Urmas creates a miracle for Janika and her storklets!

3 June 2022

The people who live in Lithuania and Estonia treasure their Black Storks. When something happens the Ornithologists and persons in charge of the nests do their best to intervene in a positive way.

Urmas set up a fish basket that he is stocking to feed the storklets. He has taken the decoy up to the nest with a basket of fish.

No one knew if it would work – and tears, tears rolling down people’s faces and jumping up and down ———. They are stuffed.

Things were getting very dire on the nest as the Mum was so hungry also. Now we can celebrate. While it is a tragedy that Janika has lost her mate, Urmas and his helpers are providing fish to keep her and the chicks alive. It is fantastic. This is a very positive intervention!

Thank you for being with me on such a positive occasion. Take care!

Thank you to Looduskalender and Liz for this postings and for the video of Janika feeding the storklets.

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