Late Thursday in Bird World

28 July 2022

It remains a very hot day at the Osoyoos Osprey nest in British Columbia. Olsen brought in his last fish at 13:09:18. It was small but ‘any’ fish is welcome! They all have to eat including Olsen and Soo so that they can have the strength to care for the two children. Prior to this Soo was working so hard to keep the chicks shaded.

I did manage to get a short video clip of SE29 and SE30 earlier – each has a little crop which is always good news.

Dad brought a big mullet to the Sea Eagles nest and Lady has been feeding the chicks with it. Yes, there are times that SE30 is timid of 29 but it appears that the feedings are going rather well this morning. It is early in Australia now and there have been two feedings in an hour at the nest.

The sea eaglets were eating again an hour later at 0738. Once things get sorted the two will line up nicely. There is no shortage of food and we want it to continue that way through to fledge!

Huge fish continue to be the norm for the the Janakkalan Osprey nest. There is, indeed, enough for both of the birds but, as always, the second waits for when the older sibling, now a fledgling, eats. You will recall that when the mother was ill, the now fledgling was eating well by itself but the other one was behind. It will catch up!

Even after 2300 one was still eating but then at 2311 both look down below the nest – startled. Not sure what it was but they eventually settle down once it is dark and go to sleep with huge crops.

Calling all Takoda lovers! The AEF has done a tribute and you will need a tissue…it is a glimpse of the last day on the nest, 22 July 2022.

If you are missing Lindsay, Grinnell, Jr, and Annie and Alden, please head over to moon_rabbit_rising on Instagram for all the latest photos. This is one she did of Lindsay flying. It won’t be long til the kids leave the territory!

The Patuxent River Parks Osprey cams are back to being operational. Progress has been made by the adults that lost their beautiful near to fledge babies when the old nest collapsed. The new nest is nice and strong.

I did not spot anyone on the Mispillion Harbour Osprey nest or perch this afternoon — just Mum’s beautiful yellow mat.

But ‘H’ found them and she knows where they hide until a fish delivery arrives somewhere. Thanks ‘H’ for the great shot of the two fledglings.

Aren’t they simply gorgeous fledglings? Beautiful.

Lilibet paid a visit to the Fraser Point nest at 11:22. I have not seen Andor or Mama Cruz this afternoon.

Lady Hawk captured some ten minutes on the West End Eagles nest of Akecheta and Thunder yesterday.

Quiet is good on the nests. It is great that people are getting some images of ND17. I hope that continues to put a smile on your face. It sure does mine. Take care everyone. Thank you for being with me. If this is a long weekend or a Bank Holiday where you are – enjoy. Get out and listen for the birds, smell the air, look at wildlife or spend some time in nature. You will not regret it! See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their postings, websites, and streaming cams where I took my screen captures: Lady Hawk, and IWS, Osoyoos Ospreys, ‘H’, Mispillion Harbour Ospreys and the DDNR, Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre, Sydney Olympic Park, Cal Falcons and moon_rabbit_rising, Patuxent River Park, AEF-NADC, and Finnish Osprey Foundation.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thank you Mary Ann for the updates! So Thankful all is well with them and hope it continues. I know I will keep them all in my prayers and ND17 is at the top of my list. I wonder how Victor is doing. I haven’t seen an update recently.
    Hope there will be an update soon. 🙏❤️
    Have a great evening and take care!

    1. ND17 is his creative, eat anything I can find self I am thinking. I wonder how many raccoons he has found. He must be doing alright…he is flying about with the others and of any of them, he is the most capable of finding food like he did on the nest and eating, nothing yet on Victor. It takes a long, long time to remove toxic metals but they should have the other tests back. Fingers crossed.

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Mary Ann, Everything is not ok at the Finnish Osprey Cam #4. There is a potential tragedy going on there. The adult bird (Mother??) on the nest is attacking two of the osplets violently. They are cowering and terrified.

    Also, there is an Osplet visitor on the Patuxent Nest 1 this morning and he/she stole a fish. I think both of them got a fish though.

    Here’s for hoping Finnish Osprey Nest success in the end.

    1. Hi Nancy, Good Morning. Thank you for your letter. I have not watched #4 as closely as the Janakkalan Nest. I did take a quick peek. There are lots of intruder birds flying about this time of year it seems. Normally we do not see the parents attack their own off spring it is generally a visitor wanting to grab a fish or take over a nest especially if the adult is missing, injured or has died as at Janakkalan with the visiting female. Will keep a closer eye and see if I can possibly tell what is going on. Yes, let us all hope for a wonderful end to the season!

    2. Thank you again for drawing my attention to nest #4. I have watched several times disturbing images. Very brutal attacks. They are now in the archives of the camera also. This nest really needs fish – lots of fish. It is not clear what the motivation is for the attacks at 13:49 and the most brutal at 14:48. I do hope that it stops…Food is needed and it will not be long til all leave for migration but very strange behaviour.

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