Late Tuesday and Wednesday in Bird World

12-13 April 2022

We continue to shovel the walkways so that we can put down seed. Then it snows lots more and we do it again!

It is nearing 23:00 on the 12th of April. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) are closing all of the major highways in the province where I live. This is unprecedented and will actually be quite helpful in keeping people safe. For at least two days we have known about the historic storm that is due to arrive in a few hours and have been told to stock up on medicines, batteries, candles, food, etc. All of the schools are closed. As for me I am sitting back and waiting and watching the MN-DNR Bald Eagle nest south of me in Minnesota to see how this system plays out with those eagles.

The nest is in a severe thunderstorm watch area. The winds were gusting earlier. I caught a few minutes of the nest as it creaked and swayed.

It is currently raining and the nest is still blowing about but not nearly as bad.

This is the nest Wednesday morning. They have gotten rain but not the snow that we are experiencing that is confusing many of the smaller birds such as the Juncos.

There have been two recent visits of Ervie’s to the Port Lincoln Osprey nest. One was 17:42 on the evening of the 12th (last night). The other was this morning, the 13th in Australia. Ervie arrived and then left and returned with a puffer.

In the image above, you can see the missing talon. Ospreys only have four talons. The image below has caused a lot of confusion. Does the nail on the right top belong to a different foot? or the one with the missing talon?

Is Ervie missing one or two talons? or is one curled under? Everyone is looking very closely at Ervie’s feet.

I wanted to do a quick check of many nests this morning so we can see how they are doing.

The rain from yesterday seems to have stopped. Both Big and Middle Little at the Dale Hollow nest are dry and there are large pieces of fish on the nest. Little Middle had a nice feed earlier, too. So all is well with those two!

This nest has settled down.

This is the Llyn Clywedog Nest of Dylan and Seren. It is gorgeous. Dylan is notorious for bringing back trout to the nest! Sadly, yesterday, a goshawk came and sat on this nest. Goshawks tend to like to lure the Ospreys into the forest where they attack. Fingers crossed that it will not return!

Aran and Mrs G together on the perch first thing on the morning of 13 April. Aran at the back and Mrs G with her really dark face at the front.

Handsome Aran with his fish on the perch at Glaslyn later in the day. Did he bring it for Mrs G? where is she?

Idris and Telyn on the perches at the Dyfi Nest. All is well.

Blue NC0 laid her first egg on April 12 at 18:35. What a beautiful nest at the Loch of the Lowes – so soft and comfy – and personally, one of the most gorgeous sites in all of the Osprey breeding areas.

Laddie LM15 comes to take his turn helping his mate Blue NC0.

CJ7 has been bringing nesting materials into the alternate nest at Poole Harbour. Blue 022 has been seen sky dancing all over the place. I hope he stays at Poole Harbour!

All is well at Rutland Water. Maya is incubating three eggs. Fantastic.

If you are following the UK arrivals, here is a good chart for you.

Thank you to Friends of Loch Arkaig FB Page for posting his chart.

Moving back to North America, the three osplets at the U of Florida at Gainesville continue to do well. Little Bob is still with us! And that is a good day.

Strong winds took out the camera at the West End nest of Thunder and Akecheta on the 12th.

Calmer winds are forecast for the Channel Islands today. That is fantastic. Looks like the view is pretty good from Two Harbours already. That wee one of Chase and Cholyn’s looks so tiny in that huge nest!

Andy has delivered fish. Little (or Mini) is calling for fish in the image below while Big flaps its wings.

Gosh, those chicks of Andy and Lena’s are sure beautiful. They will surely pop the corks when these two fledge! It has been a good year for Captiva Ospreys.

Mr President and Lotus’s chick has a nice big crop this morning. That little fuzzy teddy bear of a shape has sure changed over the past week! No signs of bad weather at the National Arboretum Nest in DC.

It is a little wet and windy in Iowa at the Decorah North nest. I wonder if they are going to get any of the system that is impacting us?

This is an image of Majestic, the Ambassador Bald Eagle for Wildlife Haven, our local rehabber. She has been part of a fund raising campaign because of the Avian Flu. She has been moved indoors where she will be safe. Everyone loves Majestic!

The Manitoba Wildlife Federation is sponsoring a virtual talk/discussion on what is being done about Avian Flu in our province on 19 April at 7pm. Here is the link to sign up. It is free. Since it is virtual and if you are wanting to learn more about Avian Flu, why not sign up?!

Hancock Wildlife in British Columbia is having a GoFundMe drive for nests for Bald Eagles. David Hancock is ‘the eagle man’ in Canada. Most of you probably know him. He reminded me today that when he was sixteen years old and living at Blaine Harbour, you would see white buckets on the fishing boats with eagle legs. Yes, the legs cut off. They would be shipped to Alaska for $2 a pair. That was 1954. Sadly, David says that the same attitude of neglect towards the Bald Eagles continues.

Thank you for joining me today. We are busy trying to take care of the birds that come to our garden as best we can. The squirrels are tucked up warm and no where in sight. Take care everyone!

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Port Lincoln Osprey Project, MN-DNR, DHEC, CarnyxWild, Brywd Gwyllt Glaslyn, Dyfi, Scottish Wildlife, Poole Harbour, Rutland Water, UFL Ospreys,, Captiva Ospreys and Window on Wildlife, NADC-AEF, and Wildlife Haven.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann! So glad all is ok there and I know your very busy! Thanks for all the updates and photos and links and the chart in the UK and also here too Majestic is beautiful and I’m glad they have brought her inside.
    I pray the goshawk has left and their nest at Idris and Seren will be safe especially with the hatchlings when they have them. I pray for Ervies talon to heal back and the other one be ok. Thanks for his photos too! It’s so wonderful to see him again!
    Take care!

    1. You are so welcome, Linda. That was such a tragedy last year in Finland with eh Osprey Mum – and did a chick die, too? Thank you for always caring about those birds. It is heart-warming in a world that sometimes seems like it has turned upside down.

  2. Beverly Penney says:

    Oh please stay safe and sane. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of your garden birds and for your amazing blog. I am loving your pics of snow. I know, I know! Lol. But I am a USAF veteran expat from Illinois and living in Tasmania and I really miss snow! Sounds like your Province needs to reclaim their pioneer skills for this one. Stay safe my dear! God Bless You!

    1. Dear Beverly, It is lovely to hear from you again. Thank you for your kind words. The second wave of the storm is just hitting. I am so glad that you enjoyed the snow. We were lucky that the huge amount of snow we had was all melted when this arrived. We love our birds and it was such a pleasure to see so many eating today. Take care and thank you so much!

  3. Akane says:

    Dear Mary Ann, thank you for your blog in spite of the difficulties caused by the storm. I am very, very concerned about the storm. May you get through this safely 🙏.
    The snowy garden and the little birds, of course, but also the stone lanterns caught my attention. It is lovely.
    Thank you for the great link. I’m glad I only watched youtube most of the time.
    Thank you for always being patient with my poor English. I would like to improve my English more.

    1. Dear Akane, It is always lovely to hear from you and thank you so much for your kindness and thinking of us during this extreme weather. It began to snow around 11pm and is now still snowing but not so much. There is much wind. We are grateful that we are in a position to help the birds that have come to the garden. It has to be so difficult for them. YouTube is so much easier. I must find out why some sites choose not to use it. I have found another peregrine falcon nest with four eggs at Chichester Cathedral on YT. Akane, your English is so good! I had a Sakura Jelly with a preserved blossom inside – it was pickled. So lovely last night in the snow. Have a wonderful day. And thank you so much.

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