First hatch for Annie and Lou, Ervie, Murphy… Tuesday in Bird World

11 April 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

Oh, Monday was a gorgeous day on the Canadian Prairies. The boots went on and off I went in search of American White Pelicans with a stop at Oak Hammock Marsh to check on the geese and swans and then on to the Red River to see where the pelicans were. I did not get a picture because I was driving but about 200 American White Pelicans flew over as I drove through an area of our city called Elmwood. They were heading to the open waters of the Red River that I had passed about ten minutes prior. What a sight. There were about 12 Canada Geese at the wetlands, along with 2 Tundra Swans and a Bald Eagle, and a host of Dark-eyed Juncos. Oh, yes, and always the Ring-billed Gulls. It was a lovely day to be outside!

It was also a delight to check on the birds. Except for the two concerning nests, all others appear to be doing well. That is a nice change from the reports last week during the storms.

Our first giggle of the day. Ervie. Our dear darling Ervie has been eating well. Look at his ps! Oh, isn’t it nice to see him.

Ospreys are hilarious. Having decided that it is good for us to start out with a positive event or a giggle, this one is sheer laughable and it is from Kielder. Please read the entire short report. you will not regret it. Click on the link below.

More great news. B16 has returned to his nest at Berry College after fledging. Yes! She is a magnificent eaglet. Pa Berry and Missy did a great job with this little one!

Bel-A-Donna caught that return flight on video for us.

The other good news is that Ringo has also returned to the Webster, TX Bald Eagle nest and is hanging around with the parents. Wow. This is great news along with B16 and the Es.

Update on Murphy and the eaglet from World Bird Sanctuary. Fingers crossed! It looks like things are going very well, indeed. How glad are we that they gave Murphy a chance to prove he can be a parent! Lucky little eaglet. Now that it is nearing ‘baby season’ in the northern areas, let us hope that other wildlife rehab centres might have good ambassadors to foster orphans.

Oh, there is more good news coming from World Bird Sanctuary. Murphy is no longer protecting his ‘rock baby’ but has changed his behaviour and is protecting the baby eaglet! Looking good.

The eaglet is doing well with it feedings! Hoping for a win-win everyone. Just look at his strong this eaglet is getting and note the eagle toy. I mentioned ‘baby season’ above. Many wildlife rehab centres are asking for donations for all the baby wildlife they will be getting in the coming months. We are having a fundraiser and an open day at our centre. Check our your local wildlife agency and see if you have anything they might need. You might be surprised at the range of items required including shallow wading pools! And soft plushies.

Rose is also doing a fantastic job with the eaglets. They had huge crops Monday morning to go along with their clown feet and those hilarious white Mohawk hair styles.

There is no shortage of fish or water at the Moorings Park Osprey nest. Abby and Victor are really getting their tail feathers. Gorgeous osplets. Put this nest on your list to watch for next year, too.

The iconic image of the season. E22 on the branch with M15.

Later 22 with M15 at the pond.

I think it is E22 swimming in the water. Remember he thinks he is a duck! But he also might think he can land on water like he can on the perch. Don’t think so, little one. Can’t wait to see either E try and pull a fish out of the pond for the first time.

Blue NC0 is not going to let Maya lay more eggs than her. On Monday 10 April both of our gals laid their third egg. Maya is the only one of the pair to ever lay four – she did that twice – and fledged four. We wait.

How many remember Lancer at Two Harbours last year? Look at its cute little sibling. So loved. I have a soft spot for these little eaglets that look like teddy bears with wings.

Annie and Lou had their first hatch in the late afternoon on Monday, 10 April. Wonder how quickly the other three eggs will hatch?

Annie is eating some of the eggshell. It will help her replenish the calcium her body lost in producing those four eggs.

Before hatch, Annie was talking to the chicks chirping inside the eggs!

Annie is not giving away much of that chick for viewing!

And then, Lou comes in with breakfast!

Jack and Harriet have their first egg at the Dahlgren Osprey platform in Virginia.

At Achieva, jack brought in a flounder and both of the osplets ate til they were full. Barbara Snyder notes that he was chased to the nest by an intruder wanting that fish. It is difficult with the fishing areas drying up and mouths to feed.

Despite intruders trying to steal her food and bad weather, River was able to bring three fish to the nest on Monday for DH17 and DH18. They were fed nicely. River has a huge job to do – there are lots of eagles around that will take the food she gets and she also has to guard the nest. Send positive wishes. A day at a time. She is trying her best!

And now for a bit of a change. One of our readers, ‘MB’ travelled to Rutland today and has graciously shared her photographs with all of us along with some very interesting news. Thank you so much, MB.

This is the view of the perch and the nest of Rutland’s Blue 33 and Maya who now have three eggs in their nest.

Maya and Blue 33 are both on the nest.

Just look at that amazing perch next to the nest provided for the ospreys.

There is also a perch directly above the nest. My goodness. There are so many osprey nests without one perch. This is wonderful.

This is Mum Maya taking a break in the water below her nest.


Blue 33 returns to the nest after chasing off an intruder. Even here, where there is much water, the ospreys can get harassed.

MB’ reports: “There are two hides offering views of the Osprey (plus loads of other hides).  There’s video of the Osprey nest in the main visitor centre, and in the first of the Osprey view hides.  There’s also a dedicated “Osprey warden”, working in shifts between sun up and sundown, monitoring the behaviour you can’t see on the cams, and supporting visitors. The wider nature reserve has some stunning hides.” If you live in the UK or are travelling there, put Rutland Water on your list of things to do. You will not regret it!

Megan also mentioned a local fish hatchery. She said, “The Osprey warden also mentioned this place – unaffiliated with the project. It’s a local trout fishery that was losing significant stock to the osprey. They covered most of their ponds, but have left one open for the osprey and installed a photographic hide – so they are making income from photographers to make up for income lost to the osprey’s fishing. Good example of working in combination with nature.” It is the River Gwash Trout Farm. Isn’t this wonderful. More places around the world including the fish farms in South American, during the winter migration, might benefit from such a cooperative stance.

Thank you so much for being with me today. Take care. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their notes, photographs, tweets, posts, videos, and streaming cams that helped to make up my blog today: ‘MB’ for so generously sharing her trip to Rutland, Christine Georgillu and Friends of Osprey Sth Australian, Kielder Forest, Bel-A-Donna and Berry College, Paul White and Webster TX Eagles, World Bird Sanctuary, WRDC, Moorings Park Ospreys, SW Florida Eagle Cam and D Pritchett, Lady Hawk and SW Florida and D Pritchett, Friends of Loch of the Lowes and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, IWS and, Cal Falcons, Barbara Snyder and Achieva Osprey, and Dale Hollow Eagle Cam.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    And thank you Mary Ann for these wonderful updates! It is really good to see a photo of Ervie and especially a fu one! 😂. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Also I’m so happy for the little eaglet with Morgan. I know he must be happy and the eaglet too! I’m so glad they have each other. ❤️💕
    Thanks and have a great Tuesday Mary Ann! See you again soon here!

    1. I was so delighted to see that someone had photographed Ervie and sent the image in for everyone to see. He is looking very well and it is so nice to see he has survived. I hope one day he will take over the barge nest!

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks for all the updates Mary Ann and I meant to say congratulations to Annie and Lou too!

    1. You are so welcome! It looks like we have hatch 2 for Annie and Lou! Yeah!!!!!

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