Tiny Little, it is good to see you!

Friday morning started off fantastic with Tiny Little on the nest alone food calling. She was later joined by older sibling, 462.

What you need to know is that Tiny Little had an entire fish to herself a little earlier for breakfast! Just look at her enjoying that fish!

7:45 nest time. Nice fish delivered by White YW to his girl.

Tiny Little returned later and was joined by 462. Yes, I said that already! They waited and waited. All that waiting and food calling paid off! Both Tiny Little (or Bobbie to some) and older sibling got a fish – older sib gets the flounder, Tiny Little has something else (?). Dad, you are fantastic. This is the way to keep the kids happy and quiet.

Tiny Little is the fledgling on the right. She is a ‘big’ girl! I am just so delighted to be able to see her. She is growing and growing. Tiny simply doesn’t fit anymore!!!!!!

This is the link to the Osprey Nest at Foulshaw Moss managed by Cumbrian Wildlife Trust:


But there was more happiness. To top it off, the little Osprey nestling at Collins Marsh Nature Centre had two feedings before 9:30 this morning. If this pace keeps up Malin is really going to have a big growth spurt this week. Already the tail and back feathers are remarkably changed from last week.

And another feeding here. So happy to see these parents stepping up the food. Malin is really starting to present as a juvenile Osprey now. I keep looking at those little feet – wonder if we have a little boy here? Male or female it doesn’t matter. Malin is really a gorgeous/handsome.

The link to the Osprey nest at Collins Marsh is here:


One of my readers was asking about the nest for the Black Storks in Latvia. I was able to find some information and a couple of images so that you can see the beautiful forests in the area.

The nest is in a forest in the Sigulda region of Latvia. It is 53 km southeast of the capital, Riga. It is the orange area on the map below.

The area is home to Sigulda New Castle and the remains of a medieval castle built in 1207.

The image below is the New Castle.

“Siguldas jaunā pils (Sigulda Castle)” by twiga_swala is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Through the forest you can see the New Castle.

These are the remains of the medieval castle. It is a major tourist site and because of this, Latvia has stabilized some of the walls so it can be fully appreciated.

The nest in the forest is on a pine branch that extends about 1.8 metres from the trunk of the tree. So, in plain English, the nest is on a branch that is sticking out —- just a big branch! I know. Take a deep breath. It could make you nervous. The nest is 18 metres from the ground. Imagine these storks on such a branch! I kept thinking they could slide off the edge.

The youngest storkling is 53 days old today. It is flapping its wings and gets really excited. The eldest is 56 days old and the middle one is 54 days.

The adults, Grafs and Grafiene, have to be very careful when they come to feed their little ones now so they do not slide off the nest. It is getting a little crowded as the nestlings grow!

One of the moderators for the nest forum created a video of Grafiene coming to feed the storklings about one month ago. It is very short but shows us just how much these nestlings have grown in that time. Just look how tiny they were.

All of the storks meet to begin their migration. ‘S’ tells me that they land on the tops of all the houses, the hydro poles, and the trees. And then they begin clacking and this is the beginning of their long journey as far as South Africa. Everyone is a little sad when they leave.

The link to the Latvian Black Storks is here:

Don’t all babies look sweet when they are sleeping? The little sea eaglets are no exception. You would never know that they are so tired from all the mischief they cause when their parents aren’t watching.

They look like little angels.

Dad is making sure that there is lots of food on the nest.

Here is the link to the White-Bellied Sea Eagle nest in Sydney’s Olympic Park. It is the only WBSE nest in the world that is streaming live. One of the really neat things is just listening to the forest sounds when the streaming cam is on. You will hear many Australian birds. There are lots of YouTube videos of the birds and the sounds they make. Just do a search of ‘Australian Bird Sounds’.

There has been a lot of chatter about when the female ospreys in the UK will be leaving the nests and heading off on their migration. Blue NC0 is still up at the Loch of the Lowes working hard, along with Laddie, to feed LM 1 and LM 2. She is known to catch big fish and this morning she brought in a whopper. The sad part was NC0 worked so hard to get this fish out of the water and on to the nest and one of the kids let it fly off the nest. It happens but we all must appreciate the real effort these parents put into feeding these juveniles especially when they must be eating themselves, fattening up, to make their journeys.

