Some Crazy Madness with a little sadness…Tuesday in Bird World

27 June 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

It is a hot and humid day on the Canadian Prairies. The Blue Jays were out early wanting peanuts and cool water in the bird bath. It is 26 C but feels much hotter and the heat means no visits to the nature centre today.

We need so much to be able to have a good laugh and today, as Geemeff said to me, we require some madness after all the sadness. We have it thanks to Louis, Dorcha, and a stick.

Now to start with some nests that are just a wee bit of a worry alongside a few that are simply tragic – Bridges Golf and MN Landscape. Many are thriving.

A video of a feeding Monday at Cowlitz PUD. ‘B’ and I are wondering why so few large fish are in this nest. A letter has gone out making enquiries and we are so grateful that a reply has come back from Amanda -Here it is, “Thank you for your interest in the OspreyCam. This nest is located on a slough off of the Columbia River. The male osprey could be fishing in the slough area and not in the river. There are quite a few bald eagles in the area that may be stealing their larger catches as well. Fish numbers appear to be average for this year in the area. On average there are normally 4-5 fish deliveries from sunrise to around 5pm and I observe at least one large fish during these feedings, in which the chick turns away from the food before the fish is gone.”

That is encouraging and shows that there is local interest in this nest. I have missed many of those feedings but the presence of the eagles is a problem. Let us hope that the protector screens help this year.

Nice feeding around 1745 at Cowlitz.

I am still cautiously optimistic about Mini. On Monday morning, Mini got right up by Mum and demanded to be heard and fed – and it was! Nice to see an expanding crop. Little Mini is growing; this time, Three is on the other side, and Mini is getting the fish. Talk about happiness. Because of the size of Big – Mini, it will need to be a little assertive and get itself up there, even if it is just a big feed first thing in the morning. Mini also has to demand that Mum feed it!

Our beautiful Mini next to its big sib…that has to be one big female! Look at those short stocky legs. Mini might well just be a little female. S/he loves to move sticks around.

Mini was feeding on a little bit of a scrap when a big fish came in…I found myself screaming at Mini to forget the scrap and get over to the big fish that Mum was feeding. ‘L’ reports that one of the big sibs took the scrap and Mini did get some of the end of the fish. Now, Mini. Next time get up to the table.

‘L’ sent me a screen capture of Mini pulling hard on that tough fish, just like Mum. Thanks, ‘L’.

Mini reminds me of Dyson. S he is finding nestovers in the twigs and eating them. A survivor.

There is no nest cup at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and the Big chick, the first hatch, died overnight of exposure. Mum is trying to brood the Middle chick. The youngest died of exposure and getting caught in the corner on Sunday. Perhaps the individuals at the site could provide nesting material for them! This nest is pitiful. I note that many do restorations at sites and put in new material. Some groups even provide nice railings for the ospreys.

I have no doubt that the third chick will perish also. The parents are not feeding them! Nor did they provide adequate nesting material and care. Must be young and very inexperienced. So sad.

A nice big fish lands on the Bridges Golf Club – quite a surprise but this nest probably had issues with the storm that caused all the deaths at the end of last week – the big ones will not let three eat!

The Middle chick was unrelenting in its killing of Little even though the little one made no move to eat. At 1206 on 26 June, it appears this poor babe finally passed.

The Bridges Golf Club should stock ponds for the Ospreys if there is not enough fish. it is time we help the wildlife.

So those are our worrisome or ‘serious’ problem nests in the US that I am watching. Hopefully, those that were in trouble will calm down but there is a system of thunderstorms heading to the NE. I hope it is a fast moving storm.

Heading to the UK, they are banding the two chicks of Idris and Telyn at Dyfi Monday evening. It is over. Telyn is back at the nest right after the ringers leave..and it looks like another record set. A colossal female broke nest records weighing in at 1910 grams, with the second, a lovely male, at 1515 grams. Wow. Speculation is high that if the ringing occurred on Tuesday, the female would weigh a kilo!

