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9 June 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

To put a smile on your face – this is our Ervie eating a fish on his favourite light pole. Thanks, Bazz Hockady for posting on Friends of Osprey Sth Australia! You just made our day brighter.

As I start writing the blog for Friday on Thursday afternoon, I have to say that my heart has sunk just a little bit. I received an e-mail that Middle was looking ‘good’ Wednesday evening from the rehabbers and then, there was a post on the Achieva FB page that Middle is in ‘guarded’ condition.

This is the latest update that I have seen on Middle – and it is good news. What a relief. Middle might not be out of the woods yet, so continue with your best wishes, and please send a big thank you to Birds in Helping Hands. They have an online form…no donation is required. We need more people willing to go the extra mile (literally), and these folks sure did.

There were supposed to be more thunderstorms in our area but they did not materialise. A visit to one of the local areas to count goslings/ducklings turned into a wonderful experience – one of those moments when the worry of Middle vaporised for a bit. When I opened the car door, an osprey flew overhead – about 7 metres. It was fishing. The time was 1930 and it would have been looking for the last meal for it, its mate and any chicks that could be on a nest. Perhaps she is still incubating. The osprey nest that is normally near the tennis courts at the University is not there this year so I do not know where this couple reside.

No photographic awards for these silhouettes…remind me of cutting out black construction paper as a child and putting it on white paper! But there, this beautiful osprey is looking for food right above me.

The American White Pelicans preening…last year there were some huge fish in this tiny urban pond. The water is so clear compared to some of the parks. An ideal spot for an osprey to fish, too.

Goslings with their parents up on the hill above the Pelicans.

Do you know the band, The Cure? Started in the UK eons ago and morphed along the way doing The Lost World tour in the US? What captured my eye is that their poster for Thursday night’s gig in Minneapolis shows two Ospreys.

My constant obsession appears to be Mini at the Patchogue nest. The three larger siblings get larger – yes, Mini is growing, but the size ratio issue continues. Thankfully, Mini is spunky. Thursday started with the female being wholly preoccupied with intruders. A fish arrived at 0606, but she flew off, leaving most of the fish and Mini fish begging. He did not understand why Mum would not feed him when he was at the beak. Mini was shut out several times despite being upfront. He managed to get some food from the 11:43 delivery. At the 1320 delivery, Mini got himself up, and finally, at 1330, Mum fed her tiniest baby. Mini was shut out of a later feeding, and I am now quite worried about him. The coming days will be critical as Mum always appeared to care and hang back fish for Mini.

At 1647 everyone ate but Mini.

Just an observation at the Patchogue Nest. The raptors often pile up together by gender. This may be why there is little aggression to Mini. Are Big Bob, Second Bob, and Mini all males? And is Third Bob a female? (the more aggressive one). Or are Big, Second, and Mini all females and Third a male?

It was a frustrating day at the Patchogue nest but then a huge fish landed a little after 1930. Thank goodness. At 1944, Mini, who had been in line moves over to avoid Big but in less than a minute is back up in line determined to finally get some fish. And Mini eats – Mum feeds her tiny baby and he is still there at 20:06 when he walks away with a huge crop. Relief.

1835. Mini wants some fish.

1740. All lined up and eating that huge trout.

At 1945 Mini lets Mum know it is hungry and wants food! This time she listens and feeds Mini. Now look at the fish that is left. Mini is going to get all of this except for what Mum ate. Fantastic. He needs the food. He is in a big growth state. Indeed, Mini needs to eat more than the others to reach its peak size.

1948. Mini is being fed!

All the others are away and Mini is still being fed.

2006. Big Crop for Mini!

‘H’ reports on Severna Park: “The cam was down until 10:30.  I could not find a fish delivery until 1524, Olivia brought a monster fish.  Surprisingly Middle ate first, with Big holding back.  Wow.  Then at 1528, Middle peeked over at Big, and got ‘the look’, so Middle moved aside and cowered.  Big commenced eating, and at the first fish-feeding position, there really wasn’t anywhere for Middle to go to get fed, so s/he just waited, and Big gave Middle ‘the look’ a few other times. After Big was sated, Olivia decided to move the fish to the other side of the nest, and resumed the feeding, primarily feeding Middle.  Both Osplets were stuffed.  It was a 55 minute feeding.” Well, that is good news coming out of that nest. A key to the smaller one’s survival on the nest is not to ‘look’ directly in the eye of the larger sibling especially if it has been abusive. It just seems to set them off.

‘H’ also reports on the Patuxent River Park nests which she observes for our data collection.

Patuxent I: “Feeding from 1538 to 1611, from a huge live fish.  Very peaceful, both were full.”

