Port Lincoln Osplets – another dust up this morning!

2 October 2022

Thank you to everyone for their notes and concerns about what is happening at Port Lincoln.

Yesterday there was a prolonged period of beaking between Big Bob and Middle Bob that lasted in excess of six minutes. Little Bob literally was in the middle of the fight and sometimes because an object of abuse but, only a few times.

Big Bob woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. S/he has been beaking Middle all over the nest when Mum was not present. Big has also had Little Bob between her legs beaking him. It is not a nice situation.

It all seems to have stated, as often happens, on day 8 so the strife has been going on for a week. It is not clear how it will end. The beaking became worse after a single fish delivery at 1500 in the afternoon caused Big and Middle to immediately switch into rivalry mode for dominance. The osplet that dominates the nest gets to eat more than the others, etc. Big and Middle, at times, seem to be evenly matched. Little is too small and just needs to try and get out of the way. This morning, however, Big had Little between its legs pecking at Little’s head.

Mum came in and sat on the three of them. It is often the only way to stop it and Ospreys and Eagles are notorious for not interfering.

Let us hope that lots of fish arrives and that the rest of the day is civil. Little is very vulnerable right now.

Oh, I wish we could brag about what a lovely bunch of osplets there are this year – like last with the three boys, Bazza, Falky, and Ervie. I think we have at least one large female this year, if not two.

Thank you to Port Lincoln Ospreys for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.

Thank you for being with me. Let us all send the most positive energy we can muster to this nest.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh no and oh how sad too! Big Bob seems to go after who is in Front of him in the pictures. Maybe s/h is so mad till s/h might have thought it was Middle Bob! I don’t know and that is why I choose not to watch. I do check in for a few minutes but that is all. I’m scared to get attached and then something happen so prayers going up for them and especially little Bob at this time since he is so much smaller and younger than the other two. Come on Dad call Ervie to
    Help you catch these kids some extra fish!
    Lol 😂

    1. It has been particularly brutal since yesterday and has given me cause to pause. A feeding did come in and they all behave during feedings which is a good thing. Little Bob ate for two and all had big crops and food comas. Dad needs to fish his heart out and just keep them full and sit on them!

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