break and dinner for the day. What a fantastic Mum you are Big Red! Did you know that it is extremely rate for falcons or hawks to have siblicide on their nests? It is much more common on eagle and osprey nests.

Big Red is a delight as a mother and I cannot wait to see the pile of critters that Arthur is going to bring to this nest. Sometimes the nest cup is lined with fur. It also gives you a chance to play the game that everyone does on a hawk nest: Name the Prey Item.

Here is a really short video of Big Red laying her second egg.

Mary Cheadle, the force behind the Lock Arkaig FB Group, has created a list of all the UK streaming Osprey cams. I am so grateful to her and I know Mary will not mind if I share that list with you.

Many of us have been wondering where the rest of the prey is for Annie from Grinnell. We haven’t seen anymore. Here is a superb article on the happenings of the Cal Falcons, Grinnell and Annie, for the past few months. Do take the time to read it if you are a fan of these two super peregrine falcons.

These are just some quick looks at a couple of nests in Bird World. The article about Annie and Grinnell is really good. I hope you enjoy it. I cannot imagine that Little Bit will be with us in the morning but I am shocked at the way this chick played possum. Amazing. Still, what you are witnessing is siblicide.

Thank you for joining me. Everything is so good at Captiva. We are blessed. I hope we know what the results on Big’s necroscopy are tomorrow. Take care everyone. Stay safe.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Dale Hollow Lakes Bald Eagles, Cornell RTH, Captiva Ospreys and Window on Wildlife, and West End Bald Eagles and the Institute of Wildlife.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for all the updates. Little bit was so smart playing opossum.
    I pray he makes it through 🙏💕Bless his little heart. And middle too!💕 Thanks so much for the links to the UK ospreys. I look forward to watching them. Thanks for the photos.
    Have a great evening Mary Ann and take care!

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