Barru fledges…Tuesday in Bird World

14 November 2023

Good Morning Everyone!

Monday was another gorgeous day on the Canadian Prairies. We have a light blue sky, little wind, and melting snow. Tomorrow, we are looking at 9 C. Everyone will think summer has returned! There was a brisk wind at the nature centre, but still many people on the trails for a Monday, hoping to spot some wildlife.

On display at our nature centre is a Red River Cart. They were used to carry goods and are symbolic of the Metis people of our region in Canada. In fact, Manitoba is the home of the Metis Nation. “The term Métis refers to a collective of cultures and ethnic identities that resulted from unions between Aboriginal and European people in what is now Canada.”

Today, in the garden, a Blue Jay was at the feeders. It is Junior, the Dad. I have not seen any of the other Blue Jays for some time.

They might have migrated or found their territory away from Dad, but that is generally not true. They tend to stay together as a family just like the Crows. Strange. I have not seen or heard the crows for several days. All of this is a bit concerning. Hoping nothing has happened to them. The Starlings are here pounding away at the hard suet cylinders, and the Sparrows and Juncos are all over the place. Little Red is here, too, along with the Chickadee. No sign of Dyson but two of her kits were at the feeder. The Boyfriend has been here many times today cleaning out the food bowls. He is looking good.

One of Dyson’s kits (two came today) getting ready to climb into the little covered feeder on the deck.

The other one was on one of the solid seed cylinders having a good old lunch.

That high-quality/high protein dry cat food has undoubtedly improved the sheen on his fur. He is a beautiful tuxedo cat.

Hope and Missey have been playing in the house, but Calico seems unwell. She is not her usual self, and I am watching her closely. She did not eat her food at breakfast. This is highly unusual. Calico loves to eat. I hope she has filled up on some really good, high-quality dry food instead. Oh, good news. She ate her lunch, and I caught her refuelling at the hard food dispenser. She is fine! Relief. Little Hope goes for her surgery next week. Thanks to Fixing Feral Felines for all the good work that they do.

The news for Monday/Tuesday was that Marri fledged from the scrape of her parents Diamond and Xavier at 09:38:42. Barru is watching closely.

Here is the video of that amazing first flight – it was a beauty! Looked like she had been flying for over a week. Amazing. So happy.

Heidi Mc caught the fledge as well.

Barru is still in the scrape.

Well, Barru did fledge! A few hours after his sister. 15:36:34. It was brilliant. Like Marri, Barru flew like a pro. I love how he went to the ledge, hopped around the scrape, flapped those wings like crazy and out he went. Tears. Congratulations to Xavier and Diamond – two beautiful fledges for 2023.

Aren’t these two just the cutest little osplets? We blinked. Overnight they left the Reptilian Stage and started their way to juvenile plumage. And now there are those Clown Feet! Adorable. Sweet. Civil. We only had the rare little incident. Lovely.

Mum went fishing. She flew in with a really nice one at 09:05:13.

She is feeding herself and her kids. A bite for you and a bite for you. That is a huge fish Mum brought in. Remember. The supplementary fish is simply that – supplementary. The three are hungry and this is wonderful.

Mum was hungry. The osplets are stuffed. I am feeling glorious right now. So, when anyone asks: Do the female ospreys go fishing to feed their family? You know the answer. Mum can leave her chicks because they can regulate their temperatures. They are bigger and not easy prey as they would have been a couple of weeks ago. Bravo, Mum!

The feeding lasted 88 minutes. Mum finished the fish off. She was very hungry.

Dad brought in a whole fish at 13:56:20. I bet he is hoping there is some fish left for him!

They are still eating!

Dad looks like he has a nice crop. I wonder if he ate a fish and caught another one to bring to the nest?

Dad is sure looking close to see if there is anything left. Just look at the crops on those babies.

PLO did not supply any supplementary fish – they did not need to. Mum brought in that whopper and Dad brought in three fish. Thanks ‘H’. The fishing conditions must have been so much better yesterday. Fantastic.

The big excitement is the streaming cam at Captiva, and there are already ospreys visiting the new platform that was put up by Window to Wildlife after Hurricane Ian. Sadly, they had just installed a new platform and camera then. Let us hope that this is a safer year.

Beautiful images coming out of Centreport Bald Eagles.

No rest for Bella. Smitty has been missing for too long and there are many intruders.

Hoping there is nothing amiss with Abby at Eagle Country.

The GHOs are back at the Bald Eagle nest on the Pritchett Property.

‘H’ reports that one of the eagles has been in the SW Florida nest for some time. Is today egg laying day? or are they protecting the nest from the GHOs?

I am not sure what is happening at the nest of Gabby in The Hamlet. That is the reason that I have made no comment. Waiting to see what will happen there in the next couple of days. She nipped at the feathers of a visitor male today in the nest bowl.

Shadow and Jackie were both at Big Bear on Monday.

Waiting or her mate with hope for a better year.

More information coming in about the camera at the West End.

Did you know that Shrikes keep a larder just like Peregrine Falcons and some other birds so that there is food for their chicks?

I love Corvids and this beautiful Raven came to Loch Arkaig. The now familiar Buzzard had been there a few hours earlier.

Thank you so much for being with me today. Take care of yourselves. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Thank you to the following for their notes, posts, articles, videos, and streaming cams that helped me to write my blog today: ‘A, H’, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, Heidi Mc, PLO, Liz Schwartz, Deb Stecyk, Sassa Bird, SW Florida Eagle Cam, NEFL-AEF, FOBBV, Holly Parsons, Gracie Shepherd, Bird Guides, and Geemeff.

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