Bird World News: Rescues, a fledge, and a Hurricane?

I want to give a shout out to Fortis BC for helping the South Okanagan’s only birds of prey rescue centre, SORCO, retrieve two baby Ospreys from a nest in Penticton. People saw the babies hanging over the sides of the nest panting and looking very dehydrated. The parents were unable to feed them because of the extreme heat driving the fish to the bottom of the rivers and lakes.

The Osprey platforms are out in the open – in the direct sun – and the chicks took a real hit by the heat when temperatures in the area rose into the high 40s on Wednesday.

@ CastaNet News Kelowna
@CastaNet News Kelowna

The babies are being fed and rehydrated. SORCO says they are doing well. They will be kept in care for approximately six weeks. SORCO says they have rescued 23 raptors during the extreme heat wave.

Elsa is now a hurricane and is expected to impact Florida and the region of the Osprey nests in St Petersburg early next week. The National Hurricane Centre is advising everyone to keep an eye on the hurricane as it now develops and what happens after it passes over the Antilles. You can follow the news here:

All of our eyes will be on that system now that it has strengthened from a Tropical Storm to a hurricane because of our beloved Tiny Tot at the Achieva Osprey Nest in St Petersburg. The hurricane is currently located over Barbados (the white circle in the purple area).

Electra did not spend the night perched on the Cowlitz PUD Osprey nest but she has returned sometime this morning before 7am nest time.

The female chick, Blue 095, at Rutland Manton Bay has fledged today, 2 July, one day after her brother, Blue 096. Here is that flight:

It is definitely getting harder, at first glance, to tell who is who on the Foulshaw Moss Nest in Cumbria where Tiny Little Tot lives on the nest of White YW and Blue 35. Indeed, Blue 35 is testing the kids self-feeding skills today!

The male claimed the fish that arrived and didn’t do a bad job with the self-feeding. Tiny Little was right there hoping he would share! or feed him!! I do hope Blue 35 feeds Tiny Little today and doesn’t just let the bigger ones grab all of the fish.

The last time I saw Tiny Tot on the Achieva Credit Union nest she was waiting for a fish delivery. K1 and K3 had been fed and were over together on the Rice Building. So all is well in Ithaca.

Take care everyone. That is our early morning nest round up for Friday, 2 July.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I get my screen shots: Cumbrian Wildlife Trust and the Foulshaw Moss Osprey Cam and the Cowlitz PUD.

Featured image is FortisBC and SORCO going up to rescue osprey chicks in Penticton.


  1. Salliane says:

    Tumbles had 2 fish deliveries from dad…the first one was between 10 and 11am(EST) which took her nearly 5 hours to finish….is this unusual? Yes, it was a whopper (possibly mackerel)
    The second one was delivered at 708pm(EST) but a rather smallish fish. i am watching her and she is taking her time consuming this one too.

    Thanks for the link to the weather. I am praying the storm will veer far to the left or far to the right thus sparing Florida….

    I do have a quesgion for you…Why were other chicks rescued and nothing done for Cowlitz and Osoyoos?


    1. Hi Salliane. It sounds like Tiny is really full. That is great! Your question of why some chicks are rescued and some are not is very timely. I don’t think you were reading my blog when I wrote the entry, Can you Help Legacy? Legacy was the eaglet on the NE Florida Nest. That nest was part of ‘something’ and the AEF and was not in CROW’s jurisdiction. I got a lot of people upset because I pointed out that conjunctivitis the two eaglets, 17 and 18 had, on the SW Florida nest was not human-caused and yet they were rescued and treated. The Avian Pox that Legacy had (could have been deadly but thankfully wasn’t) was also not human-caused. One got help. One didn’t. I think that D Pritchett family pulled all the strings out for those eaglets to survive and good for them. There was another nest that had two eaglets die due to humans. Rodenticide at Captiva. The owner of the property is Canadian. Her name is Lori and she lives in Nova Scotia. That nest is associated with the AEF, also. They were too late in doing anything to save the chicks. In fact, they were slow. Now think about those three nests. Captiva, NE Florida, and then SW Florida. Link the dots. So now back to the little Ospreys, you ask about. First, Cowlitz PUD. The nest is in the US. I continue to understand that the US will not officially link climate change to human activity. Because of this, the heat that hit COWLITZ is not human-caused. Would anyone help the chicks at Cowlitz if they had a fishing line on their legs, perhaps? They should! Osyoos and Kelowna are in two different jurisdictions. I know lots of people around Penticton and Kelowna. They would really advocate for the wildlife. I did have a former student now good friend who lived in Osyoos who used to watch the Ospreys. I do not know why the Town did not step in. Maybe people did not scream enough!!!!!!! So the answer to your question is climate denial in places, political connections perhaps, and a community that is very pro-wildlife. — If Tiny had been dying on the nest no one at Achieva would have done anything. And that is the sad truth. So if you know of wildlife and birds in danger you need a keen group of community volunteers that will rally around and cry out for their protection,.

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