Time Change for Annie, Grinnell, and Alden’s chicks to be ringed

24 May 2022

Thank you to ‘B’ who sent me a note saying that Cal Falcons had changed the time for the banding of the two chicks. Here is the notice on their Twitter Feed:

The time is Pacific.

If you visit the Berkeley Campus and do not have a pair of binoculars and would like to see if you can find the falcons, binoculars are now available to use thanks to the t-shirt sales! Isn’t that fantastic.

Here is an announcement from Cal Falcons about the last few days of fundraising this year:

I ordered the t-shirt on the right only long sleeved – because it is Annie and Grinnell. The cotton was lovely and soft not heavy and stiff like some t-shirts. I really liked it.

There are many places to donate or to purchase memorabilia. The joke is, like Julia Zarankin, author of Field Notes from an Unintentional Birder, I never anticipated wearing t-shirts with birds on them. I think Julia and I probably have the same size stack! I am going to put in a plug for Sean and Lynn- heavy organic material tote bags please and thank you.

If you haven’t read Zarankin’s book, it is hilarious. You will see yourself in the pages!!!!!

Thanks everyone. Be sure to change the time for the banding!

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks MRy Ann for this new time update to band the chicks

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