Sadness at Loch of the Lowes continues

14 June 2022

There have been intruders and both Laddie and Blue NC0 have been involved with them. That said, the oldest hatch Big Bob is making it impossible for Little Bob to have anything to eat despite there being plenty for all.

Laddie brought a fish in for tea time and both Big and Middle were being fed. Little Bob kept his head down. He is very weak and is not fish crying that I can tell.

Little Bob made a slight movement and Big Bob went over. Middle continued to be fed. Big Bob has a nice crop and you can see how much fish remains.

Little Bob is also playing possum and conserving any energy but he is listening and watching.

Little Bob begins to move around the nest to get up to Mum. The crops in both Middle and Big are busting.

Little Bob gets closer. There is still fish left.

To stop Little Bob from eating Big Bob goes back to get more fish.

Little Bob gives up and returns to the edge of the nest.

This is what siblicide looks like. Unless there is a miracle while the two big bobs are in food coma, Wee Bob will not make it. It is so sad but ever since he hatched there have been issues. There are days that I wish Ospreys only laid two eggs.

I wish that the news were better. We really need a miracle to turn this nest around. It is such a shame. Three beautiful osplets getting their juvenile feathers. There has been another loss today. At the Kielder 4 nest the small Bob died as well.

Thank you for joining me. I hope that I have wonderful news to share next time. Take care everyone.

Thank you to the streaming cam at the Loch of the Lowes, to the Friends of the Loch of the Lowes and Scottish Wildlife. That is where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    It’s so sad to find out this. Prayers going up for the little one here. I hope it will just go back up when the big one is asleep and get some fish. Prayers it might start trying to self feed and find scraps like the other nests has been doing here. 🙏
    Take care Mary Ann!

  2. Alison says:

    Mary Ann, you say there has been no brood reduction at Mlade Bulky but this is not true. Betty threw the smallest storklet (number five) off the nest late on Sunday, I think it was. The poor wee thing was healthy and thriving, and landed on a rooftop below with a very audible thud, indicating that it weighed quite a lot (and hopefully died on impact). Sorry to be the bearer of yet more bad news, but thought you would want the correction.

    1. Ah, yes, – I actually just saw that a couple of hours ago and put it in tomorrows news. You are correct. It was two days ago, Sunday. I was so hopeful that she wasn’t going to do any elimination – or that one of the community members would sneak the wee babe off, feed it up and put it back when it was big. Not to be. And absolutely, Alison, I always want to make that correction. I appreciate your reaching out to me. The key for me is to be as accurate as possible and to fix the errors when I find them. So thank you!

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