NC0 has turned into one wonderful mom over the season. It has been such a joy to watch her develop from when the little ones hatched and we had no idea if she was going to figure out how to feed them!

The fledglings still associate the nest with food so you might still get in some good action. This has to be one of the most beautiful nest locations in the world. When I went to check, I could see the Ospreys flying around and food calling on the branches at the top left of the image below. So turn up your sound and look there when you check on this nest.

Here is the link to their camera:

I checked to see if the names had been announced for Louis and Dorcha’s chicks on the ‘other’ Lock Arkaig nest. There seems to be no mention or I have missed it. So hold on. Will let you know as soon as I hear anything! I am also waiting for the Collins Street Peregrine Falcon cam to come on live. You are going to be in for a real treat with that falcon nest! I promise.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope everyone is well. Tomorrow I am heading out to find the local hawk. Expect news to come in the late afternoon for all the nests. Enjoy your weekend. Stay safe.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cameras where I took my screen shots: The Latvian Fund for Nature and the Sigulda Black Stork Nest, the Collins Marsh Nature Centre and Osprey Cam, the Sea Eagles, Birdlife Australia, and Discovery Centre, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and the Friends of the Loch of the Lowes.


  1. Salliane says:

    HI Mary Ann
    As usual another great newsletter!

    I am glad Tiny Little is still around but soon they will feel the changes and will head off on their migration. 🙁 But I always wish them a safe journey and hopes to see them back again soon.

    Yup NCO is a great mom.

    Thanks for the gorgeous photos of Latvia. Amazing!

    1. Oh, thank you, Salliane. You are so right. We are so lucky to get to see them – each day is just precious like it was with Tiny Tot (Tumbles). It is good to see Malin getting lots of fish..and I am getting to really like NC0. A very independent-minded female Osprey is not afraid to go out and get the fish. Reminds me of Mrs G. I hope for her return next year.

    2. Oh, I am so glad you enjoyed them. I wondered about including any – always wanting to know what a place looks like, where the birds live. It is a beautiful country. And wasn’t it great to see Tiny Little or Big Little! Yes, migration is coming for all of them. We can only hope. Thank you for joining us today and for taking the time to comment, Linda. Much appreciated.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Mary Ann thanks again for such a great newsletter! Tiny Little has learned her technique for getting the fish! She’s doing a fabulous job indeed and I’m so glad she is still around ! It is so wonderful to see that our
    Little Malin at the Collins Marsh is really doing well this week! Keep the fishes
    Coming mom and dad!
    Thanks for the photos of the castles !
    My Grandmother’s parents were from Riga Latvia. I can’t believe I am watching the storms from there too ! It’s so interesting for me!
    The little bitty sea eagles are so adorable
    The other Osprey nests in Scotland and Lock of the Lowe’s are looking empty but the chicks still come to the nest to eat and all seem to be
    Doing so well ! I love the photos of all the nests and castles and the map that shows where Latvia is. This is special for me. Thanks so much Mary Ann for including them in this newsletter:)
    Have a great evening Linda

    1. Oh, Linda. I remembered your family came from Latvia but did not know the area. So, this is wonderful. I Kept finding such beautiful images. I don’t know if everyone living on the prairies craves trees but I do. Latvia looks so beautiful and they are certainly working to protect the birds. The law to put protective devices on all the electric transmissions might be late for the companies to do what the law says but since 2009, Latvia has had it in place. It is wonderful each time I hear of a country doing something to make the lives of the wildlife better. So be proud! Yes, it is so nice to see Tiny Little. I know that you and others miss Tiny Tot (Tumbles) – we never know the day or the time that urge to leave the nest and go on their own will come. So to see wake up and see her is so special. I hope that Malin grows as strong as Tiny Tot and Tiny Little. I am glad you enjoyed the other things about Latvia to go with the storks. I never know unless someone tells me – so thank you, Linda.

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