What is happening at the Melbourne scrape?

9 October 2022

It has been a good day at all the nests – SE30 fledged and returned in 45 minutes with an adult on the tree. There have been 2 fish deliveries at PLO, and Mum seems to be happy to look for Rufus’s beak at Orange. Everything was going well at Melbourne. There was a feeding that ended at 10:57 and Mum flew off the ledge.

Mum has not returned. As I write to you it is 11:35 and counting. It is 14 degrees C in Melbourne. The chicks are ‘hot’. They are panting heavily. Two got out of the scrape and had their heads in the shade at one point.

Where is Mum or Dad?

Birds go into heat coma if their systems get overly heated and these four beautiful eyases need their mum to shade them. Oh, let us hope a parent returns quickly and/or the shade covers this area of the ledge very, very soon.

Please send your warm wishes to these little ones. Their mother has been gone almost an hour. This is highly unusual. Let us hope that she returns quickly so an enormous tragedy is averted.

Thank you to 367 Collins Street by Mirvac for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Mary Ann, I’ve been watching too and it was distressing. Thankfully she came back and one of the little ones managed to climb back up to the box. The other is shaded now, but I wonder what will happen next. And why was she gone so long?? And where is dad? Hopefully this was just a new parent mix up and it won’t happen again. (I was wondering if you were also watching….!) Crossing fingers that all will be well.

    1. Thankfully it all worked out but gosh, golly, I was sick as I know all of you were.

    1. Hi there, The Melbourne Four fledged. One had an accident and had to be euthanised. Another had a little problems and was in care and released. It was the little male. He is so cute and the rehabbers said he was so very healthy. The camera is down as the family is no longer there. It will come back on near egg laying time next year in August.

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