It’s a hatch for Xavier and Diamond!

30 September 2022

It was a lovely day on the Canadian Prairies. 20 degrees C. Summer. No jackets, no heavy sweaters, beautiful light. Today I got out of the house. There will not be many more likes this – and I discovered a new park in our City. This one is called King’s Park and it is huge – gently rolling hills along the river with a dog park, ponds, a water fall, and a Chinese pavilion. Few birds!

The big news of the morning in Australia is that Xavier and Diamond have their first hatch for the 2022 season. Chick was visible at 0926.

When I left, I was in a really good mood because I had looked back at the footage from the ledge at 367 Collins Street carefully. Yesterday the male came to the nest and the female had a wee break. He was fascinated with the eyases but was quite uncomfortable brooding so he just stood over them. That is fine. He is beginning to engage and he is providing food.

The eyases are being fed and without being able to see really close up, it looks like they are doing just fine.

The Sea Eaglets are incredibly gorgeous. They are up waiting for a breakfast delivery!

And it arrived – nice fish was brought to the nest around 0905. There is still little or no aggression between the siblings. Eventually Lady will feed them!

There was a very early feeding at Port Lincoln, 0620, today. The osplets had one big feed yesterday but it did not arrive til after 1500. They really needed to have fish first thing this morning. I continue to marvel at the civility that was at the nest yesterday. So happy.

When Mum gets up the kids get ready for a delivery. Note the difference in size between Middle Bob and Little Bob. Look at the wings.

Still sleepy babies.

Middle Bob has a bald spot right on top of its head. And now you can also see the size difference between Little Bob and Big — just look at the wings. That tells it all. It is a good thing that Little Bob is feisty like Ervie!

Little Bob still looks like you could have a good cuddle with him. I am astonished at the size of Big Bob already – even the length of its beak!

All is well in Bird World. Congratulations to Xavier and Diamond, Dr Cilla Kinross, and all the gang at the Orange scrape. We will wait and see if a second egg hatches for one of the most beloved Peregrine Falcon couples in the world.

Thank you so much for joining me for this brief look at what is going on in Australia as the 1st of October begins. Take care. See you soon!

Thank you to the following for their streaming cameras where I took my screen captures: Charles Sturt Falcon Cam, 367 Collins Street by Mirvac, Sea Eagles@Birdlife Australia Discovery Centre Sydney Olympic Park, and Port Lincoln Ospreys.


  1. B says:

    oh, wow — thanks for the news on Diamond and Xavier’s chick! So excited for the news! Congratulations to lovely Diamond and dear Xavier and to Cilla and all the folks at Orange!

    1. Oh, and it is such a cutie pie, B. We will see if either of the other two eggs hatch this season but this one strong chick would be enough. Xavier was so excited. Have you noticed how much time he spent in the scrape with Diamond this year? Right in there. I thought that was quite interesting.

      1. B says:

        Yes, I noticed — it has been quite striking the time that Xavier spends in the box with Diamond. He has always been a devoted dad, and he seems even more into it this year.

      2. When Diamond let him brood the chick (and incubate the other two eggs), it was such a touching moment. In the world of falcons, they are probably considered elderly parents. It is a real joy to watch them…he is devoted, just like dear Grinnell was.

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