Thunder and Akecheta’s Chicks are ringed!

Dr Sharpe and a banding helper ascended, once again, to the top of the cliff where Thunder and Akecheta have their nest. The trio were banded today.

The banding took place at 13:10. You can still catch it on rewind. There are two bands. A metal federal band and an orange band. If the orange band is on the right leg it is a male. If the orange band is on the left leg it is a female. We will have to wait for the eaglets to show us their bling to know!

Can you see Akecheta on the top of the cliff at the back left? He is keeping guard.

Akecheta is making good and sure the humans are gone before he returns all the while keeping watch on the eaglets and the fishing boat going by.

There is one female and two males. The female is at the centre back with the males on either side.

Today, as we celebrate the survival of these three eagles, there is a back story to how Bald Eagles were restored to the Channel Islands.

This 13 minute video discusses DDT, DDE, and how – through lots of hard work – Bald Eagles like Thunder and Akecheta now breed on the Channel Islands. It is an awesome story.

Here is a map of the current eagle nests on the Channel Islands. I bet you watch many of the ones that have streaming cams!

Thank you to for their streaming cam where I took my screen captures.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the pics
    And info and updates on these three beautiful eaglets being banded!
    Take care!

    1. You are very welcome. I didn’t know it was happening til it was over!

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