Evening Feeding at Dale Hollow

29 March 2022

It is so nice to write a post without any strife at the Bald Eagle nest of River and Obey bordering the states of Tennessee and Kentucky.

A fish arrived at the Dale Hollow nest at 18:54:02. It certainly won’t win any records for its size but it came in just in time for the eaglets to have some supper before bed.

So far, as I am watching this, Big has not bothered to attack Little Middle. Why? Big still has a crop from the feeding at 14:00 by River where he ate the last third of the remaining fish from the morning.

Little Middle immediately got quiet. River reached out to try and feed Big.

Little Middle strikes the ‘Lamborghini Pose’. Did you know that the bullet train was designed using four different bird shapes and that the Lamborghini doors are rumoured to have been inspired by eagle wings?

What is important is that Big does nothing. She is not much interested in food. Ready for a pellet? ate too much earlier? I am sure once Little Middle wants a feeding that she will quickly become hungry.

Little Middle is so good at the snatch and grab.

Big decides it wants some food.

They both eat.

River ate the fish tail at 19:03:50.

Both eaglets have nice crops for heading to sleepy time. Thanks, River!

I am delighted that Little Middle has eaten well before bed. He had a relatively good morning and this just sort of seals the day. Sleep and grow!

Thank you for joining me. It makes me happy to share this good feeding with you! See you soon.

Thank you to the Dale Hollow Eagle Cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann it makes me
    Happy to see middle little
    Has a good crop before sleepytime !
    Also love the info about the eagles wings and 4 birds!
    Have a great evening. Thanks !

    1. Oh, I was afraid to check on that nest. I smiled and smiled and so happy you did, too!

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