Late Tuesday in Bird World

24 May 2022

Oh, it was around 23 degrees C and just a gorgeous sunny day for a walk around one of our nature centres. Earlier, when we had snow, there was a Canada Goose on one of the artificial nests. She was not there but evidence of the downy lining remained. I wonder if the eggs hatched? No sign of the adults. In other areas, geese were incubating eggs – some on the ground and some in the artificial nests. I wonder if these are second clutches? or first? There was no one to ask. The American Goldfinches, Yellow Warblers, Red-winged Blackbirds, Yellow Rumped Warblers were everywhere along with lots and lots of Purple Martins. The whole forest was a symphony of bird vocalizations!

Mr Goose was being for security guard for his mate in the basket nest.
Mother Goose incubating her eggs.
Mother Goose out on the island incubating her eggs.
Yellow Warbler
Yellow-Rumped Warbler

It has been such a sad day for some of the nests and if it is happening on the streaming cams, I wonder how often these occurrences happen in the wild. A raccoon scaled the pole to the XCel Energy Bald Eagle Nest in Colorado and took one of the juveniles. This is the latest report on that incident:

‘A’ was watching the Fort Murray Osprey nest when an owl flew on to the nest. It killed and ate one of the osplets right there! There is the owl landing on the nest at Lake Murray.

These are incredibly sad incidents and in both cases, it appears that there was not an adult at the site.

Raccoons are known to eat all manner of things including rabbits but I have personally never heard of them pulling an eaglet off a nest and eating it. Are we seeing the beginning of a huge problem with the depletion of available prey?

The two larger siblings on the ND-LEEF nest really like to be fed by Mum. Little Bit 17 is very happy to have a fish that has been unzipped to eat. A fish came on the nest around 17:00. Mum fed the two big siblings. Little Bit is very good at watching and reading its environment. The older siblings have been cranky due to the heat. He got a few pieces of fish at the beginning and then moved way around the side and was getting fed when Mum moved. In one instance, an older sibling grabbed a piece of fish and Mum grabbed it back and Little Bit got it. Very interesting. Little Bit had a nice crop at the end – that is perfect.

Little Bit is making its way cautiously along the rim of the nest. Watching. He will snatch and grab some bites of fish.

Can you find Little Bit 17?

So everything seems pretty good at the ND-LEEF nest! Wonderful.

Laddie, LM12’s eye, is much better. He has been delivering fish to the Loch of the Lowes nest where him and Blue NC0 have three nestlings. It is not clear to me but it has been mentioned that in at least one feeding the third chick did not get fed. Just a warning about this nest. That is what happened last year and the wee one perished. Mind you, Blue NC0 is a relatively new mother. She is fantastic at fishing so fingers crossed.

That eye of Laddie’s looks as good as new.

At the Dyfi Nest in Wales, Idris is not only know for his great fishing skills but he loves to incubate and take care of the chicks. Today, when the first was hatching, Idris was insisting on incubating! He has a lot of tactics to try and get Telyn up off those eggs.

And Telyn has her tricks to try and get him up!!!!! These two are way too funny.

Mum has been on the UFlorida-Gainesville Osprey nest this afternoon. I could not find a big fish on rewind but both chicks appeared to have eaten recently. No worries about them.

Rosie and Richmond’s two osplets are 8 days old now. Most of the time they behave themselves but there has been some bopping between them that seems to have started yesterday, on day 7. I am not concerned. Richmond is a good provider and this behaviour will stop. Notice that they are losing the fluffy baby down and will be moving into the Reptilian phase soon, too soon.

They look so adorable when they are being nice!

The two little eyases at Cal Falcons scrape of Annie and Alden are loving flapping their wings.

They are also getting curious about what is outside that open door!

The Manchester NH eyases are also flapping their wings. Sometimes there is downy fluff flying everywhere adding to the feather fed they already sleep on.

Here is a lovely video of the three Peregrine Falcon chicks at the Great Spirit Bluff scrape having dinner. So cute.

Nancy and E1, Harriet, have eaten today. Thank goodness the intruders that have been around allowed Nancy time to go out and get some prey. It is hard being a single parent to a growing eaglet with sometimes dangerous intruders.

