Ervie fishes with Dad, Fledge at Mispillion, and more

12 July 2022

Ervie. Bazza Hockaday caught Ervie fishing with Dad! He posted images of the two of them together on the FB Page of the Port Lincoln Osprey Group. Now, how wonderful is that? I am so excited. Ervie can fish with dad and not feel so rejected..he just can’t go on the nest near Mum! Remember how Ervie and Dad used to sit in the ‘shed’ and chat? Seriously, tears of joy!

Dad above and Ervie below with the tracker.

@ Port Lincoln Ospreys and Bazza Hockaday. 10 July 2022

The newsletter that I get from the Cornell Bird Lab is carrying an article on neonics, a pesticide, that is having a deadly impact on our songbirds. Have a read. Also consider, however, the fact that the ‘Green’ herbicides and pesticides used on lawns are toxic. Take, for example, the neighbour who wants the weeds killed so that they can put down a matt and then put on wood mulch — the ‘Green’ spray was toxic — it killed the weeds. They did not know that they could simply use vinegar.

The three Ls (L3 is in care) are flying as almost as good as Big Red and Arthur. They are learning more and more about catching their own prey and in 2-4 weeks they will leave the territory of Big Red and Arthur and find their own place in the world of hawks. So thankful for Suzanne Arnold Horning who takes her camera to the campus each day and allows me to share her images of Big Red and Arthur’s family with you.

One of the Ls hunting in the pine trees. Big Red and Arthur have been moving them around to various parts of the campus for prey drops and hunting. Everything they do are lessons for the kids -. Once the Ls leave the territory, Big Red and Arthur are going to enjoy a much needed rest. We will then see them back on the nest checking things in the late fall or early November. Time definitely passes too quickly!

L4 – we worried and worried and it turns out he loved to climb over his siblings to get to Big Red’s beak – totally unafraid – and was one of the first two to catch prey and become an official juvenile. Here he is on top of a small shed stalking something and stretching.

L4 – cutie pie.

Ferris Akel just uploaded his tour of the Red-tail hawks at Cornell from last weekend. Here you go!

The storklets on the Mlade Buky nest of Bukacek and Betty are big! No wonder Bukacek was working on a second nest. No room for him and Betty!

Urmas and Dr Madis V’s experiment to raise the storklets of Jan and Janika continues to go very smoothly. Karl II has brought food in. Bonus watches the others and begins the same ritual to cause Karl II to be able to regurgitate the fish. Everyone looks nice and healthy on this nest and we know from the postings that both Karl II and Kaia have found the fish basket left for them by Urmas.

The storklets are losing their white natal down and those lovely black feathers are coming in. Bonus is in the front with the two metal rings.

At 13:30 ‘H’ reports that one of the ospreys on the Mispillion Harbour nest fledged. It was a beautiful first flight returning in about a minute and a half. Congratulations to everyone and to you ‘H’ who has watched this nest like a wonderful auntie and kept us informed. Now…when will the next one fledge?

There he goes!

Louis and Dorcha’s two osplets are being ringed at Loch Arkaig at this very moment! There is the proud mama Dorcha with the two before the banders arrived. Dorcha flew around at the arrival of the humans and her and Louis are now perched on a tree waiting for everything to be finished so they can get their chicks back! Will there be one big girl??? and a boy?

The camera is turned off and will come back on line when the ringers are finished.

The chicks of Louis and Dorcha have been ringed but no word about gender, weight, etc. Will post tomorrow when I hear.

Fledgling 554 is enjoying her freedom as she stares at us from the perch at the Llyn Clywedog Osprey nest of Dylan and Seren. 554 was the first osprey to fledge in Wales for the 2022 season – yesterday.

554’s other siblings are flapping their wings now, too….will there be a rush on fledging?

Idris has brought in 3 fish in three hours. Those three big girls will each have their own fish at the Dyfi Nest this evening.

It was a gorgeous day in the Glaslyn Valley. Mrs G looking over her nest full of osplets no doubt so happy that this season went superbly.

Since last year many of us have wondered what the fate of CJ7 would be. Would Blue 022 return? would they bond? would they have chicks? They did bond, they did have chicks….the nest was so deep that we could only get a glimpse of them. Now, here they are staring at us. Just gorgeous osplets. Congratulations – you two are famous. Right, you don’t care. Just clean up the environment so that Ospreys can have lots of non-toxic delicious fish, clean air, safe migration, and wonderful nests. Oh, right..and stop the shooting of Ospreys. Gotcha. We are gonna work on that.

