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25 September 2023

Good Morning Everyone!

One need not look at the calendar to know that fall is completely with us on the Canadian Prairies. Leaves are turning on all of the trees, squirrels and Jays are rushing to store food. The air feels and smells different.

Every one of the garden animals has been accounted for but one and sadly the latest Hedwig (rabbit) was hit by a car on the lane in front of my house last evening. I found the darling thing this morning.

Dyson looks particularly good. Taken with my phone when I went to fill up the table feeder – she isn’t afraid. She waited and posed. Little Red was running around. He has officially moved into the wood box in the house built for him in the spring of 2022. Yippeeee. Better late than never. He only has to go a few feet in the winter to get more peanuts!

Dyson wishes all her friends in Japan and Asia a joyous Tsukimi (Moon Viewing Festival), lots of delicious rice dumplings and Moon Cakes.

The Blue Jays are still coming to the feeders. Many do not migrate remaining on the snowy prairies along with the Black-capped Chicadees and sparrows. We wait to see what these four will do.

Lewis wants nothing to do with the new cat tree. He prefers the box, and Missey prefers the blanket that wrapped some furniture at one time or another on the top of the bins and the wicker basket.

Calico looks stronger every day. She is filling out a bit but a sweet gentle soul she is. Did I tell you we dropped all of our other projects for a few weeks to write a book for children about Calico and Hope? It will be a fundraiser for the mobile Vet clinic that works in my City to provide affordable spay and neutering, vaccinations, deworming, etc. for those persons wishing to trap and release or adopt the community cats.

It is also hoped that the book will offer a lesson for not ‘dumping’ pets.

Are you missing Mini? I sure am. You never ever forget these amazing survivors.

Patchogue tops my list for the most incredible osprey nest this past season. The adults raised four – four to fledge – at a time when a substantial number of clutches from Long Island up through the NE were entirely lost due to weather events (especially that storm in June) and overfishing. Thank you, Isac, for reminding us what a spunky fourth-hatch Mini was!

Well, shock of shocks. Mini visited the nest for about a minute at 1258 Monday. Oh, my goodness. How wonderful it is to see you!

Violence. Disregard for life of any kind.

What kind of person would deliberately shoot any raptor never mind, one of the most endangered species on our planet – the California Condor. I had been out playing with Hope and Calico and had not looked at my e-mail (one of the benefits of taking a few days off is you realise it can wait!). Then I did. A note from Geemeff, and below it is my copy from Kelly Sorenson. I am beyond understanding this.

California condor” by USFWS Pacific Southwest Region is marked with Public Domain Mark 1.0.

Flying California condor” by USFWS Pacific Southwest Region is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Gabby was at the NEFlorida Bald Eagle nest Monday morning.

V3 returned to the nest with what could be new wounds at 1745.

The eagles are working on the Pittsburg-Hayes nest. Look at those rails! This is a nest to envy!

There’s at least one juvie at the Dulles-Greenway nest of Martin and Rosa.

Looks like C15 and Dad might have finally left for their migration fro the Charlo Montana Osprey platform.

Ospreys are gone and the Canada Geese are enjoying the Boulder County Fair Grounds nest.

Trudi Kron gives us a good look at the injuries that Anna, the mate of Louis, at the KNF-E1 nest near Alexandria, Louisiana has sustained. It looks like they are healing. Send good wishes for all those floaters wanting a nest to scat!

Lightning fills the sky around the Superbeaks’ nest of Pepe and Muhlady.

Everyone hopes the new male at Port Lincoln will be a great provider and that the long-running heartache at the PLO barge nest will end. That said, this morning, Mum got impatient waiting for a fish and caught on camera is a female incubating eggs catching a fish.

‘A’ brings us up to date: “At Port Lincoln, the fishing is going well. Three yesterday (one caught by mum) and dad has caught at least two so far today. As always, mum is allowing him far less egg time than he would like. Guesses regarding timing of the first hatch are between 15 October and 18 October, so we have at least three weeks to wait there. So all attention is now on Orange and of course on our adorable sea eaglets in Sydney. They are gorgeous.” 

There are still juvenile ospreys near their nests in the UK that have not left for migration.

Dad is still bringing fish to Coco at the Sandpoint nest.

Dad delivered at least four fishing starting at 0705 and going until 1500 on Monday at the MN Landscape Arboretum Nest.

Suzanne Arnold Horning spotted Big Red on the Cornell Campus on Monday! Looking good, Mamma.

The eaglets at Sydney Sea Eagle nest in the Olympic Forest are ever more steady on their feet.

The date that is predicted for the first egg to hatch at the scrape of Diamond and Xavier is 1 October. That is less than a week away!

‘A’ reminds us: “The countdown is on at Orange. Only four days until pip watch. There is a very pesky scout bee (or bees) that has been bothering the falcons for the past two days, buzzing constantly into, around and out of the box. I think it is really starting to annoy Diamond. Xavier made a lunge at it yesterday as if to eat it but missed (as he was on the eggs so had limited reach!) and today, it continues to irritate all. Apart from that, all proceeds smoothly at this scrape. The couple had another of their early morning bonding sessions today (05:20) but this time there was a changeover and no-one fell asleep mid-bonding. It’s so sweet the way he arrives so early and sits on the ledge to keep her company. For some reason, she allowed him an hour of early-morning egg time, so he’s happy. He’s had a couple of lengthy stints this morning.”

