Was Little Bit ND17 forced off the nest by ND 16?

27 June 2022

ND16 fledged. Today was her first return to the nest. It was way too crowded with three of them there vying for prey this morning and afternoon. Thank you to ‘H’ who alerted me to this incident.

At 15:45:12, Little Bit 17 went out of the nest backwards. That is ND16 closest to him. You can make up your own mind if 16 forced Little Bit off the nest.

The remaining bit of the nest could just not handle having 3 eaglets.

Little Bit 17 was believed to be seen flying on the wide angle cam at 15:45:35.

Meanwhile 15 and 16 are on the nest and one of them, I believe 15, is eating.

Send the most positive wishes you can for our Little Bit. I sure hope he is found if he is down. There should be a team looking right now.

Thanks to the ND-LEEF for their streaming cam where I took my screen shot and video clip.


  1. Tavie says:

    That definitely wasn’t an eagle on the wide cam, so not 17.

    1. Thank you, Tavie. I did not think so either. I suspect that LB17 could be injured at the bottom of the tree or nearby.

  2. Linda Kontol says:

    Oh no! Mary Ann I just saw this. I saw the latest before this one. 16 bit little 17 as he was trying to move and caused him to fall off the nest. That is so sad.
    Prayers he’s ok.

    1. Well, 16 was never a friend to Little Bit. It is not really clear what happened but, you are correct. 16 did bite 17. And then Little Bit wanted to get away and well…I hope he goes into rehab and that the rehabbers come straightaway!

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