Dory watches over three sleeping little ones on the Boathouse Osprey nest on Hog Island. Just look at how well their plumage camouflages them and how much copper/orange they are getting on the nape of their necks. So lovely and content.

Meanwhile, in California, Rosie continues to supply Brooks and Molate with goldfish. This is number 8!

To the delight of everyone Annie and Alden continue to pair bond in the scrape at The Campanile every other day it seems. This was yesterday.

If you missed it, Mama Thunder made quick work of that juvenile intruder yesterday. Here is a 40 second clip of the action at the West End Bald Eagle nest:

Lillibet wondering where Victor is in the middle of the night at the Fraser Point nest of Andor and Mama Cruz.

It is going to take a few days for the blood work to come back on Victor and for all other tests to determine what is causing him to lose his balance and not be able to fly. Here is an edited post by Dr Sharpe.

Thank you so much for joining me today. Both Little Bit 17 and Victor are getting fantastic care and as someone joked – “There will be a run on Costco trout, I want to eat what Victor is having!” Cute. Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cam and/or FB pages or blogs where I took my screen captures: Suzanne Arnold Horning, Ferris Akel Tours, Mlade Buky Storks, Eagle Club of Estonia, Mispillion Harbour Ospreys, Friends of Loch Arkaig and the Woodland Trust, CarnyXWild, Dyfi Osprey Project, Bywyd Gwyllt Glaslyn, Poole Harbour Ospreys, Audubon, SF Ospreys and Golden Gate Audubon, Cal Falcons, Port Lincoln Osprey Project, Bazza Hockaday, and The Institute for Wildlife Studies.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Great news from Ervie and Dad fishing together! I’m so happy to see this photo! Thanks for it Mary Ann! Love seeing them together! ❤️❤️
    Congratulations to the osplets that fledged! Every day we seem to have some and it’s a wonderful thing to see!
    Glad the hawklets in New York and doing well. Maybe we will have an update on little 3 soon. 🙏❤️ All looks great and glad the osplets are getting banded today too! Hope we get some good news from Victors blood work and good news from little ND 17 soon too!❤️❤️🙏🙏
    Thanks for the videos and all pics Mary Ann too!
    Have a great afternoon and we look forward to hearing from you soon !

    1. Oh, isn’t it just the best news. That kind of fuzzy warm happy feeling just went all over me seeing Ervie fishing with his Dad. We are learning so much from these birds! I did not check the one Finnish nest. I plan to wait until tomorrow. It looks like everyone is doing quite well…thank you, Linda, for all your comments. And be happy – Victor and Little Bit are eating like rock stars!

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Mary Ann, I’m wondering if any of your sources could find out what has happened to the Osplet on the Patuxent 1 nest. The camera was off yesterday when I checked and today it is back and the chick is gone. Both parents have been on the nest and I believe it is the Mom who is squawking a lot. They just had a quick mating for a second. I have a feeling something went wrong here. I hope I am wrong but the camera has only been back on for 2 1/2 hours and I don’t see a youngster and I didn’t think he/she was quite ready to fledge. Thanks again for all your updates on Victor and Ervie and all the other goings on in bird world.

    1. Hi Nancy. I feel ashamed. I haven’t checked on that nest for some time. I will see what I can find out for you.

      1. Nancy says:

        Hi Mary Ann, Thanks for your prompt attention to my comment. You are a marvel and you can’t do it all. Nancy

    2. I can hear a chick calling and there was someone scratching, landing, sitting with talons on the camera. I am thinking a fledge? I can see nothing on the Patuxent River Park FB group and the phone number to the park is on answer til tomorrow. They closed just a bit ago. I will check with other sources.

      1. Nancy says:

        Hi Mary Ann, Thanks for checking so quickly. Guess I jumped to conclusions to fast. It was just odd that both parents we’re on the nest for so long and Mama was squawking a lot. Thanks again for your diligence. Nancy

      2. Hi Nancy. It is easy to go from relaxed mode to total anxiety with the birds in a few seconds. I am not saying the osplet fledged but I wonder…I have checked in with my sources and am waiting to hear but the definitive answer will be tomorrow when the park answers their phone! In the meantime, we hope that the parents just were trying to get the little one back to the nest. It does sound like talons on the camera though so it could be a fledge! It would be time.

      3. Hi Nancy, I can confirm that the osplet in nest 1 fledged. That was it on the camera with the talons and it flew down into the nest to the delight of mum and dad! Yippee. A good ending.

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