MN-DNR eagle found!

30 April 2022

Great news!

The youngest eaglet of Harry and Nancy has been located and is being taken into care.

My very reliable eagle source just sent me the following information. Nancy hunted on Wed when Harry didn’t show up. Nancy brought in a monster fish and another later. Both chicks fed and had huge crops. On Thursday there was an adult intruder. Nancy could not go far and yesterday people searching for Harry and intruder. Today, more people by the nest and raining most of the morning. Thank you ‘P’. As we all know the female will protect the chicks if there are avian or human intruders about. Let us hope that the rain stops and they find E2 and the nest can become quiet so Nancy can hunt more. She is perfectly capable like the Decorah Mum in doing so. The search area for Harry extended 3 miles and the team did not find him. This does remind me of Bella when she totally left the area for quiet to heal.

This is excellent news. Thanks as always “P” for keeping me updated.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you for this wonderful update about the eaglet Mary Ann! It is lovely in this photo! Im so happy it is found and being cared for!
    Hopefully they will find the Dad soon too!
    Have a great afternoon Mary Ann!

    1. They got him! And the mother did hunt on Wednesday and both eaglets full to the brim. Intruders – other raptors – and humans plus the rain meant she has not left the nest unattended. A 3 mile range is huge and they did not find him. It is possible that he flew way out of the area and will return like Bella. It seems it would be food for the nest if they would not go around it and let everything calm so Nancy can hunt.

  2. Thanks so much for the good news, Mary Ann. I hope everything quiets down around the nest now – and that dad will turn up okay, in due time. Crossing fingers once again…

    1. You are very welcome. I thought it deserved its own page rather than tacking it on. I am so glad they found it and it was alive. Poor thing was shoved off and climbed back up and then got fully pushed off. I hope the youngest one is eating quail right now!!!!!!!!! And that the people leave the nest area and the intruding adult birds so Nancy can hunt. Fingers crossed.

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