SE32 fledges!…Saturday in Bird World

21 October 2023

Good Morning Everyone,

It is the weekend! Sometimes I laugh when I say that. Being retired it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is! One of the perks. It rained (somewhat) on and off, the skies were grey as forecast and then the sun came out for awhile. It was a good day to be inside with the girls. We are working on a design for a feeding station for ‘the boyfriend’ so that his food does not get wet when it rains or snows.

Well, Calico decided to be a little aggressive towards Missey on Friday. The behaviour had been building even though there are many perches, several food stations, multiple litter boxes, lots of playtime, and love. So, on Friday morning, a Feliway diffuser was installed. My goodness. Talk about tranquillity. It uses calming pheromones for cats. And so far it is working.

The nests are doing rather well in Bird World. The only kink in anything is the hot gusty weather in Australia that is causing issues with fishing/hunting in both Port Lincoln and Sydney.

The two little osplets at Port Lincoln appear to be doing well, and Mum diligently feeds them. Look at those beaks wide open, ready for some leftover fish in the nest! There is a size difference. All bets in my house are on that last egg not hatching.

Another feeding at 0819. Look at the nice crops on those two. My hopes are really high for the success of the nest this season (providing that other egg does not hatch). The second hatch is much stronger and Mum is so careful to make sure that both are fed.

Later, the osplets are hungry. The weather is hot in South Australia, the winds are gusting according to ‘A’ and it is not very good for fishing. They wait for another fish from Dad. “The same problem is affecting Port Lincoln, where the temperatures are nowhere near as high (just 16C) but the winds are very gusty (up to 29mph), making fishing difficult for dad. Unfortunately, sea breezes generally pick up as the afternoon goes on, so I can’t see that improving much today. Hopefully dad will provide a lunch fish very shortly.”

Only 2 fish came in to Port Lincoln at 0815 and 1417. Let us hope the weather improves for Dad’s fishing.

Marri and Barru are both developing, making milestones, and becoming the most adorable characters as they grow. Xavier and Diamond are doing a fantastic job.

Looking out at the world beyond the nest.

Beautiful Xavier.


SK Hideaways caught these two with their clown feet!

One of the things that warms my heart the most is seeing SE31 safe at the nest after fledgling. Sharing time with their sibling. Eating. And now 32 has fledged.

‘A’ gives us an update, “At WBSE the eaglets spent the morning perched around the nest tree. Both appear to have small but noticeable crops. Look at them from around 11:50, perched together and looking gorgeous. Such beautiful juveniles. They look strong and healthy and are really developing their flying and landing skills even in and around the nest tree. Around noon, what looks to be SE32 jumps down into the nest to look for leftovers. He finds some, so SE31 joins him. SE32 is very protective of the morsels he has found. There is some pecking which is threatening but does not actually connect. There are currawongs around the tree, and both eaglets were watching one in particular before SE31 flew off. They seemed undisturbed by them, and like yesterday, I can only see and hear one currawong. Presumably, SE31 is in the tree where the second camera is located. Alternatively, she could be in the nest tree, below.”

“By about 13:00 both sea eaglets are back in the nest tree (SE32 lying duckling style on the nest and SE31 high in the nest tree, on a branch behind the nest, so she has obviously flown around the tree to get back to that point. She has been flying around the vicinity of the nest tree for a couple of days now, often flying to the tree where the second camera is mounted (it’s a shame it’s stopped working!) and back again. So she is gaining confidence in the area around the nest, which MUST be a good thing, surely. It is a very hot (30C) and windy day in the Sydney area – bad for bushfires and bad for fishing. The eaglets really could do with one of mum’s patented giant eels.”

Prey delivery at 0628.

They are gorgeous. There is something about the behaviour of these two that reminds me of SE25 and 26 – their closeness in the nest, 25 helping 26. Perhaps together, these two can dominate the forest, fly around a little bit, get those wings strong, and then go and learn how to hunt with their parents. We will weep bucks – rivers – if this happens.

SE31 continues to do little flights but is returning to the nest. A couple of days ago they were both doing some heraldic poses that Sharon Pollock caught for us.

Then 32 wanted to join its sibling 31!

Getting ready.

32 returned and slept duckling style on the nest while 31 was located on a branch under Dad. All are safe. Can I say ‘relief’?

The folks in Sydney have posted the following:

Meanwhile the Bald Eagles continue to mate and work on their nests. Anyone have any ideas who will have the first eggs? Will it be Superbeaks? Barry College? SW Florida? NE Florida?

Pepe at Superbeaks working on that nest on Friday.

It looks like Louis’s mate, Anna, from the KNF E-1 nest is improving after a series of injuries. This is excellent news!

Is it possible that Smitty who has been missing 21 September has returned to the NCTC nest to his mate, Bella?

There are some concerns about the visits of the local GHO to the nest of M15 and F23.

Gabby and V3 continue to bring stick after stick to the NEFlorida Bald Eagle Nest. At the same time, they are lining the nest with really soft moss. Hopeful.

The latest news on the streaming cam at the Minnesota DNR Bald Eagle Nest of Nancy and Beau:

It is wonderful to read any article about birds thriving instead of going into a rapid decline.

Ervie is certainly moving about the environment surrounding Port Lincoln.

In New Zealand, the Royal Albatross are returning for this breeding season. As YRK, the Mum of Pippa Atawhai and Lillibet patiently waits for the return of OGK, others are doing skycaps and renewing their bonds. (It is highly unlikely that our darling OGK will return. He was not seen for most of the last breeding season – MIA in May 2022).

It appears that seabirds in the UK have some immunity to Bird flu. This is encouraging news.

A giggle from Bazz Hockaday to start off our Saturday!

Thank you so much for being with me today! Take care all.

Thank you to the following for their notes, comments, posts, videos, articles, and streaming cams that helped me to write my blog this morning: ‘A, H’, Port Lincoln Ospreys, SK Hideaways, Sydney sea Eagles, Sharon Pollock, Se McGregor, Superbeaks, Tonya Irwin, NEFL-AEF, Deb Stecyk, Laura Davis Nelson, BirdGuides, Sharon Dunne, The Guardian, and Bazz Hockaday.

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  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Good morning and Thank you Mary Ann for the updates and photos and links!
    Hopefully Missy and Calico will be ok now. 💖💖. They could not ask for better as you are amazing Mom to them all! ❤️
    Good to see both sea eaglets doing good and back at the nest after fledging. They are gorgeous ❤️❤️. Littles Marri and Barru are so cute and really growing! Love the pics of them and the little one looking in the camera takes the cake. 💕💕. The 2 littles at Port Lincoln look good too and hope the weather gets better for the Dad fishing and all stays good with them. 🙏💕🙏💕. The eagles and their nests look good but the GHO is a big threat at SWFL and has been a bothersome owl in the past. I wish it would mind its own nest and leave the eagles alone. 🙏
    Thank you for the info on Ervie! He is really going around port Lincoln and I hope he stays in that area. Miss you Ervie!❤️
    Thanks and have a great Saturday and weekend Mary Ann
    We look forward to seeing you here again real soon!

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