Beautiful Lena from the Captiva Osprey Platform. It was a good year despite the mysterious death of the eldest osplet, Big. Middle Little and Little Mini fledged and are doing well. Mum desires a good rest and a day at the spa!

Big Red and Arthur’s four eyases at the Red-tail Hawk nest are really getting their juvenile feathers. Several are wing flapping and all are eating very well!

Unlike Blue NC0 at Loch of the Lowes, Big Red will stretch to get to a hungry chick!

Rita and Ron are still providing fish for R2 on the nest in the Miami Zoo. How wonderful. You can pop in there early or re-wind and see them.

R2 will eventually arrive and another big fish will come to the nest at 1330.

Thank you so much for joining me for a spin around some of the nests. still more to check on! I hope everyone has had a lovely day. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams and/or FB pages where I took my screen captures: Lake Murray Ospreys, ND-LEEF, UFlorida-Gainesville Ospreys, Captiva Ospreys, Scottish Wildlife Trust, Cornell Bird Lab RTH, Explore.Org, MN-DNR, Wildlife Rescue of Dade County, Cal Falcons, Bald Eagles 101, Dyfi Osprey Project, Peregrine Networks, SF Ospreys and Golden Gate Audubon.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you so much Mary Ann! I hope you have had a good day too! Love the geese photos and all the photos. And updates. All the nests look good. Will keep the little 3 in prayer that didn’t get fed. It’s sad. So much fish is brought in by the wonderful Dad even with a bad eye! 🙏
    I am very sad about the eaglet from Ft St Vrain that the raccoon took. 🙏Have a great evening and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. You are so very welcome. I am glad you enjoyed the photos. It was difficult to get the little birds hiding in the branches but so wonderful to be outside! Yes, please. I always worry about the third hatch on that nest. I do not know ‘why’ NC0 is like that – and yes, Laddie looks good. So surprised. The raccoon was a shock. They must be able to put baffles up or something – he could keep coming back til he has the other one, too! I am actually shocked there was not a parent around at both nests that were attacked. So sad.

  2. Akane says:

    Thank you for the information on all the nests. It is a real relief to see so many nests where things are turning around.
    Yes, the owl ate the chicks in the nest…. I was shocked and stopped watching immediately.
    Another sad thing could have happened. At 9:52 Ervie arrived at the nest with the puffer fish. At 10:00:50 Ervie was kicked out by Mom! I saw them kick him out at least twice.😭

    1. Oh, Akane. Meredith mentioned that on chat. I tried to find it and couldn’t. Goodness. I have a photo of Mum on the nest I took. This is a sad day for us. I so hoped that they would let Ervie come on the barge to eat his little puffers. Now he has to carry them – or maybe he would go to the old barge????? I found a photo of that GHOW on that nest. Horrible.

    2. Hi Akane, Not being able to see Ervie is the saddest thing. I had so hoped that Mum and Dad would allow him to return to his nest — I guess it is theirs! Or would have put up a sign saying eviction coming in 2 weeks! I included your time for the readers but we cannot rewind. I hope that local people will continue to send in images of him. Thank you so much.

      1. Akane says:

        Hello, Mary Anne. Oh, I took a screenshot of Ervie. Wish I could provide it.
        I thought and wished the same thing. I wish dad would let me use the old barge. At least until the talons grow out. I am very sad to see Ervie go. I too am hoping that someone from the area will send me some pictures!
        Thank you for the notice.

      2. Ah, Akane. If you can send it via e-mail to me, I will post it for everyone. My e-mail is
        I am so sad. I hoped we would have him just a bit longer. I want to Message PLO and ask them if the old barge is still there.

      3. Akane says:

        Thank you for giving me your email address! I just sent it to you, please check it out!

      4. Akane says:

        Ervie came and kicked me out again at 11:48:38!(Nest time), Ervie looked like he was trying to get rid of Mom, funny!

      5. Dear Akane, Thank you so much for that time code. I went in and did a quick video. Poor Ervie. He has no conception of what is going on or why his Mum would want him off the nest. I feel so sorry for him. I have seen this with other wildlife here in Canada. Ervie really wanted his nest back! And thank you for the images from yesterday. I wish they would let him on the nest til they are ready to lay their eggs.

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