Late Friday in Bird World

7 October 2022

Oh, hello everyone! It warmed up to a balmy 9 degrees C on the Canadian Prairies. The day turned to be beautiful and I am not complaining. The sky is solid blue. Not a cloud in sight. There is a lovely breeze and the Canada Geese, ducks, and other birds continue to fly in from the north on their way south. The number of Dark-eyed Juncos in the garden is growing!

I am just doing a quick stop at the four Australian nests as the morning begins. Let’s see if everyone has had breakfast and what on earth is going on with SE30. Will s/he fledge today if the wind and weather is amenable?

Diamond gave both of her eyases a lovely feeding. The prey came in around 06:36. The little one, when it could keep its head upright and not twirling, managed to get some nice pieces of prey. It was a really welcome sight. Hopefully, tomorrow wee one will be able to focus a little better and stay erect. Big sibling stood behind and both of them will be quite full at the end. What a lovely surprise.

Wee one got a nice big bite! Yippeeeeeee.

The chicks names will be revealed Sunday evening 9 October. Cilla picked the names of botanical plants in the area for everyone to choose from.

Unless the rain starts in the forest, it looks like SE30 just might fly for the very first time from the nest – a fledge. S/he has been antsy going up and down the parent branch and flapping its wings. Looking out. Over and over again…the cam operator must be on pins and needles this morning!

I stopped watching at 0800. The routine continues, up the branch flapping, look out, flap some more, down to the nest. It makes me anxious just watching SE30! S/he wants to fly so much!! They can. They just do not know it. What a wonderful feeling it must be to have that wind under those wings. I will check back to see what SE30 is up to before I close.

Meanwhile, the osplets in the barge nest at Port Lincoln wait for their breakfast fish to arrive.

Melbourne is doing great. Do you remember when we were all worrying about what would happen to the eggs. Then there were questions about whether or not the new male would harm the eyases? Well, this male is fantastic. he is one excellent feeder! Everyone in this family is simply doing amazing. Unless something catastrophic happens we will be seeing four fledges from the ledge at 367 Collins Street.

Good morning Melborne.

Mum flew off and Dad returned to feed the eyases (I certainly believe this is Dad because of the mark on the neck. This gives Mum a nice break and time to eat.

Mum arrives to check on things. The feeding is going exceptionally well.

Mum has a very nice crop.

Is everyone full?

Dad goes over and works on the pigeon carcass to see if there is absolutely any meat left for the chicks.

He finds some and returns to feed them some more — as if anyone could still be hungry!

What a dream to watch after all that worry. If I got the two adults mixed up, I apologize. They look so much alike that I have to rely on that one line on the right side of Dad’s neck.

Beautiful proud Mum.

She’s off again. A good chance to have a look at the four eyases.

The little one looks like a snow person. It pecks at the older one’s beak – every beak could be a source of more food! It looks like it annoys big sibling.

It is 08:34 and SE30 is still on the branch. Port Lincoln is still waiting for breakfast. Give it up for the falcon families!

Thank you for being with me on this very quick check on our four nests in Australia. Take care. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams: Port Lincoln Ospreys, Sea Eagles@Birdlife Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Part, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam and Cilla Kinross, and 367 Collins Street by Mirvac.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann! The little ones at Diamond and Xavier’s Looks so
    Sweet and cute they are adorable!💕💕
    Hope breakfast arrives soon at Port Lincoln and the eat good there. 💕💕💕
    Hope SE30 will join SE 29 on a flight soon or when S/he is ready. I just wish these two beauties can learn to fish and hunt before the Carrowangs get out of control. ❤️❤️
    Thanks Mary Ann and hope to see you soon!

    1. You are so welcome. They are adorable…even with pinfeathers and so are the ones at Melbourne!

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