Where is the Melbourne Mum?

10 October 2022

Before I begin, thank you so much for all of your Thanksgiving wishes. It is so nice of you. It was a lovely afternoon. Once everything was cleared I went to check on the nests. My first stop was Melbourne. What I saw was causing me some anxiety.

Dad was on the nest from 10:32:58 to 10:41:11. Mom returned at 10:51:07 but did not feed the chicks. She left at 11:01:48. She has been gone ever since. Dad has been on and off the nest for the following times: arrive at 11:02:54 and leave at 11:13:48. Returns at 11:20:05 and leaves at 11:40:32.

The eyases begin to get hot. They have not been fed recently and have no crops. All were panting frantically when Dad returns at 11:54 to shade them. Where on earth has this Mum gone? This is the second day in a row that she has been off the nest in the middle of the day when the shade is not on the chicks for an hour. Unbelievable.

Dad was looking around, up and down. Is there an intruder? a female? and why is Mum taking over security? Normally the male would be doing that now even if it were a female.

Where is Mum?

Dad is back. The chicks are hungry and they are hot and crying. Where is Mum?

Dad cannot bring any prey to feed the hungry chicks because they are over heating. It will be about a half hour before the shade reaches them. My heart is breaking for these wee ones. So hungry, so hot. It takes two parents to raise a clutch. Let us all hope that Mum is able to come back to the scrape soon.

Thank goodness for Dad!

It is possible that they might not have eaten for six hours. They will need hydration. I have not seen a feeding since the first one this morning. Perhaps if the shade comes, Dad can get something out of the pantry if there is prey there and feed the wee four.

Send best and warmest wishes, please.

Thank you for being with me. I will send out another report later if Mum arrives. Take care.

Thank you to 367 Collins Street by Mirvac for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.

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