Rubus Fledges!

19 November 2022

Thanks to ‘BA’ I was alerted to Rubus fledging. I have caught it on video for you.

It will not go off as the smoothest of flights out of the box. Rubus has landed in the trees below that we can see. Dr Cilla Kinross is on her way to find him.

If you look out at the skies they are dark and the wind is really blowing. While it might have given our darling boy a lot of lift, I sure wish he would have stayed home today.

Send all your positive wishes to Rubus. Congratulations to Diamond and Xavier on two fledges this year – two really strong beautiful Peregrine Falcon Fledglings, Indigo and Rubus.

Thank you to Charles Sturt Falcon Cam and Cilla Kinross where I took my video clip and screen capture.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh a Mary Ann I do wish Rubus well but at the same time I’m worried for him.
    I pray he will be ok and Dr Cilla will find him. Thanks for letting us know Mary Ann!
    🙏❤️Little Rubus I hope you can fly back to the scape with Indigo

  2. Thanks for your post, Mary Ann. So glad Cilla is on her way to check on him. I just scrolled back on the tower cam and saw him going down. Hopefully he’s okay!

    1. Oh, Betty, I hope she finds him. The more I look at the tower footage the more worrisome the situation becomes. It looks more like a fludge than a fledge. If anyone can find him, Cilla can. Hopefully he will be loud rather than quiet.

  3. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thanks for the video of little Rubus fledge. Please let us know if Dr Cilla finds him. Thanks!

    1. I hope so. From the Tower Cam it really looked like the high winds got the poor dear. Cilla is looking for him. Fingers crossed. If she finds him, I will let you know. So it looks more like a fludge than a fledge, sadly. Not a lot of wing flapping.

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