Two Harbours Eagle Rescued!

26 April 2022

It has been a long wait since TH1 grabbed onto Cholyn’s talons on Monday afternoon at the Two Harbours nest. Cholyn flew off and the baby fell from her talons – luckily landing on a tiny ledge about 10 feet below the nest. It was the middle of the afternoon. That little eaglet held on until the rescue team could reach it!

At 10:46 Pacific Time, Dr Sharpe and his two member team prepared to lower Dr Sharpe to retrieve the eaglet. Here are the images from the rescue.

The team prepares to lower Dr Sharpe with a carrier to retrieve the eaglet. Notice the condition of the railings on the nest pre-rescue.

Dr Sharpe descends to remove the tiny eaglet from the cliff edge. You can see the small grey ball above the letter ‘W’ in Wildlife below.

Dr Sharpe goes below the eaglet with the carrier bag.

Dr Sharpe gently removes the little one from the cliff. He will place it in the carrier bag he has over his shoulder.

The precious cargo is lifted back up to the top of the cliff.

The team have brought up twigs to create railings on the Two Harbours nest.

Dr Sharpe is cradling the eaglet in his left arm.

TH1 is home!!!!!!!

People and news stations from around the world were watching this rescue. In less than two weeks, Dr Sharpe has rescued two eaglets this season – one of Thunder and Akecheta’s eaglets fell out of the nest and now Chase and Cholyn’s baby. The world needed a happy ending and we need a hero and Dr Sharpe you and your team are it!

TH1 you are now an international celebrity!

When you consider making donations, think about the Institute for Wildlife Studies and others who actively assist and rescue these amazing raptors when others turn a blind eye.

Thank you to and the Institute for Wildlife Studies for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. So happy for this good news, Mary Ann. Thank you, thank you, so much! Tears of relief here.
    Gratitude to Dr. Sharpe and his team.

    1. Yes, absolutely, Betty. This was a fantastic morning and what a relief for all. Such a great team! Tears.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    So happy to see this Mary Ann! Look at them photos of Dr Sharpe and his team!
    What hero’s the really are!
    Thank you Mary Ann! I’m so happy for the little eaglet and also the one a few days ago they rescued!

    1. It is so wonderful to see individuals actually committed to helping the eagles —- and doing it in their actions! A great morning.

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