Loch Arkaig Nest 1 – Louis’s old nest with Lila has a love triangle. Have you been watching? Geemeff brings us up to date! “All three members of the love triangle turned up on Nest One yesterday within 15 minutes – but it does seem as if Garry (Blue LV0 newly named after his natal nest at Loch Garry) has the upper hand, as Prince left the nest in a hurry when he saw Garry approaching. Affric (named after her natal nest at Glen Affric) arrived around the same time as Prince, already clutching a fish. Did he give it to her, or was it Garry? all eyes on that nest to watch the saga unfold – our very own soap opera ‘Lochenders’ “.

Oops. Out of order but…nevermind. It is fun. The storklets from Belarus are so full after a good meal they are in a frog and fish coma.

Foulshaw Moss chicks are growing and Big Bob – OK, this is a female, right? – is wingercizing.

Glaslyn: All is fantastic. Aran brings so much fish. The chicks are full and Elen is eating.

Just look at that beautiful nest of CJ7 and Blue 022. And the fish that arrive. Thriving chicks.

I am on a bit of a soapbox today about nests after seeing that Minnesota Arboretum specimen of something and Osoyoos….seriously there are no twigs that could be tossed up there. Look at Poole Harbour, and now look at Llyn Clywedog. If there are so many ospreys in the US and so few trees, then people – humans – need to help out. We did after all destroy their habitat. So, let us see if we can all work to get the nests cleaned out after the breeding season and stocked with nice nesting material.

Two beautiful boys ringed on the 24th.

Llyn Brenig is doing great. Lots of nice feathers on those two chicks. Also, another nice nest!

The chicks at Loch Garten had so much fish on Monday that they weren’t even interested sometimes. More fun to move sticks!

The beautiful day turned to rain at Loch Arkaig. Lots of fish. Louis is an excellent provider.

Look at that adoring look Louis gives to his chick.

All is good at the Loch of the Lowes. Blue NC0 with her two beautiful chicks.

Threave Castle: This is the home of Black 80. He is the 2006 male hatch of Mrs G and 11 (98). Talk about good DNA. This is the second year that he and his mate have raised four chicks. Today, this second group of four osplets and they were ringed today, Monday 26 June. Hopefully more information will be released tomorrow.

Sometimes when I get very upset, I remind myself that we want the strong osplets, the ones with really good DNA to survive. Mrs G and both her partners, 11 (98) and Aran provided just that. I am also fond of White YW (2008), also a male of Mrs G and 11 (98) who heads up the family at Foulshaw Moss and consistently raises successful broods.

SSEN Alyth: Seven fish were delivered to the nest today. I imagine what seven nice fish would do for a few of the struggling nests in the US! Three nicely feathered almost ready to fledge osplets.

The portrait of the surviving family members at Barnegat Light – Duke, Daisy, and Big. Duke is 17 years old…I am so glad he is home safe.

At 1455 Daisy tried to move the dead osplet and doing so prompted the Big one to think it was food. I believe she was going to take it off the nest but it is too big or is stuck. Sad. Perhaps she will bury it in the nest.

‘H’ reports that there were 8 fish brought to Barnegat Light on Monday. Heidi adds nothing the attempt to move Middle, “Daisy seemed to be intent on flying off with Middle’s body a couple of times, but it must be too heavy. Then she tried to cover Middle with moss.  So, the body is a sad reminder.  But, they are at least a family of three.  And we are thankful that Duke returned.  We won’t forget Middle and Little . . they enriched our lives.” The sadness of the storm just continues giving to these families as they continue to cope with their daily lives and mourn their dead.

Fortis Exshaw: ‘H’ reports “There were at least three large fish deliveries that I saw, and Louise stashed the leftovers for additional meals.  Due to the deep nest cup, it is difficult to see if all are getting fed, but all of the Osplets appear to be thriving.  The older two, that hatched on the same day, participate in little bonking battles at off meal times, but they seem well behaved during feedings (from what I can see).”

