Marri fledges at Orange

13 November 2023

I was over looking at those cute osplets at Port Lincoln and – Marri, the first hatch of the 2023 season for Diamond and Xavier flew.

The tine was 09:38:42! Thanks, ‘H’.

It was magnificent. Well over the trees with Barru watching. Surely he will follow soon. Diamond and Xavier are urging the kids to fly! Congratulations to Orange, Diamond and Xavier, and to Marri – I thought you would go second. Never ask me for tips on bets!

Well done everyone.


  1. I was watching too – so exciting!!! Looks like Barru is ready to follow!!!

  2. B says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for the update, Mary Ann. Congrats to Marri and parents Diamond and Xavier, as well as to Cilla and all the extended family in Orange!

  3. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks for this update Mary Ann!
    Congratulations to Marri and great parents ! Hope the little Barru will go soon if he’s ready!
    Love them both ❤️❤️

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