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5 August 2023

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday ‘felt’ like Saturday. I wonder what today will feel like?

Books that have been ordered (I often order directly through the UK) are beginning to arrive for some good fall reading. One of those is ‘Why Do Birds Suddenly Disappear’ by Lev Parikian. I will keep you posted…

Gosh. I am really hoping that WBSE 32 gets a little ‘Mini’ in its spirit. It looked like it was this morning. The wee one was fed first Saturday morning because 31 wasn’t quite awake yet. WBSE 31 has been asserting its dominance. Let us wait and see but, this nest normally sorts those things out just like SW Florida does! These two little fuzz balls are darling.

Osoyoos: There are wildfires in the area. There are burns going on to stop the fires from spreading but this is what is happening near the Osprey nest. The re-posting was by a former student of mine that lived on the lake and has since had to move because of the fires and the smoke. Please keep this nest in your thoughts.

‘H’ reports for Friday: “Osoyoos –  There were four fish delivered to the nest, which is fewer than normal.  But, size matters, and a couple of those fish were quite large, providing for prolonged stop-and-resume feedings.  All is well for Soo, Olsen, and their 40-day-old offspring.”

Patchogue: Dad delivered a fish to a hungry Mini at 0544! And there were the following fish deliveries – 0801 (2 fish), 0948, 1332, 1342, and 1437. By the time the small fish arrived at 1438, Mini looked like she was going to pop a crop. Smiling. This little one is smart. She stays on the perch, watches, and anticipates. And often the others are not even around.

Need I say this is one fantastic Osprey family. I have not seen such dedication very often at the nests. Mini is thriving.


Fish at 1437.

MN Landscape: So many fish coming on the nest that when the last one of the day arrived the chick didn’t even bother getting up to eat.

Seaside: With both chicks fledged, the nest is very quiet first thing in the morning.

Boulder: The story of the week looks like it will be mostly empty Osprey nests!

Collins Marsh: One chick has fledged and the other will fly soon. Both return to the nest to be fed. Everything is going along just fine.

Bolton Castle: The two young osplets are the grandchildren of the late Mrs G at Glaslyn. Their Mum is KS1 that fledged at Glaslyn in 2018. Their ring numbers are 9C6 and 9C7 and they have both fledged…one on 2 August and the other on the 4th of August. Fantastic. They have amazing DNA.

Argathy: Both osplets, Blue 743 and Blue 744 have now fledged. They were ringed on the 19th of July and neither bird showed any fault bars – meaning that they never had a day without a meal! Fantastic. Photos from Argathy Red Kits on the date the chicks were ringed.

Dyfi: Idris and Telyn are keeping their chicks full to the brim.

Glaslyn: OH2 enjoying a fish alone in the nest without the very vocal OH1.

Alyth: Chick on the nest waiting for a fish delivery….gets it and then in flies another fledgling. Too bad..the one on the nest kept the fish!

Poole Harbour: The fish keep coming for the trio and CJ7 and Blue 022 are alert to the fact that until the fledglings leave for their migration the goshawk could arrive any time. Send good energy so that this does not happen!

At Loch Arkaig, Ludo is acting as a security guard! He does not like Hooded Crows on his nest!

Time for ‘H’s reports:

Forsythe – We only know what we can see on camera, but if a fledgling osprey spends a great deal of time at the nest, one would assume that they are not being fed off the nest.  But, perhaps it is not correct to make that assumption.  Ollie seems hungry, but she does not look or act like she is withering away.  After Ollie apparently did not eat for two days, Oscar delivered a fish for Ollie at 0926.  The older sibling, Owen, did not show up to make a bid for the fish.  Ollie hung out at the nest for most of the day, but did spend some extended time out exploring.  Oscar did not bring any more fish to the nest on 8/4.  I don’t believe that Owen was seen at all on camera on 8/4, and we saw very little of Owen on 8/3.  Perhaps Owen has learned to catch her own fish, or she is simply staying away from the nest, because all she and Ollie did was fight when they were together.

Kent Island – Tom and Audrey’s 54-day-old young lady now has a name: “Molly”   We love you, Molly!


Barnegat Light – Since fledging 5 days ago, Dorsett continues to explore her environs and she tries new things every day.  Today, she was seen on Duke’s perch for the first time.  Very cool!

