Late Thursday in Bird World

21 July 2022

A video has been uploaded of Little Bit ND17’s release with a couple of views. I know you will want to see it!

There is an uproar on Gabriola Island. It appears that Junior is not the only eaglet to be electrocuted on that exact same hydro pole. Let us hope that BC Hydro can be shamed into fixing all of the power lines!

Of course, hearts just remain broken. Malala has still not been seen.

It is a bit of a wet morning at the Sydney Sea eagles nest. Fish were already there and Lady fed the two wee ones early.

The Finnish Osprey nest at Janakkalan is quiet. The two surviving chicks are sleeping. The IR on the cameras reveals at least two large fish on the nest for the babes when they wake up. 47 days old. Intruder female not seen. Mum not seen.

A fish – not large but bigger than the small ones – came on the Osyoos nest at 13:54. The second for the day I believe. Fishing is very, very difficult in this heat and it is time that communities rally together around nests that are known to be struggling and provide fresh fish for them (it has to be freshly caught/killed not frozen).

It is so hot. Soo is taking good care to make sure she shades the chicks as best she can.

It is the end of Thursday. Many nests continue to struggle with heat or with only a single parent providing fish and caring for young. The situation in Finland is nearly the same as Nest 1A at Kielder Forest in the UK. There it is the female doing all the work. I really worry for her. The males are used to staying and feeding chicks after they fledge and after the female has left for her migration. At the Kielder nest, the female will not have a chance to get in good condition for the long migration to where she spends her winters. This could be another tragedy looming. I hope not.

Thank you for joining me for this quick check on some of the nests we are closely watching. Take care. Stay safe and cool.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams or FB postings: Humane Indiana Wildlife, GROWLS, Sydney Sea Eagles @Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Forest, Finnish Osprey Foundation and Osoyoos Ospreys.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for this video of ND17’s release. He flew out so nicely and I’m sending him prayers and best wishes. I hope we can get some updates on him.
    Prayers for the Finnish nest with the sickly Mom and Osooyoos, and all other nests struggling with this heat.
    Have a good evening and hope to see you here tomorrow:)

    1. The kids are alright in Finland and I hope beyond hope that each morning Olsen gets some good fish. 3 this morning. 2 were a nice size.

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