Dahlgren: ‘H’: “There were at least 6 fish delivered by Jack.  This nest remains quite tranquil.  Both Osplets are doing wingers, especially ‘Big’, and Big is practicing self feeding. They are 39 and 35 days old.”

Kent Island: ‘H’ notes, “The early days of family life were a bit worrisome, but Audrey and (new) Tom are doing great.  It seems that the little one’s crop is almost always full . .14 days old on 6/26.”

Audubon Boathouse: ‘H’ notes that life for the only Bob is rather “idyllic”.

‘H’ reminds us that fledge watch could be coming in about a week at Severna Park. Both of those osplets are doing well after a very rocky start.

The three at the Boulder Country Fairgrounds nest are hot today. Mom is doing a really good job covering them. The little one also had some fish. So things are alright on this nest.

Little Bob at the Boulder Fair Grounds looks like he swallowed an egg he is so full. He will have sweet osplet dreams tonight.

Great Bay: Started as a good day, and the wind and rain are showing up Monday night.

Outer Banks: All is well at the nest of Betsy and Frederick and their three beautifully feathered osplets.

Seaside: It is all good. I think they might have had salmon today.

Collins Marsh: Rainy day. Mum trying to cover the two surviving osplets. They are getting their feathers. but both look ‘thin’.

McEuen Park: Three gorgeous healthy osplets.

Forsythe: ‘H’ reports: That Big started out being very aggressive towards Middle first thing in the morning. She notes that this has become a pattern since the storms and then Big settles down later. Oscar delivers lots of fish – no fewer than 10 yesterday although some were small. Send good wishes. That storm really caused ‘mental health issues’ with these chicks in the nests.

Finnish Osprey Nest #1: All three osplets hungry for breakfast and doing well.

Finnish Osprey Nest #4: All three are fine.

Finnish Osprey Nest #LS5: Beautiful morning for the two chicks.

Urdaibai: All three big osplets are doing fantastic.

Deyani continues to return to the nest in Tennessee. ‘A’ writes, “Deyani is doing so well, returning frequently to the nest and showing real skills with her flying and self-feeding and generally acting like a big girl now. I love that she’s sleeping perched next to mum. I love that mum is still no doubt preening her hawklet. She just loved preening Deyani, and I bet she still does if she gets the chance. She came in today around 12:12, played with a stick for a while, flew off, returned about an hour later, then stayed until 3pm, pancaking for a while and doing some preening. Angel arrives with a small morsel at 12:13:26 but we can’t see what it is because of Deyani’s mantling. PLEASE tell me if you have ever seen another hawk do that quivering thing when mantling. I haven’t seen it before. Deyani is the only bird I’ve ever seen mantle like that. Anyway, she has been fed – something, today.”

The big storm that is heading eastward hit the Cornell campus. The Ms are drenched but safe. Two of them are on the end of the nest light tower and the third is on the tower next to the nest. Aw..poor babies.

Whew! That isn’t nearly all of the nests but a quick check on those doing great with a little commentary on the worrisome ones.

Thank you so much for being with me today. Please take care and remember to put out bowls of water. The birds and other wildlife will thank you.

Thank you to the following for their notes, posts, and streaming cams that helped to create my blog today: ‘B, Geemeff, H, L, T’, Geemeff and the Woodland Trust, Cowlitz PUD, PSEG, MN Landscape Arboretum, Bridges Golf Club, Dyfi Ospreys, Belarus Stork cam, Cumbrian Wildlife Trust, Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn, Poole Harbour ospreys, CarnyXWild, Llyn Brenig, RSPB Loch Garten, Friends of Loch Arkaig and the Woodland Trust, LOTL, Threave Castle, SSEN Alyth, Conserve Wildlife F of NJ, Boulder County Fair Grounds Ospreys, Great Bay Ospreys, Outer banks 24/7, Seaside Ospreys, Collins Marsh, McEuen Park, Forsythe Ospreys, Fortis Exshaw, Dahlgren Ospreys, Kent Island, Audubon Boathouse, Finnish Osprey Foundation, Urdaibai Biosphere, Window to Wildlife, and Cornell RTH.

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