Spirit Fledges, Hatch at Loch Arkaig, and other news in Bird World

31 May 2022

It has rained again so hard in our area that many farmers will simply not be able to plant anything this year. The flood that was here is still present in several locations and has now also flooded other areas. This is the wettest it has been in the history of our province! Several months ago I was longing for the sound of rain. It can stop now, please!

Right now there is a break. It is gusty but the animals have been coming to the garden. Mr Crow has been here for breakfast, Dyson has come to help eat the food put out for Hedwig (Dyson seems to want to eat everyone’s food but his own!) and Hedwig is here somewhere. There is lots of grass. We have been doing ‘No Mow May’ to help the insects get established so Hedwig can hide in the grass in certain areas! The rain has really made everything grow. I also noticed that the baby Chipping Sparrows have come for their White Millet. They want to eat in the sort of house feeder on the top deck on the red carpet. Go figure. Perhaps they don’t like to be lower with the adults???

After seeing ND-17 with a huge crop and knowing he ate well yesterday evening, I slept well. I checked and no food deliveries yet at the nest so I am hoping that lots of food will come in the afternoon and evening.

Little Bit sitting like a Buddha on the left. Conserving energy. Waiting for food. The winds are blowing 15-25 mph so not sure what the condition of the water at the river is like.

Congratulations go out to Jackie and Shadow and to Spirit for that beautiful fledge early this morning! No worries. Jackie and Shadow will keep close tabs on their fledgling teaching her everything she needs to know to survive in a world she has just entered.

There she goes! It was 05:40 ish.

More congratulations go out to Louis and Dorcha for their first hatch of the 2022 breeding season at Loch Arkaig! Louis sees his baby for the first time and immediately gets to brood! What a great dad he is! So happy. Two more eggs to go!!!!!!!!

He was called ‘Lonesome Louis’ til Aila came along and what beautiful families they raised. Now this is his second year with Dorcha. Speaking of Aila, everyone who watched her raise her chicks with Louis loved her. A tribute has been put together (get the tissues) for the three years she was at Loch Arkaig.

If you didn’t catch it in my blog yesterday, the only eaglet at the National Arboretum nest, the last chick or Mr President and Lotus has been given the name Takoda which means “Friend to All”. Wonder when DC9 will fledge?

Takoda is a beautiful eaglet. It is sad that his mother, Lotus, is not here to see her chick leave the nest. Mr President has really taken over all the jobs and has made sure this eaglet is thriving despite not having two parents.

Gorgeous Bobs at the Dfyi Osprey nest of Idris and Telyn – so much fish on the nest that sometimes they don’t wake up to eat! Seriously.

CJ7 is higher in the nest today and she is busy moving nesting material around her in the front. We might just have a hatch coming at Poole Harbour! It will be Cj7’s first – she waited a long time for a mate, just like Louis at Loch Arkaig.

Blue 022 has arrived at the nest but CJ7 isn’t getting up yet. Both will be first time parents. Blue 022 is just three years old! He arrived too late as a 2 year old first returnee at the Poole Harbour nest to have a clutch last year. So thrilled the two joined together again this year. A historical first when that egg hatches!

Dylan has been bringing trout to Seren and the three Bobs at the Llyn Clywedog nest. Everything seems to be going fine there.

I watched Blue NC0 at the Loch of the Lowes and Little Bob definitely got fed lots of bites. So everything is going alright at that nest. Thank goodness. She is going around to every beak with fish checking. Big Bob is full and little got food before mom horked the tail. Little Bob would have liked a few more bites but he waits til the Big ones eat, often.

The one to watch. Kana’kini at the West End Bald Eagle nest of Thunder and Akecheta will be one of the juvenile bald eagles to fledge this week amongst many.

Hatches and fledges. Names. There will be more of all three all week! I am off to try and beat the next bout of rain and get my walk in at the nature centre. Take care everyone. Thank you so much for joining me this morning!

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams where I took my screen captures: ND-LEEF, Friends of Loch Arkaig, Woodland Trust and the People’s Post Code Lottery, Poole Harbour Ospreys, Dfyi Osprey Project, Explore.org, FOBBV, CarnyX Wild, NADC-AEF, Friends of Loch of the Lowes and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann! Congratulations to Spirit! I think she will come and go to the nest hopefully and get food 🙏❤️🦅
    Congratulations also to the hatch at Locke Arkaig 🐣. Thanks for the tribute to Alia. She was a favorite ❤️
    I wonder what happened to Lotus?🙏 I knew she was missing but thought she returned. Mr P has always been a great Dad.❤️🦅 I have missed the First Lady which has also been missing a long time🙏❤️🦅. Takoda is. Beautiful eaglet. ❤️
    Thanks for all the updates and photos and Tribute Mary Ann! I hope you enjoy your walk at the Nature Center. See you soon and take care!

    1. Lotus has apparently returned to the nest after being away for awhile. I did not know so I will put it at the top of my blog. Glad you enjoyed that tribute. Louis and Aila were such a fabulous team. She is so missed. It is blowing so hard and the rain began to pelt down the walk was short. It is so wet here we will all turn mouldy!!!!!

  2. B says:

    Hurray for Spirit!!! Such a wonderful eaglet, a blessing to such great parents. Hope to see her again soon. And such a sweet tribute to Aila. I miss her. But glad for Louis and Dorcha to have their first hatch of the year.

    1. Yes, I thought you would be excited. Jackie and Shadow will take good care of her and prepare her for her life. I just wish she had a band and a tracker!!!!!!! She is an amazing fledgling – high spirited and full of life. And I just learned that Lotus returned – I don’t follow the other chat and didn’t know. Louis is an amazing Dad. He was so excited to get to brood and incubate -. what a guy!

  3. Nancy says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for all you updates. I just wanted to let you know Lotus has been back for days. I think she was only missing for a day or so. Check out the nest on hdontap where people are commenting all the time. Also, I happened to check the Pink Shell ospreys and there was an adult and a fledgling on the nest. As of 3:10 P.M. he is still there. Appreciate all your updates everyday.

    1. Oh, Nancy! Thank you so much. I will put that on the top of my blog this evening. I am also happy to hear that Pink Shell had a fledgling. I know it was pretty rough when the adopted chick survived and the biological didn’t but a fledgling is good. Again, thank you for writing to me and updating me on Lotus. I did not see the comments. I will find that other site. So happy!

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