Patuxent II: “What a strangely shaped bowl, deep and elongated.  Mom positioned herself so she could only feed two at a time.  Big and Middle started up close to Mom.  #3 displayed the patience of Job, and waited a very long time for his turn.  They all were well fed.  They all were up at the table several times.  I only saw two bonks: At 1433 Big was behind and wanted to get back up front so beaked #2, #2 simply obliged.  And at 1537 Middle bonked Little once, just for good measure. I had expected to see slightly more aggression from these three as I had seen previously, but it just didn’t happen.”

All lined up nicely at Oyster Bay. Did they all get fed? Hard to tell.

The ‘Only Bob’ at Cowlitz PUD did an incredible PS mid-day on Thursday while waiting for Mum to feed it. And she did…

CJ7 feeding the chicks before bed and Blue 022 brings in another fish, just in case.

The two Bobs at Llyn Brenig appear to be doing just fine.

Geemeff caught Dorcha and Louis’s little one trying to self-feed. Dorcha was preoccupied – with an intruder? – during the meal and the wee Bob didn’t think those fish flakes were coming fast enough!

Louis delivers fish 3 at Loch Arkaig for Dorcha and Only Bob. It was a whopper!!!!!!!

Elen feeding two healthy osplets at Glaslyn.

Aran gets to feed his chicks again, too. These two make a great couple. so happy for Aran since Mrs G, his long term mate, did not return from migration.

Telyn is feeding the Bobs at Dyfi while Idris is preparing another fish for them! Sure would have loved to have seen this at Achieva!

Maya and Blue 33 and their three are doing fine at Rutland Water. It is hard to see because of the condensation on the cam but, lots of fish coming in.

There was a good feeding at Barnegat Light early on Thursday morning.

‘H’ reports that the two later feedings were also good at Barnegat Light. Fantastic. “Feeding 1427 to 1438, Little was up front.  All got bites. Short feeding at 1515, was almost entirely a private feeding for Little.  The other two were too sleepy, lol.”

Lovely image of E22 taken on 7 June.

Big Red looks so good to be 20 years old and well, she has been raising chicks for at least 17 years of that. Never waivers. Always takes the best of care with them!

‘L’ remarked that Iris had a ‘boyfriend’ the other day in comments. I waited to see if Louis would come and chase him off. There have been rumours of her hanging about off-camera with a few younger males. Louis is busy with Star and their babies, so this could be a perfect time for a nest takeover. Keep delivering fish to Iris! Yes, we know she can beat them all but, Louis hardly ever brought a fish…

I love this!

It will not be long until Murphy and his ‘Rock Baby’ Eaglet will be separated so that Rock Baby can get the flying skills it needs for release into the wild. What a story this has been – a beautiful one.

Are you a fan of the Royal Albatross. Voting is on for the name for SP! Here is the information so you can take part.

And last that scrappy little falcon on top of San Jose City Hall of Monty and Hartley’s. Getting banded today…

Thank you so much for being with me today. Please take care. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their notes, posts, tweets, videos, and streaming cams that helped me to construct my newsletter today: ‘H’, ‘L’, Bazz Hockaday and Friends of Osprey Sth Aus, #Chris Packham, PSEG, Severna Ospreys, Patuxent River Park, Cowlitz PUD, Poole Harbour Ospreys, Llyn Brenig Ospreys, Geemeff and the Woodland Trust, Bwywd Gwyllt Glaslyn, Dyfi Osprey Project, LRWT, Conserve Wildlife of NJ, Carol S Rifkin and NEFL and SWFL Eaglecam Watcher’s Club, Cornell RTH, Diane Lambertson and Montana Ospreys at Hellcat, Susan Dimitrakopoulos and Montana Ospreys at Hellcat, Louis Matteau and Montana Ospreys at Hellgate, ABC7 Southwest Florida, World Bird Sanctuary, Holly Parsons and Albatross Lovers FB, and SK Hideaways and SJCH Falcons.


  1. Akane says:

    Thanks for the pictures Ervie! It’s not a blowfish, I’m glad it was just an ordinary fish.lol
    I continue to pray for the middle of Achieva. Prayers for the animals involved in the wildfires in Canada. May the fire be extinguished soon.
    I am glad that the chicks we have now are living well. I’m glad that Mini has grown up a lot. Thank you for always updating us.

    1. Oh, you are so very welcome, Akane. Ervie has sure grown up. He is almost 2 years old and is doing well by staying close to home. It is so reassuring seeing him. Akane, I do wonder if he will not take the barge as his nest one day??? He must still be out fishing with Dad at the same spot – Delamere. Oh, I hope the fires go out soon. We need rain, Akane. I guess everywhere needs it. Send good thoughts to Mini. The Big one has been so mean to Mini today…hardly any bites, only 3 or 4. We have notified PSEG but they say they are all alright and now we have notified a wildlife rehabber in the area. I doubt if anyone will do anything because Mini is in the nest but, you never know. We will try and see what happens. I am wishing that the rain tonight might make the fishing better…Dad needs to bring in lots of fish.

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