E22 made it to the attic, Karl II and Kaia on the move…Wednesday in Bird World

29 March 2022

Good Morning Everyone,

Tuesday was a very long day, with Victor having a monofilament line wrapped around his tarsus. The ordeal began during the night when it was pitching down rain. ‘A’ gives us a great narrative of Sally’s reactions after she discovered the line: “Fingers crossed that you are right, and the line is a long one that extends across the nest, so whether an eaglet is currently entangled or not, it does definitely need to be removed. So yes, I hope they go ahead and remove it regardless. You should have seen Sally in the middle of the night, digging and working so hard to free the pair. She got Abby free, and she got Victor partly free, at least to the point where he can move around the nest relatively freely. She is such a wonderful mother. She tried so hard and so long. And watching her analysing what to do and where to dig was amazing. They teach us more about themselves every day.”

These things always take longer than we would like! This is the latest news:

Moorings Park management have lined up a 60 foot man lift with flotation tires for Thursday morning sometime between 7 and 9 AM. The Country Club of Naples has granted us access thru their property. To free the nestling from the fishing line it’s entangled with. Unfortunately, this is the earliest this highly specialized equipment is available.

Victor, Moorings Park Osprey chat moderator, 28 March

‘H’ has been monitoring Victor’s leg closely, and it might just be that the line wrapped around the tarsus has come off by itself. This would be fantastic, even though it often doesn’t happen. Indeed, because the machinery arrival would be so long, it would now be desirable, very desirable, if the line came off but if they would still clean the nest.

At 1651:

Victor has been fed all day. Sally is keeping them full and calm. She has been on the nest almost the entire time shading and caring for the babies.

Around 1842 a fish came on the nest. Our eagle-eyed ‘H’ noticed that Victor got up, walked around Abby, and went up to get his fill. It would appear that he is no longer tethered to that monofilament line. Still, it is a worry and should be removed.

Just look at that crop – both have one. Just hard to see the second chick. Sally and Harry are amazing. Victor zoomed the camera in and will do so again tomorrow morning to see if any monofilament line can still be seen. Sunnie Day thinks it is under the nesting material. I do hope that they can come and clean the nest while there is no threat of the osplets flying off the nest.

‘A’ believes that line could still be attached to Victor. Help will come on Thursday. We wait.

So sad for Liberty and Guardian. Their second egg that was nearing hatch has broken. It appears that it did not develop normally.

Dr Sharpe is back to the rescue! We now have a camera on Chase & Cholyn at Two Harbours!

Blue KW0 will continue to cause an interest for a long time. Early this morning, Tim Mackrill was on the BBC. If you have an iPlayer you can go back and listen to the programme (I understand).

Michael St John has sent a link that is apparently good for 24 hours to watch/listen to the programme. Thanks, Michael!


Falcon season is on us! Annie and Lou will be looking forward to hatch in a fortnight while the Manchester NH falcons now have two eggs!

I have received so many notes about the third hatch at the Achieva Osprey nest. This little tyke isn’t afraid to get itself right up there in front to get some fish. Gosh, I sure hope it stays that way! Reminds me of L4 at the nest of Big Red and Arthur last year.

They are sure working to get that nest finished at Patuxent!

Sassa Bird and Terry Carmen remind us of the sadness that swept through the Iowa nests last year when Avian Flu hit.

Both eggs have now hatched at the Pittsburgh-Hayes Bald Eagle nest. Welcome H19 and H20! Just look at those cuties having a meal.

It appears that the fourth egg at PA Country Farms will not hatch. That is just fine. There are three energetic eaglets in that nest and that is quite enough for Oliver and Lisa to handle!

There is confirmation of at least one eaglet for Mr President and Lotus at their new nest in the National Arboretum. There could possibly be a second.

It is quite impossible to even begin to imagine how much we will miss M15 and the Es after the eaglets have fledged. They are so close. 22 was up on the attic branch today!

They shared.

Lady Hawk has 22 branching to the attic on video! — Now I know I must record E22 squeeing to hear it after he is far away. What a familiar sound we have grown accustomed to.

‘H’ just wrote and Duke has landed right on the Barnegat Light Osprey Platform in New Jersey. Thanks for the images, ‘H’. Now we wait for Daisy.

Over the moon. Satellite tracking of Karl II and Kaia indicates that Karl is moving northward out of Turkey! Kaia is in Israel. Send them your warmest wishes for safe passage to their home in the Karula National Forest in Estonia. Waba continues to forage in the Sudan!

Karl II and Kaia could be home by the weekend.

Is this Betty returning to the nest she shares with her mate Bukachek in Mlade Bury, The Czech Republic?

It is snowing on the White Stork nest on the chimney of a restaurant in Pribor, The Czech Republic. The snow is quite beautiful but the storks might like to return to nicer weather! Here is the link to their camera if you do not know this nest.


Incredible news coming out of the UK. It is amazing what we can do together when we try!

News has come that Aaron Z2 is at Port Cresor in Wales and confirmation of Dylan at home with Seren at Clywedog. Excellent!

Thank you so very much for being with me this morning. We continue to watch and hope Big Red will lay an egg on the Cornell Campus. Please take care. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their notes, tweets, videos, posts, and streaming cams that helped make up my blog today: ‘H’, ‘A’, Michael St John, Moorings Park Ospreys, Sassa Bird and Bald Eagles in the US, Jan Gallivan and CIEL, IWS, @TimMackrill, BBC, Manchester NH Falcon Fans, Achieva Credit Union, Ashley Wilson and the Putuxent River Park Osprey Nest, Sassa Bird and Terry Carman and Denton Homes, Pix Cams, Lisa Yen and Bald Eagles Live Nests and Cams, NADC-AEF, SW Florida Bald Eagles and D Pritchett, Lady Hawk and SW Florida and D Pritchett, Barnegat Light, Looduskalender Forum, Blade Buky White Stork Cam, Skarab, s.r.o., and @Wildmoors.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for all this news today! Good to hear the Black storks are on their way back home to Estonia! Congratulations to E22 on getting way up there!
    It’s so good to know the helpers are coming to get Victor completely free from the line and clean the nest tomorrow morning. Thanks to them!
    Thank you for sharing the link with us to watch KWO program. Good luck to all the new hatches and praying all the eggs will hatch. It is so sad about Liberty and Guardians egg. I couldn’t help but I cried for them. So glad the Achieva nest osplets are eating well so far. 💕💕💕. Thank you Dr Sharpe for the cam on two harbors! Glad Duke is home at Bernagat! Congratulations to Hayes on their second hatch! 💕💕. Good luck to Denton Homes eagles. It was so sad last season there.
    Thanks for all these updates Mary Ann and we look forward to your next newsletter.

  2. karenkoelsch says:

    MaryAnn, there was a Youtube short dated 3/29/23 that River was calling for Obey who was missing. Do you know if Obey has returned?

    1. Hi Karen, River is caring for the three eaglets herself. Obey has not been seen since Tuesday. It is doing to be difficult but not impossible for her to raise the three. She has a long time to have to do everything like M15 and she is not as young as he is. We wish them all the best. These situations are so desperately worrisome.

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