Patuxent Nest 1 –  Dad continues to deliver large fish to the nest for Foster and Sib-B.  

Dahlgren: “The youngest of the two fledglings, D12, made her first catch (that we are aware of).  Now, we have seen D12 diving from the nest or perch a few times, but thus far she had always emerged from the water empty-taloned.  But, early today . . there she was staring down into the water, head bobbing, focusing . . and off she went!  A picture perfect dive into the water. a brief pause (contemplating), wings flapping, and lift-off out of the water.  She flew down the creek a bit, circled back around and landed on the nest with a . . live CRAB!  Oh, my!  We couldn’t believe our eyes.  Well, D12 fooled around with that crab for nearly 1/2 hour.  She tried unsuccessfully to penetrate the shell a couple of times, and she did pull off a leg, but discarded it.  And, despite D12 stepping on the crab’s claws many times, luckily the crab never pinched her.  Eventually a bored and frustrated D12 walked away from the crab, which was still alive.  The weakened crab walked sideways toward the edge of the nest trying to return to its watery home, but its progress was blocked by some sticks.  During all of this, D11 landed on the perch and observed her younger sister’s antics.  D11 seemed a bit bemused, but otherwise uninterested.”


Oh, thanks so much ‘H’. I love the story about the crab!!!!!!!!

Dorsett Hobby Falcons are branching. This means that fledging will be coming soon!

Collins Street: Two falcons were bonding on the ledge!

In Orange, ‘A’ reports that Xavier has been in and out of the nest with food which Diamond has refused. Once it was a Starling! There has been some bonding! Excellent. We wait…Xavier loves his eggies. Maybe we need – oh, dear, a Supreme Parrot for Diamond to woo her.

There is bonding going on between Annie and Lou at The Campanile on the grounds of UC-Berkeley!

“Meanwhile, in New Zealand, we are hoping for a visit from L, who has not been in since 20 July. We have had gaps of 12 days and 15 days previously with L, who seems to forage further away than GLY, so we are not panicking yet, but we are on the verge on doing so, as it is 5 August today, so it’s been 16 days. Another day or two and we will be genuinely worried. Manaaki weighed just over 9 kgs when he was weighed on Tuesday (four days ago), which is not surprising considering how hungry he has been at the last few feedings plus the fact that GLY has had to do all the heavy lifting feeding-wise since 20 July. He has done his very best to give Manaaki everything he can but there have been feedings that have left Manaaki obviously hungry afterwards. It has certainly not reached the stage where supplementary feeding is needed but if L does not appear in the next few days, that might be considered over the next fortnight. I’ll keep you posted. There’s a lot of wingercising going on, with all three chicks on the headland doing a lot of flapping and just feeling the wind beneath their wings. TF chick and Manaaki are both ridding themselves of fluff – Miss NTF chick has the least fluff left – and UQ chick is joining in. Manaaki’s nest is often empty as he goes exploring and visiting his neighbours, a sad reminder of what we will soon confront once Manaaki fledges. Now’s the time to appreciate our beautiful boy whilst we can. We won’t have him all that much longer.” Thanks, ‘A’.

Thank you so much for being with me this morning! Please take care. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their notes, posts, videos, and streaming cams that helped me to write my blog this morning: ‘A, H’, Sydney Sea Eagles, Osoyoos, Debra Ceravolo and Osoyoos Connect, PSEG, MN Landscape Arboretum, Seaside, Boulder County, Collins Marsh, Bolton Castle, Argathy, Dyfi Ospreys, Glaslyn, SSEN Alyth, Poole Harbour, Geemeff and the Woodland Trust, Forsythe, Kent Island, Conserve Wildlife F of NJ, Patuxent River Park, Dahlgren, SK Hideaways and Dorset Hobby Falcons, C=Mirvac, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam and Cilla Kinross, SK Hideaways and Cal Falcons, and the NZ DOC.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for all the updates! I’m
    So happy for Mini! Dad is such a wonderful dad indeed! Mini loves her fish! I already miss them being in the nest and I’m so glad Mini is still coming.
    Good to hear about the falcons too!
    Hope to see you hear again real soon!
    Take care!

    1. Mini had a wonderful family and she is so lucky. Still had a fish today on the nest but I wonder how much longer we will see her…she is so big and so beautiful.

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