The Manton Bay Miracle!

11 May 2022

I am speechless in the best possible way.

Fingers crossed. Rutland made a short video of the feeding. Magnificent.

I am not sure that Maya is believing what she is seeing. I wonder if Blue 33 knows?

Gosh. Middle was getting some nice bites of fish at 13:28 at the UFlorida-Gainesville nest. Just grand. Big was getting more but fish is good. Any fish is good.

Earlier, there had been a fish. Around 11:28. The second fish, I believe, for the day. Big had spread her wings. They are big. She is a big girl! When Middle moved to even appear as if he was approaching the fish, she stood up, took a couple of steps towards him and he went into submission. Not good.

But then…Middle watches and listens making his way to the other side of Mum where he got some bites of that fish! And that is a good thing. Middle will survive as long as there is enough fish.

It took six minutes from the time of the intimidation but middle is eating. Lovely.

It is 28 degrees C but the humidity has dropped to 33% in Gainesville and the Barometric Pressure is dropping which should be good for fishing but the winds are at 16 kph. Let’s hope Dad is out taking advantage of any good fishing conditions in the heat.

Rosie and Richmond are having a beautiful day. Boats are going under the bridge and we will be on pip watch tomorrow.

It is a good day. It just can’t get better than what happened at Manton Bay. Let us continue to hope that wee one gets stronger and stronger. It was still exposed to the cold and wet for some six hours. Incredible.

Thank you for joining me. That is it for today. Middle has eaten and we continue to hope for the two wee ones at Manton. Take care.

Maya is exhausted.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: LRWT, SF Ospreys, and UFlorida-Gainesville Ospreys.


  1. Mary Ann, I’m very happy for this great news. Miracle indeed!! Thank you so much!

    1. Betty, I am still in shock. I think Maya is too. I hope the wee one is still with us tomorrow. It was out in the elements for 6 hours. But, for now, I want to dwell on the positive and it is fantastic, isn’t it?

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for this great news about the little one at Manton Bay! A miracle indeed but you said they were great parents so I guess the Mom knew what she was doing! May God Bless them and hope it will be good news tomorrow!

    1. Linda, They are what they call in the UK Osprey world a ‘Super Couple’. All those fledglings in a short period of time. But I think that dear Maya was beside herself. When Blue flew to the nest he stood by her while she pulled the fish off the egg cup. Then she could get that wee one under her. Oh, I hope it survives. Tomorrow!

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