SE29 fledges and the Dust Ups continue at Port Lincoln

2 October 2022

It has been a really exciting day (and it is only mid-afternoon in Australia) with the first fledge at the Sydney Sea Eagles nest in the Sydney Olympic Park. One of the parents was on a branch of the natal nest when SE29 flew. Another parent was with SE30 later. And then SE29 returned to the nest tree. I am still trembling with excitement. While we don’t know where SE29 flew to – perhaps just the camera tree – what we do know is that the Pied Currawong did not chase this amazing eaglet out of the forest to the Salt Marshes. So happy.

I will not have an early blog tomorrow. I am going to post this right away. Look for news from all the nests later on Monday.

In my last blog, Big and Middle continued their battle for dominance of the Port Lincoln nest. The two are pretty much evenly balanced and each gives as good as it gets. Both cause the trouble. Sadly, wee Little Bob often gets caught up in the misery.

Interestingly, they are quite civil at meal times! There was a nice big feed around 10:20ish. Little Bob had no problem stepping right up by Middle Bob and opening its mouth for fish!

Then Big and Middle started scraping again.

Then a big fish arrived and everyone lined up nice to eat. Perhaps Mum should just sit on them between feedings until the pair of them calm down.

After Big and Middle had their feed, Mum gave Little Bob a private feeding. Give her a round of applause. Mum is working hard to make sure that each of her children is fed. Little Bob sure can consume fish but, he needs a fewer more feedings in between. He is entering the big growth spurt now. So far he has demonstrated no real fear of the two big siblings. He even took a fish flake from Big Bob’s beak earlier.

There is enough fish for everyone.

At the Sydney Sea Eagles nest, the time for fledging draws nearer and nearer. On Monday morning (Australia time), SE29 flew to one of the lower branches of the nest tree. S/he waited there for a bit and then…did not fly off but rather, returned to SE30 in the nest. Bravo!

At 13:44:30 SE29 fledged. S/he had watched one of the parents on the branch and was looking over the edge of the nest and just flew. It was beautiful. Congratulations to everyone at Birdlife Australia and all connected with the Sydney Sea Eagles.

A parent waits with SE30. The siblings were so close to one another and what a fantastic year it has been with them and Lady and Dad. I wonder if SE30 will leave today or if SE29 will return later? We wait to see.

At 14:46:58 SE29 returned to the nest to join SE30 and the parent. Tears are just rolling down my cheeks. This is incredible. Normally the Curras chase them out of the park – it didn’t happen today.

Tears of joy.

Thank you for being with me for this great event. SE29 flew!!!!!!!!!! And SE29 returns safely to the nest.

See you soon — and take care of yourselves.

Thank you to the streaming cams at Port Lincoln Osprey barge and Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park where I took my screen captures.


  1. B says:

    Message to SE29: Please stay close to home for a while and learn from your wonderful parents! (You, too, 30 !) It’s easy to be concerned for this nest (and for PLO) because of past misfortunes, but this has been a positive year, and may it continue!

    1. You said that right, Bill! It has been a fantastic year for the Sea Eagles. I could not help but notice that a parent was at the nest tree when 29 flew and when 29 was on the lower branch. There was a fish reward, too. The raptors are so intelligent….so I wonder if they did not figure out that staying with the eaglets at fledge might keep the Curras away??? Just those crazy thoughts that go through one’s head. I sure hope they both do and yes, sadly, it was little 26 that worked so hard to fly. I wish 26 had a chance – she worked so hard for it. It still brings tears, Bill. Based on what they are learning from 27, I am surprised that someone doesn’t get a research project and band and sat pak the eaglets. It could be done in the nest before fledge like they do with the ospreys. But..yes, it was a great year and let’s hope it continues.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann and congratulations to SE29! So happy SE 29 flew and returned to the nest. Hopefully when SE30 flies they will return as well and learn from the parents and avoid the carrowangs .
    At least they are all getting fed good at Port Lincoln. So glad about that part.
    Mary Ann please remember to send Mom a message to cover them when they are not eating! It’s a great idea!
    Thanks and have a good Monday. We look forward to a later newsletter when you can. Take care!

    1. You are so very welcome. So many are sending out the hope that this is the year that breaks the cycle of the Curras. Maybe it will. Was so impressed with the parents being there yesterday for both 29 and 30.

      1. Linda Kontol says:

        It’s so good to get good news ! I hope so the parents stay with them both this year so then Carrawangs don’t bother SE29 and SE30 and run them off !
        Thanks for the updates Mary Ann!

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