Winter Storm beginning in Big Bear Valley

27 March 2022

There is a winter storm warning in effect for the Big Bear Valley area. Heavy snow fall and winds are expected. It is to peak, according to the weather forecast, tomorrow tapering off on Tuesday.

Samson loaded up the nest wish fish. This is their home and has been for many years. The adults are certainly accustomed to the wind and snow in the mountains east of Los Angeles. The trio will be fine. Jackie and Shadow are standing guard over the little one in the nest this evening.

The first two images are from earlier today. You can see the fish in the pantry.

As the storm begins, both Jackie and Shadow are at the nest.

It is nearing 21:00 and the winds are beginning to pick up. They are supposed to be quite gusty at 45 mph. You can currently hear what sounds like hail on the camera. It is really starting to blow. The baby is hunkered down in the nest. Hang on Mum and Dad!

You will notice how carefully they move around the nest in the winds. Get your head down little one!

The winds will continue to pick up in velocity. Here is a glimpse of what is happening at the nest around 21:00 the 27th of March.

Please send your good wishes to these amazing parents and this little one as they ride out the winds and the heavy wet snow that will be coming. I will include a review of the happenings at Big Bear but you can also watch them here:

The nest is at the top of the tallest tree, a tree that has know so many storms.

I know that many of you adore Jackie and Shadow, as I do. You might not know that the weather is going to bet increasingly challenging in Big Bear Valley. Again send your positive wishes to this beautiful family of three. Thank you! Take care.

Thank you to the Friends of Big Bear Valley’s streaming cams where I took my screen shots and video capture.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on the storm in Big Bear, Mary Ann. Thoughts and prayers to this beautiful eagle family. (I was hoping they were done with storms for the season….)

    1. It seems to be not so bad there as at the West End but it could come later. Will continue to monitor. I always worry for the tall trees out in the open but…we wait! Thank you for writing in, Betty.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks for the update Mary Ann! Prayers and blessings wish wishes and postitive wishes for them. I have seen what this weather can do here in the past. Love this family and praying for the best.
    Thanks and we will be waiting for your newsletter soon!
    Take care!

    1. It seems to have turned out worse in the Channel Islands but still monitoring Big Bear if that system is late moving in. Fingers crossed. Your prayers and warm wishes always welcome, Linda.

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