Intruder takes leftovers at SW Florida, Nugget and Valentine on the ground?…Saturday in Bird World

11 March 2022

Good Morning Everyone!

Greetings from Toronto – where, on my arrival yesterday, there was a winter storm! It is, of course, nice in Winnipeg. You can’t win them all. I am, however, looking forward to seeing ducks as the temperatures are relatively mild, and there is open water most everywhere. Let’s see if I can get some good images for all of us.

‘H’ sent me a note to tell me that the two osplets at Moorings Park in Naples, Florida, have been named. It is a bit of a giggle. So many nests try for gender-neutral names because no one knows if the chicks are males or females. It doesn’t matter. The eldest at Moorings Park is Abby, and the youngest is Victor. What matters most is that two beautiful little osplets – and these two are – with amazing parents and plenty of fish – fledge and live long and productive lives. That is ‘the’ most important thing. So far, this osprey platform has been calm this season.

I have mentioned how much I adore Harry. He is right in there – feeding, bringing in lovely fish, and watching his babies being fed by Sally. Harry is nothing short of amazing. Many Osprey males deliver the fish and get out of the nest! Of course, there are exceptions, several of whom are in the UK. I am thinking of Idris, Blue 33, and Louis, but there are others.

It is a damp day in Hillsborough, New Jersey. I believe they are getting part of the weather system that is hitting Toronto.

At the Southwest Florida Eagle nest, E21 is 65 days old on Saturday, and 22 is 63 days old. On Friday, there were at least two prey deliveries. I could not determine the nature of the first one, but the second was a very nice fish. Intense mantling by both eaglets. It appears that 22 got the first delivery at 10:56:24, with 21 getting the fish delivery at 10:02. As you are probably aware, M15 has had issues with prey deliveries due to ongoing disturbances by new female intruders.

22 was hungry and looking for ways to steal that first delivery from 21. Good for Dad getting another meal on the nest quickly.

The 10:56 delivery. Just look at 22 mantle that prey.

SW Florida Eagle Cam caught the 10:56 delivery and 22’s amazing mantling!

On the rails, 16:42. Time to really get the worry beads out!

Lady Hawk captured the two feedings for us on video.

One of the intruders flew into the nest and took all of the leftovers. Some of the folks at SW Florida believe that this is 23-1, the other female with the injured foot. She was sure fast taking that fish tail and the Es were not impressed!

It is wet at the SWFlorida nest Saturday morning. Let’s hope Dad can get some good fish for the kids without being antagonised by this female.

Valentine and Nugget are causing everyone to be anxious. Valentine is jumping to the branch above the cam, and Nugget has jumped to the branch below the cam. Some news is that Alex and Andria have been down to the ground. Is one eaglet there? Are they delivering prey? Is one of the eaglets grounded? We wait to find out.

Rhonda shows us the action.

Here is the latest news from Rhonda. Please send your most positive wishes to Nugget getting home to the nest.

Another posting for the KNF-E3 nest.

Big Red and Arthur are getting the same heavy wet snow falling in Greater Toronto.

There is pip watch for two nests this weekend that we have been watching – the WRDC nest of Ron and Rose in Miami and the nest of Martin and Rosa in Virginia, Dulles-Greenway.

Ron and his new mate, Rose, have two eggs. This is a very late clutch. We will have to wait and see how the eaglets do in the extreme heat of south Florida.

Word has come that the eggs at WRDC have been left for three hours. We wait and watch to see if they are viable.

Ron is back on the eggs.

There is some rain falling at Dulles-Greenway as we await pip!

If Annie is going to lay four eggs, which she could do, that last one will come around midnight scrape time, Friday night/Saturday morning.

Cal Falcons has designated the 11th of April as pip watch for her and Lou’s eggs. Also, check out their fundraiser. Sean Peterson’s partner, Lynn Scofield did the design for this year’s t-shirt.

Do you love California Condors? Do you want to learn more about this extremely endangered species and what is being done? I would like you to attend the live online chats every month. They are so informative. Often there are videos of the Condors and releases. They also do an archival posting on YouTube the following day for those unable to attend live.

‘H’ and ‘A’ sent me news. It is a map showing the cell coverage area of the Eyre Peninsula. It is believed that Zoe is in the white area on the bottom left where there is no coverage but excellent feeding for Ospreys. Fingers crossed everyone.

Do you watch David Attenborough’s programmes? If so, you might be outraged to discover that the BBC has cancelled one of the episodes of his last series. What we do not need are more lies about the state of our planet. We need the facts and the areas where we can make positive changes. We certainly don’t need a cover-up of information!!!!!!!

There is a lot going on. Please send your positive wishes to Nugget and Valentine! Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their notes, posts, tweets, videos and streaming cams that help make up my news today: ‘H’, ‘A’, Moorings Park Ospreys, Duke Farms, SWFlorida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Lady Hawk and SWFlorida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Rhonda A and KNF-E3, Cornell RTHs, WRDC, Terry Carman and Bald Eagle Live Nest and News, Cal Falcons, Ventana Wildlife Society, Port Lincoln Ospreys, and @MarkAvery.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Good Saturday morning Mary Ann! Thanks for all the updates and pictures!
    I hope you get a lot of good pics of the ducks but also have a great time doing it.
    Good luck to Valentine and Nugget. I pray the area with the most fish is where Zoe is and having herself a good time too! I always wonder if her and Ervie ever saw each other.
    So sad the intruders started back at SWFL but thankful the eaglets are growing so fast thanks to M15!
    Good luck to Ron and Rose with the eggs and all the others.
    Thank you Mary Ann! See you soon here again!
    Have a great time in Toronto. I hope it isn’t too much snow so you can!

    1. You are so welcome! Valentine is back up in the nest and the rangers say Nugget is trying to make it up the tree…fingers crossed.

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