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4 October 2023

Good Morning to Everyone!

It rained off and on during Tuesday until later in the afternoon when the sky broke open, and a little blue appeared. It warmed up and became a nice day.

I had to get some fresh air. Having been inside the house or in the garden for more than ten days, I started getting a little housebound, frayed at my edges. So, off to the park for a walk around the pond. No one was around except some ducks and geese! It was lovely! No one to pass this wretched Covid to, but oh, how lovely to be with the birds for a few minutes. I am beginning to feel better, but this Covid is tricky. You get up and get around, and it comes back for you, so be careful and do not overdo it if you get the virus.

Fall is in full swing. Migration is more than halfway over. The Snow Geese have appeared in the South while the Canada Geese fly over them, heading to warmer climates. Various types of sparrows and wrens remain in the garden along with the regulars. It was so nice to be still able to see ducks, though. Gosh, I love ducks. There was not one with Angel Wing, and I did not see any with broken legs or wings today. That was joyful.

The water is pretty much clear with the aerators working full time.

A male Wood Duck in transition. Getting those feathers.

Two little female Wood Ducks paddling away. Lovely.

And isn’t this wonderful. Bazz Hockaday posted a video of Ervie fishing on the Friends of Sth Aus Osprey FB page. Here are a couple of screen grabs from that video of our dear Ervie.

The latest stats from Hawk Mountain in PA as to their migration count. Some, more than others, have made their way through. Will the huge osprey deaths in the NE have an impact on Osprey migration numbers?

The Woodland Trust published its season highlights – fantastic. Oh, that Tawny Owl!

Is there a problem with trees in Nebraska? Have a read.

Xavier is the cutest! How fortunate are we to watch this family deal with their two new hatchlings? There is a rumour that the other egg might be hatching. If that is the case let there be Starlings – thousands of Starlings and parrots descending into the area for Xavier’s hunting!


Teamwork is happening at SW Florida! I love these videos because they are not from the streaming cam – you get to see more of what is going on as M15 and his new mate work to get their nest in order.

V3 was at the NE Florida Bald Eagle nest but was there another male visitor on Tuesday?

Gabby was with V3 on Monday night and you can tell when she sees him that he is the one for this gal. Let’s go home – the rest of you!

Beautiful Day at Superbeaks!

Eagles at the Duke Farms nest early on Tuesday.

The male at Pittsburgh-Hayes has been missing since 7 September. It is not looking good.

Didn’t see anyone at the US Steel nest on Tuesday.

Waiting to see if Jackie and Shadow show up at Big Bear on Tuesday. Aren’t those diamonds pouring down on that nest just gorgeous?

And they did – after 1800 again!

Eagles arriving early morning at the Kistachie NKF E-1 nest.

The falcons in the CBD Melbourne are certainly enjoying the cooler weather this week. There is plenty of time to enjoy Xavier and Diamond’s chicks before these hatch!

So when will the chicks in Melbourne hatch? ‘H’ has been doing some sleuthing. She writes, “There is differing information among sources online, but the majority of sources state 33-35 days is typical for the first hatch…   Victor Hurley stated in one of his FFS from last season that the incubation period is approximately 32 days, and can be as long as 40 days. The four eggs at Collins Street this year were laid on:  9/3 (21:15), 9/6 (07:25), 9/8 16:44), 9/11 07:48).  So, 33 days from the date of the penultimate egg is 10/11.

If the 11th is correct then we are within a week of pip watch for Melbourne.

Family portrait at the Sydney Olympic Forest. I have tried not to get attached to these two but how can you not? They are wonderful and Lady and Dad are the best.

At Port Lincoln, Dad brought a whole fish and a partial one on Tuesday. As of Wednesday, the eggs are 28, 25, and 22 days old. Ways to go for hatch.

In New Zealand, the Kakapo are getting annual health checks and battery changeovers. It will not be long til the Kakapo Recovery begins its annual fundraiser. Want to adopt a Kakapo? Check out their FB page!

Cornell catches up with Christian Cooper in a Q & A.

Work is being done to transform one of the Caribbean islands into a nature haven. How many times have I wished to live in a country that devoted its resources to wildlife and nature instead of factories and selling? Ever heard of Redonda?

In the UK, there is a delay in the decision to outlaw lead ammunition. Why oh why? We know the result of using lead in hunting and fishing – look at those beautiful raptors flooding the wildlife clinics this fall with toxic lead poisoning. Time to change!

Thank you so much for being with me today. Take care all! See you soon.

Thank you to the following for the photographs, videos, posts, and streaming cams that helped me to compose my blog today: ‘Geemeff, H, SP’, Bazz Hockaday, Hawk Mountain, The Woodland Trust, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, SK Hideaways, MLizPhotos, Wskrsnwings, NEFL-AEF, Superbeaks, Duke Farms, Pix Cams, FOBBV, KNF-E1, Collins Street by Mirvac, Sydney Sea Eagles, PLO, Living Bird Magazine, Raptor Persecution UK, and Kakapo Recovery.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you again Mary Ann for all the pictures and updates!  Love seeing Ervie !❤️. Love the pictures of the ducks and geese’s at the park too!
    Xavier is such a good Dad! Love how he wants to be with his 2 little ones 💕💕. Glad Gabby and V3 are still together and hope all the visitors finally stop coming!  So happy for M15 and his new mate.  Glad the mom eagle at Katachie nest is doing better it seems.  Looking forward to all the new season with with them all. ❤️🙏
    Prayers for Dad at Hayes nest.  I don’t know his age but I have been watching them several years. A good Dad and mate to Mom there.  🙏
    Have a good evening and take care.  I hope the fresh air helped you feel better Mary Ann. 
    See you here soon!

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