Ervie visited the Port Lincoln Barge today!

31 March 2022

It was actually the morning of 1 April in Port Lincoln, Australia. Our favourite Osprey, Ervie, arrived at the barge at 09:04:55. Mum and Dad had been down in the shed for quite some time and they had spent the night on the nest.

Here comes darling Ervie.

Ervie stayed on the nest until 09:07:47 when he flew down to the shed and joined his Mum.

I am sorry Ervie missed Dad. I am imagining him telling Mum all of his adventures with the Puffer fish and where he spends his time.

He flew off at 09:40:27.

Ervie seems to have his roost in a Norfolk Pine that he was photographed in awhile ago. That tree is located between Bligh Street and the Axel Stenross Museum. According to Port Lincoln Ospreys FB, people are constantly talking about seeing Ervie. He is certainly a Port Lincoln icon!

Here is Ervie’s latest tracking:

It has not been a good day in Bird World. Grinnell was found dead in downtown SF and Annie will eventually leave their eggs not ever knowing for sure what happened to her mate of six years. Little Middle now has the monofilament and nesting material around his right toe/s. And neither River or Obey brought Big or Middle Little any food since leftover fish in the early morning.

So, Ervie you gave us some sunshine and a smile. It is wonderful to see you in such good shape. It is so reassuring. Thank you for your visit today – we all needed it! Take care of yourself.

Thank you for joining me this evening. I am still stunned by the announcement of Grinnell’s death. Take care of yourselves. If you are a fan of Ervie, go to YouTube and see him. Check the time stamps above. See you soon.

Thank you to the Port Lincoln Ospreys for their streaming cam and FB page where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! It is so good
    To know he came for a visit. I wish he could have seen dad too! Maybe he does see them and we just don’t know.
    Hopefully he will be back soon.
    Have a great evening in spite
    Of all the worrying to hear this about Ervie made me feel better!
    Thanks and have a good night

    1. Yes, it was great, Linda!!!!! Ervie could not have arrived at a better time. We all needed some good news!!!!!!

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