Iris is home!

Iris is the Queen of American Ospreys. Believed to be the oldest Osprey in the world, Iris began breeding in Missoula, Montana on a hydro pole with her mate Stanley. The Montana Raptor Project built her a nest on what was the parking lot of the Riverside Clinic in Missoula near Hellgate Canyon. She is thought to be 28 or 29 years old.

Each year everyone waits holding their breath. April 7 is a special day because it is the day that Iris seems to pick to arrive more often than not! I will have a full report on this grand dame but for now, just celebrate! Iris made it through the winter and is back in Hellgate for the spring and summer!

Welcome home Queen Iris.

Thank you to ‘L’ for alerting me and to the Montana Osprey Project for their streaming cam where I took these images.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thank you! It is so wonderful to see Iris home! ❤️

    1. I bet the folks in Montana were crying buckets of joyful tears, Linda. She is in such good shape. Beautiful Iris.

    1. Isn’t she just!!!!!! And in such good shape. Tears of joy flowing around the world..truly a magnificent Osprey.

  2. Lily says:

    Beautiful Iris is back in Montana. Welcome home Queen.

    1. Akane says:

      I am so glad to have Iris back Iris is special. I love all birds too, but the osprey is my favorite of them all.
      The other day I went to Japan to photograph ospreys, but unfortunately I did not see any ospreys.
      A while ago, you told us about sakura mochi (cherry blossom cakes). Sakura mochi is something that reminds us of the coming of spring. Thank you for the unexpected topic of Japanese sweets 😊.

      1. You are so welcome – to be reminded of spring. I have been drinking some Sakura Green tea with the mochi. It is hard to find here but so delicious. I am lucky – it is like eating sunshine on a winter day in Canada! Iris gives us hope every year that everything is going to be just fine. I am going to check for Ospreys – there should be some lurking around Japan somewhere. Happy spring, Akane!

  3. Akane says:

    Again I made the mistake of commenting on the wrong reply…..

    Sorry, my apologies 🙏🙏.

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