Falcons here, falcons there, falcons everywhere…

5 May 2022

The scrape boxes across the world have been welcoming eyases for about a week. Besides tulips and the crocus pushing their way up, the hatching in the scrapes is a sure sign that spring is truly here. Cute little fluffy white bundles with pink accessories. So sweet.

Manchester, New Hampshire has a scrape full! For once, every egg hatched. Remarkable.

Salisbury Cathedral! Four.

Cromer is hatching.

Chichester Cathedral has new hatchlings.

San Jose City Hall started hatching this morning! Thanks ‘B’ for letting me know.

Ares and Astrid have been incubating their four eggs in Utica, New York for 31 days today. We are on pip watch!

Want more information on the Utica Falcons, head to this link where you will find historical information, updates, and all the camera views.

Of course, the hatch that warms my heart and brought tears of such joy I was overcome happened in the scrape box at The Campanile on the grounds of UCal-Berkeley. Three eggs. Two presumed to be Grinnell’s, the last one Alden’s. First hatch this morning with what is appearing to be a crack in at least one other egg. The one thing we can say about the falcons is that they don’t waste any time getting out into the world!

Our first good look at Grinnell’s baby, wet and pink skinned.

You can see the crack in the second egg in the image below.

Our beautiful Mum, Annie.

CalFalcons made a short video clip of the first hatch.

At 11:01 Alden comes to check on things and wants to take over incubation.

Everything is going just fine. That cute little one and its precious wing is dried off. Maybe there will be one more this evening!

Thank you for joining me today for a round up on the Falcons! It has been a fantastic day! Take care everyone.

Thank you to the following streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Cal Falcons, San Jose City Hall, Utica Falcons, Salisbury Cathedral Falcons, Chichester Cathedral Falcons, Cromer Peregrines, and Manchester NH Peregrine Network.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Congratulations to them! Little Grinnell
    Has hatched 💕 I know Annie and Alden
    Are very proud! Thanks for all the updates Mary Ann!

    1. Isn’t that the cutest little falcon? So happy that the eggs are hatching. Alden is on incubation and brooding duty!

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