Gabby and V2, Melbourne male fledgling in and out of care…and more in Bird World

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that this blog finds you well. I know that all my neighbours on the Canadian Prairies are living through snow and blowing snow along with particularly low temperatures for this time of year. There is some promise of warmer weather arriving at the weekend.

In Grenada, it is 27 degrees C with a wonderful breeze. The time is passing by way too quickly. I want to soak up all the sights and sounds of nature – of flowers and green leaves – so that I remember them on the cold grey days that are coming.

More and more cruise ships stop at Grenada as Covid fears and restrictions have eased.

Sweet little Zenaida Dove looking for insects.

Another Zenaida Dove. Such gorgeous gentle birds.

This hummingbird comes to this plant at 1630 every day.

It is an Antillean Crested Hummingbird.

Lots of Tropical Mockingbirds enjoy the trees and flowers of the gardens. A large group came in around 1630.

Jackie and Shadow (who had been missing for a number of days when camera came back on) have been working on their nest. Yesterday, Jackie flew into the nest with an American Coot. A juvenile had chased her but, it appears that the juvenile actually took that coot. Thanks to ‘J’ we have a video of that very daring move!

A Juvenile steals Jackie’s Coot!

Cal Falcons is making the news. Oh, I had so hoped that the year would begin to stabilise. Thanks, ‘H’ for this article.

Update on Cal Falcons

Rita is also making the news. Many of us expected that Rita would not ever fly again when the initial note that there was no circulation in her one wing. But, we hoped. ‘H’ just sent me the latest announcement and it is not good.

Wildlife Rescue of Dade County (Mod):  “The bad news nobody wanted to hear. It is 99.99% certain that Rita will never fly again. I know previous messages have left everybody hoping for a miracle.”

“The chances for that miracle have diminished greatly. She is still alive and very angry. I will continue to try to make her fly.”

“Ron is on his own now and hopefully will meet up with another lady eagle.” 

Jeanne_ FL  (Mod):  ” I share in everyone’s sadness that this is not the outcome we hoped for, but I’m thankful that WRDC is going to continue to work with Rita to give her the best life possible.”


Ron waiting for Rita to return to their nest.

At the Northeast Florida Bald Eagle nest, Samson has not returned. He was last seen on the 25th of November. That was 13 days ago. As the days pass, my hope for Samson’s returns grows dimmer and dimmer. Coinciding with this, is the fact that Gabby is getting a little more friendly with the male that welcomed her with sweet chortles today.

Gabby and V2 have ow been seen mating on camera. I am happy for Gabby that she has a mate and will carry on raising eaglets on the nest where Samson hatched on the 13th of December 2013.

So far everything is fine at the Redding nest of Liberty and Guardian who have been working on restorations.

Elain’s highlights of 6 December at the scrape box of Xavier and Diamond in Orange, Australia — the antics of Indigo!

Zoe surprised everyone watching at 10:58:04 by focusing and then diving into the water from the perch on the barge. She is obviously watching for fish and if she has not yet been seen catching a fish on camera, she has that potential to do so any time. She also flew to the other side of the lagoon and had a bath – just like Mum.

There she goes!

Albatross are so amazing. I am quite fond of all the different species. It is always nice when Hog Osterlund posts images of the beautiful Laysan Albatross that live on Kauai.

‘H’ sent me a news report that one of the Melbourne Four (then three after the death of the one) had been taken into care. The story came from Victoria Wildlife FB page.

Oh, gosh, isn’t this little male falcon just a cutie pie? Look at those eyes. He is so healthy other than his little bump and what a lucky fellow he is. And gosh, they followed a protocol!!!!!!!!

There was a follow up by Victor Hurley:

“A juvenile male Peregrine Falcon was found concussed on a building in Collins Street, Melbourne on Friday 2nd December, 2022. It was taken to Melbourne Zoo and quickly recovered from its injuries and was released in parklands close to Melbourne a few days later. It was last seen flying towards Melbourne’s CBD. Beyond the concussion and temporary inability to fly it was in good physical condition (weight 685gm, wing length 285mm). The measurements confirm it was a male and most likely the one male fledgling from 367 Collins this year. A lucky find and good outcome for this individual. I thought people in this group might be interested to know. See you all next August.”

Speaking of protocol, I had a chat with my son who teaches for the medical faculty but who also runs the Conservation Biology department. He said for all of us to remember: “If you can pick up a bird, something is wrong!”

If you are waiting for news for Glen from Tweed Valley, here is the latest that I can find.

Thank you so much for being with me today with this bag of mixed nests. I hope that you are well and I will look forward to seeing you again soon!

Thank you to the following for their notes, postings, videos, and streaming cams where I took my screen captures: ‘H’ for keeping me up to date on the CDB story and VW and Gabby, ‘J’ for sending me the link for the Big Bear snatch, Hob Osterlund, Port Lincoln Ospreys, Elaine and Charles Sturt Falcon Cam and Cilla Kinross, Friends of the Redding Raptors FB, WRDC, AEF-NEFL, Big Bear Eagles, and Loch Garten and Other Ospreys.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Good morning and thanks Mary Ann for all these updates and beautiful pictures from Grenada and others of our birds we follow as well. Hope and Prayers for Rita.🙏❤️🦅prayers for the little Melbourne male falcon. 💕🙏 he is a cutie!
    So glad Zoe may be learning to fish on her own.
    Really hoping Glen will
    Move away from them
    Power lines and into
    Safer place for
    Fishing and roosting in the trees. 🙏❤️
    Thanks again Mary Ann and keep enjoying yourself and sharing the beautiful pics with us.

  2. Alison says:

    So glad to hear that my favourite of the Collins St four (the youngest, which I remain convinced was the male) is doing (relatively) well as a juvenile. He truly is gorgeous, as is Indigo. What a character Indigo is. And Xavier is proving a wonderful teacher. We are incredibly fortunate that Indigo keeps coming to the scrape so that we can continue watching this beautiful, strong young falcon making his way in the world.
    Zoe is beautiful, especially when she is looking straight into the camera.
    I remain exceptionally worried about the GHO situation at SWFL eagles. That is going to worry us until the eaglets fledge, I fear. Those owls will be looking for food for their owlet/s and they will take anything available, as last year’s adult barred owl being brought in for Grey proved. The fact that they strike at night, when their prey is sleeping, makes them particularly dangerous to the youngsters, so I am filled with trepidation and hoping Harriet and M15 can mitigate the danger.
    Gabby has no choice but to accept V2’s overtures at this stage. She must take advantage of her ‘fertile fortnight’ or she will miss this season’s chance to reproduce. Her natural instinct trumps our vicarious emotional response to the absence of Samson.
    The same applies to Annie, although of course there is still plenty of time for Alden to return, so we will wait and see whether he is wintering elsewhere or actually gone. I remain very hopeful that he will be back.
    Thank you for the gorgeous pictures from paradise. I am unsure how you are going to manage leaving that for a Canadian winter, but home is where the heart is, as they say, and just imagine how much those kittens will have missed you!

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