Little Bit 17’s nest collapses! (with video)

21 June 2022

Things happen when you least expect them, too. We had just settled in to the reassurance that Little Bit 17 was going to fledge and were anxiously watching for ND15 and ND16 to fledge with Little Bit at home alone for awhile.

I have caught it on video.

Today at 15:43:25 a large chunk of the nest fell off the ND-LEEF tree. It caused ND15 to fledge.

Little Bit 17 is home alone looking down from the nest to the ground.

At 17:65:17 Mum flies in with a Raccoon. Brave Little Bit 17 comes down to eat at 17:58:42. It must have been very reassuring to have Mum feeding him.

Dad flies in with a salmon at 18:58. Two parents on the nest testing its integrity. ND comes down quickly when there is fish on the menu! Little Bit got to it first! It is not the time to fight over food kids!

What an afternoon. Little Bit 17 is on the nest eating the raccoon after losing the fish to 16. 16 is back up on the branch. Lindsay Grossman who is part of the Environmental Change Initiative is on the ground. She has located ND15 in another tree. The nest will be monitored closely for any change in the situation!

Take a breath. Little Bit is so brave. He might well be the only one that sleeps on the nest tonight with 16 only coming down the branch for food. That works for me! The parents are aware of the situation. So smart for them to bring food and test out the rest of that nest. Dad is going to be rebuilding soon!

Thank you for joining me. Thank you to ND-LEEF for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures and video clips. Take care everyone.