Banding at Two Harbours and a Possible Fledge at Dale Hollow

21 May 2022

Dr Sharpe will be going up to Two Harbours nest of Chase and Cholyn to band TH1 either late morning or early afternoon Pacific time. I have just found out about this. Both cameras were playing highlights. Let us hope they are back and running or that pictures will be posted!

They are saying that it is not a solar-battery problem but an Internet one. Fingers crossed that it is fixed in time.

This is the link to the camera but remember if there is not one chick on the nest, you are watching highlights.

The Dale Hollow Bald Eagle nest of River and Obey (named after the Obey River that flows nearby) is empty.

One of Middle’s favourite fans calls him Warrior because he had to fight back so hard when Big was taking all the food. It is a good name for him. Warrior was on the nest and at 11:09 he flapped his wings and went up the branch. Is he at the top of the tree? has he officially fledged? I am not sure.

Warrior spent some time pulling the big stick over the centre of the nest. Is he closing the door? Marking it occupied for River and Obey? It is interesting. Red-tail Hawks lay pine boughs across their nest to signal it is occupied but the occupants are not there at present. I do wonder. It was such a significant act pulling that across.

Warrior turned and looked at the camera as if to say goodbye – and say “Hey, are you watching this?”

Look at those magnificent wings.

Beautiful flight feathers.

Tears of joy for Warrior.

This was a challenging nest to watch this season with the loss of DH16, Little Bit. At times we wondered if Warrior would make it – but he was clever and determined. It makes today’s celebration of his first flight that much more heartfelt – that much more joyful. Warrior triumphed. May there always be good winds and lots of fish —- and, if we are lucky, maybe we will see him again on the nest fish calling to River and Obey.

It will be wonderful to see Dr Sharpe band TH1. He has been very busy. Yesterday he was banding the Anacapa Peregrine Falcons at their cliff scrape on the Channel Islands. I really appreciate the care he takes not to stress the chicks. He is quiet, gentle, and keeps them at their nest.

Do continue to check on the Dale Hollow nest. Both Big and Warrior should return for fish there for several weeks just like Kincaid, Jasper and Rocket, and E19 and E20!

Thank you for joining me. Take care. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Dale Hollow Eagle Cam.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh that is great Mary Ann! I hope they can fix the cam or record
    For us to see the banding by Dr Sharpe.
    I’m so happy for middle at DH! Hope he will return for fish and wishing him a great life if he doesn’t !❤️🙏🦅He has been a warrior for sure!
    Have a great afternoon Mary Ann
    And I look forward to your next post!

    1. A lovely girl!!!!!! with big strong legs like her Mum and sister, Thunder.

  2. Mary Ann, I’m really intrigued by that stick that Warrior moved across the nest! It’s almost like he was marking the spot, and/or leaving a sturdy perch for when (if) he flies back to the nest….? Something to ponder. Does indeed seem significant! Hope he does return.

    1. Me, too. The adults have moved it this morning and are trying to get them back to the nest with fish. I have a feeling that Warrior is sitting on top of the tree and hasn’t fully fledged yet as they are looking up. I do hope he comes down to eat so we can see him. It is so much better if they return to the nest to be fed after fledging – survival rate is higher.

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