To prepare for what is coming – and the falcon chicks grow rapidly compared to eagles and ospreys – here is a guide to their weekly development with pictures.

‘H’ just located Victor Hurley’s hour presentation on Peregrine Falcons in Victoria Australia. You can start and stop the presentation!

One of the translocated birds from Norway to Ireland has made it to Morocco on their migration!

Annie and Lou visiting the scrape at The Campanile of UC-Berkeley on Monday.

Almost all of the Royal Albatross chicks have fledged. We now await the arrival of this year’s adults who will be breeding.

Remember – if you have to just tie your wrists with a ribbon! Don’t start up the mower, the weed whacker, the leaf blower. Use that time to go birding and let the insects living in the leaves have a home.

Thank you so much for being with me today. Take care! See you soon!

I want to add that I tested positive for Covid on Sunday. I am feeling a bit rough. Thankfully there is not a lot going on in Bird World. I will continue with the newsletter but the content might be smaller for the next week while I recover.

Thank you to the following for their notes, posts, photographs, videos, and streaming cams that helped me to write my blog today: ‘A, H, Geemeff’, PSEG, Isac and PSEG, Ventana Wildlife Society, Open Verse, NEFL-AEF, NEFL-chat, PixCams, Dulles-Greenway, Charlo Montana, Boulder County, Trudi Kron and Bald Eagles 101 Superbeaks, Bart Molenaar and Friends of Osprey Sth Aus, Jeff Kear and UK Osprey Info, Sandpoint, MN Landscape Arboretum, Suzanne Arnold Horning, Sydney Sea Eagles, Charles Sturt FalconCam, Outside My Window, Killarney Today, Holly Parsons and Albatross Lovers, and Cal Falcons.


  1. InstructorRita says:

    Mary Ann, first of all, thank you for the updates. Please take good care, COVID, masking and free home test kits (US) are back. I know of some here that are testing positive too.
    Go well.

    1. Thank you, Rita. Yes, there seems to be a new wave. I heard of a case or two in Melbourne as well. It is particularly bad with the breathing…hoping that there will be an improvement in a week! You take care around the students, too.

      1. InstructorRita says:

        Thank you. We have Chorale practice tonight, and most of own a singers mask from 2021…we can choose to wear them. If we aren’t mandated, we probably won’t wear them.
        Eat right, rest well, get better now! ☺️❤️

      2. Stay safe. Hardly any were wearing masks here but this seems to be flying through our community and I am hearing that people are either staying home or putting on masks again. Is it hard to sing with masks? I know that I found it difficult to breathe with mine but I always wore one if I was out in public.

      3. InstructorRita says:

        Hello Mary Ann, I hope you do feel better today. Been thinking of you; I felt like I had a fever coming on this morning but it’s disappeared. Thank you for your updates today (in another blog….) 😌❤️

      4. I am feeling better. I sure hope you do not get this thing!!!!!! It lasts about 7-10 days they are saying. You take care.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    First of all praying for you a quick recovery from the Covid. 🙏hope you feel better soon and the most important thing is to rest and take care 🙏
    Thank you Mary Ann for all the pretty pictures of the kittens and little Dyson and the grown up baby blue Jay and all the pictures of all the birds and animals. Thanks for the links to watch too! This is very sad and a shame about the condor. I’m so sorry to hear this. I pray they find who is responsible for such a horrible act. So good to know the sea eagles are doing well. They are certainly pretty. Port Lincoln seems to be doing ok too. Thanks for these updates. All the ospreys that have not migrated and still at their nests and their dads. Wishing them all a good and safe migration and life ahead of them. It is so wonderful to see Mini came to her nest. If only a few minutesin the rain is was delightful to see her! She looked good and her leg seemed better and she looked healthy ❤️🙏. Hope Dad is still around and they migrate together.
    Have a good day and take care Mary Ann. See you here soon when you feel like it. 🤗🙏

    1. Thank you, Linda. I am trying to follow the doctor’s orders! Mini looked really good and what a surprise to see her. I checked through the NE migration charts from long ago and ospreys do not always leave in August or early September. Some stay later. It depends on if there are fish. With climate change they no longer have to fly all the way to South America but can go down to the Carolinas. It will freeze (or so they say) in Patchogue so Mini will need to leave at some time but she looks equipped to do well. Isn’t it wonderful!

  3. Mary Ann, I’m really sorry to hear you have Covid! It’s going around here too and I’m thinking we all need to start wearing masks again. Please take good care of yourself!
    Thank you for your latest updates. Oh — and I’m so happy you wrote a children’s book about your experience with Calico and Hope. Fantastic, and I hope it reaches a lot of people. I’d like to order a copy if possible.
    Hope you feel better soon!!

    1. Oh, thank you. ell, not ready for publication yet! I have written the story of Calico and Hope and am hoping to find someone to either do some illustrations or I will work with the photographs I have so we can get it out for the holidays for the mobile clinic fundraising.

  4. Akane says:

    I am worried to hear that you have been infected with the novel coronavirus.
    I hope you get well soon.
    Thank you for the latest information during this difficult time.
    I’m happy to see Mini again!

    1. Oh, thank you, Akane, for your get well wishes. I am feeling better. It seems that this is moving through the community. Not as bad as the original!
      I hope that you were able to see that beautiful Harvest Moon and had some lovely mooncakes, Akane.

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