Second hatch for Xavier and Diamond…Tuesday in Bird World

3 October 2023

Good Morning!

Thank you so much for your good wishes. The cats are very good healing therapy and I am getting there. Indeed, I thought Covid was over til last evening when the dizziness and nausea returned. Hopefully in the next couple of days.

We woke to lightning and heavy rain this morning. The conservatory was lit up like a Halloween pumpkin. It did not bother the kittens as much as it did me!

Missey and Lewis have been enjoying a ‘cat video’ with squirrels and birds!

Hope and Calico prefer watching the ‘real’ things when they are not napping!

Lewis has been having fun with some new little crochet toys full of catnip. He remains the sweetest thing except for Missey’s food or Calico!

There is a second hatch in progress at Orange as I am writing this! That first little one is sure strong. Remember: the chicks will not be able to ‘see’ clearly until about 5 days from hatch. Oh, if there are to be three let them all be strong and healthy with lots of prey this summer so Xavier doesn’t have to work so hard! Will it be a year for Cicadas? Does anyone remember Izzi and his ‘Cicada popsicles’?

Poor Xavier. He has come in with breakfast for Diamond and wee eyas one. Now he is wondering if he will have to sit on the ledge all day?? How is that second hatch progressing?

There it is and already the new hatch is being encouraged to take a bite of prey.

Diamond is tired. She has been going at this for 48 hours – rubbing the eggs around in the pebbles helping to get that shell off a little quicker, if possible, without hurting the little one. So happy these two are close in the time they hatched. Now, the big question is: will there be three?

There is much hope for these two hatches at orange. Both of the chicks are very, very strong this year – each reaching up and wanting food right away when offered. Isn’t it lovely? A remarks, “Oh my goodness! Number two isn’t even dry yet and it’s up and begging for food. And EATING several mouthfuls. It’s not even half an hour old. I’m so glad this one is a strong one. I like a strong younger chick. Now we hope the third egg remains as a pillow and football! Amazing. Such a strong chick.”

V3 has been at the nest tree in The Hamlet waiting for Gabby. Are those new battle wounds?

‘A’ remarks, “V3 spent a lot of the morning in the nest tree this morning. Later in the day, both V3 and Gabby spent the early evening doing nest work together. See from about 06:40pm onwards. According to our BOTG, they are perched and tucked together again tonight in the lumber yard. It is so good to see them working together on the nest. V3 is showing quite a few fresh wounds on his feet, so has obviously been defending Gabby and their territory whether or not he has been at the nest tree. Over the past two days, he has spent the majority of the time on or near the nest tree and has obviously decided the time has come to make a stand. It may be that he has been successful in persuading A2 and A3 to move along. We do hope so. These two need to get on with their season.” 

At the nest of M15, our fabulous dad and his new mate are getting on with things – restorations and bonding!

Lady Hawk catches the action between M15 and his new lady.

Shadow and Jackie were up at the crack of dawn working on their nest.

A new male has been coming around Bella at the NCTC nest. Smitty has been missing since the 21st of September.

Tonya Irvin has some concerns about Anna at the KNF-E1 nest.

WBSE 31 and 32 – oh, so adorable. Getting bigger and stronger by the day.

Looks like that promised rain in Melbourne is going to materialise and help keep our falcons a little cooler! Sure liking those temperatures for the coming week.

Liznm gives us a good look at one of those magnificent prey deliveries at Collins Street!

Mum is still waiting for Dad to bring in a fish for breakfast at Port Lincoln. I find this a bit discouraging – it is after 1000. Let’s hope the pace and quantity of the fish drastically improves once those eggs hatch.

This month’s Condor Chat from Ventana Wildlife Society.

Audubon has released its study of summer heat and shorebirds.

Thank you so much for being with me today! Check out the two new hatches at Orange. If you are feeling ‘blue’, they will put a smile on your face.

Thank you to the following for their notes, posts, streaming cams, and articles that helped me to compose my blog this morning: ‘A’, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, NEFL-AEF, SW Florida Eagle Cam, FOBBV, Deb Steyck and the NCTC, Tonya Irvin and Raptors of the World, Sydney Sea Eagles, Lizmn and 367 Collins Street by Mirvac, 367 Collins Street by Mirvac, PLO, Ventana Wildlife Society, and Audubon Florida.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann! I love the kittens watching the video!  That is so cute💕💕. Thanks for the pics of Calico and her kitten too💖💕
    Congratulations to Diamond and Xavier on their second hatch. Two little Adorables💕💕
    I’m so glad to see Gabby and V3 and M15 and his new mate and Jackie and Shadow too. All getting prepared for their new season ❤️🦅❤️🦅❤️🦅❤️🦅❤️🦅❤️🦅
    So glad Melbourne got the much needed rain and cool down for the falcons there.  
    Hope the new Dad at Port Lincoln will get better on his delivery of fish for Mom and when the babies are born!🙏. Thanks for the video  on the condors   Have a good day Mary Ann and take care and we look forward to seeing you here again soon!

    1. You are so welcome…All the kittens are doing well but I have yet to convince Calico and Lewis to live happily together. It will come when Calico is not afraid Lewis will hurt Hope. Fingers crossed. — Isn’t it nice to have mostly good news in Bird World!?

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