Late Monday in Bird World

9 May 2022

Some of you will know this story. Last year, my friend, ‘T from Strasbourg’, asked me if I were an Osprey which of the males would I want for my mate. I knew she was going to say Monty! I didn’t pick one of the Welsh lads nor any of the Scottish ones but, rather, Blue 33 (11) at Rutland. And this is why. He is extremely supportive and he will have a fish on that nest for Maya and their chicks at the crack of dawn. He likes to snuggle in the nest with her when the chicks are hatching.

Poor Maya was restless. There was a chick hatching during all that squirming. We get a peek at 23:02 but, from all the action it appears that hatch was finalized around 23:00. You can’t see it but Blue 33 (11) has a big fish on that nest ready for Maya and the chick or chicks when she wants it. He is definitely not a dead beat dad!

Speaking of Dead Beat Dads — I know, some of you are going to get mad at me but, seriously, there are excellent males and then there are not so good ones. The variety of Bird parents is not a lot different than humans.

I have had trouble with accessing the UFlorida-Gainesville Osprey nest since the end of last week. This evening I was sent a very thorough report on the comings and goings on that nest by ‘R’. Thank you so much! It makes for sad reading. There could still be intruders at that nest. There is not a lot of fish coming on the nest and when it comes, Big is getting the advantage. Middle is getting some food but at a high price. I hope things turn around. Tomorrow I will bring you ‘R’s report and a look at what is happening at that nest. That Dad is certainly not Blue 33 (11). Nor is the Mum Maya. Blue and Maya have raised a clutch of four with a total of 15 to fledge in 6 years. That is a pretty impressive record. I understand that they might be grandparents now. Fantastic.

Annie, Alden, and Grinnell’s chicks are in the news again. Had to share. Seriously these two chicks look like they are smiling all the time.

For those of you watching the nest of Big Red and Arthur, it is time to get your virtual worry beads out. The eyases have moved out of the nest bowl and they are very interested in what is happening in the world around them. This means that they will be hovering over the side of the nest. This is only the prelude to them jumping, flapping, and running up and down the ledge! So far none have fallen off but I thought I should warn you ahead of time.

Notice the crops. That is Little Bit right there in front again with a crop as big as Big’s. No chick is favoured over another. All are fed til they are full.

Big Red will lose about 30% of her weight raising these four eyases. Once they leave the territory around the beginning or middle of May, she will go back to taking care of herself.

Nice fat little eyas. That is what you want to see.

That’s it. It is still raining here. Apparently the entire southern half of our province is under threat of overland flooding until next week. Oh, I so longed to hear rain but, we can do without it now. The farmers should be planting and, of course, their fields are under water. The wildlife are looking for places to go. From 4 or 5 years of drought – I had forgotten how rain sounds or smells – now we have way too much! The garden critters are fine although I just saw Dyson and it looks like he has lost half her tail. Gracious. I must get a better look tomorrow.

Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Cornell Bird Lab and RTH and the LRWT.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! Hope the little ones at Big Reds don’t fall off. 🙏💕💕💕💕
    They are really growing fast! Also the osprey you picked is a very handsome one indeed!
    Have a good evening and enjoy and rest inside and maybe the rains will go away soon!
    Hope to see you here soon!

    1. LOL. Yes, Blue is pretty handsome, too. Him and Maya make a good pair. They call them a Super couple! Monty was handsome, too. Yes, I always worry all the babies will fall off the nests. Worry beads galore!!!!!!!!! You are very welcome….always my pleasure.

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