Quick news – late Friday in Bird World

30 September 2022

I did not intend to send another blog out until tomorrow but a few things have happened in the last hours that might interest you.

First, ‘L’ writes that Samson and Gabby have both been seen at the nest tree near Jacksonville, Florida. What a relief!

There are three eyases at the 367 Collins Street scrape in Melbourne.

At Port Lincoln, the fight between Big and Middle Bobs began around 0817 and continued for a full seven minutes. Little Bob was often literally caught in the middle of the two and, on occasion, Middle Bob whalloped Little Bob just because it was there.

Big Bob is clearly trying to set dominance and Middle isn’t having any of it. They are pretty evenly matched. When Big Bob relaxed thinking the fight was over and it had won, Middle came back and started it all again.

It was quite brutal. I wish I had my video app that I used on my old computer. I will try and see if I can get it transferred to this machine. The battle for dominance on this nest will continue. I felt so bad for Little Bob. He looked quite scared at one point. The images are from the very beginning. Big Bob pushed and hit Middle Bob out of the screen at the right. I am just glad that it is the two older ones fighting one another and leaving Little Bob, for the most part, alone.

Of course, when the fish arrived they all lined up for Mum and ate till they were full and silly.

Now I wonder if there will be another hatch at Collins Street – there is one more egg to go OR at Xavier and Diamond’s scrape. Gosh, we could even have a fledge at the Sea Eagle’s nest before I wake up tomorrow.

Take care all.

Thank you to ‘L’ for sending me a note and for the streaming cams at 367 Collins Street by Mirvac and Port Lincoln Ospreys.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for these updates!
    Congratulations on the third hatch at Melbourne and hope for the hatches for Diamond and Xavier to go well too!
    I pray this dominance between big and middle bobs on Port Lincoln does not continue or get worse. 💕💕💕🙏 little Bob sure don’t need that! Thankfully they all ate and things cooled down. 🙏
    Good luck to the beautiful sea eaglets ❤️❤️
    Have a good night and we hope to
    Hear from you again soon Mary Ann

  2. Alison says:

    There have been developments in the male/female relationship at Melbourne. The male brought food to the female today, which was fantastic to see, although the food handover was off camera so I can’t guarantee which male it was. On two occasions this morning (Friday), the new male landed on the ledge near the scrape and the female immediately hunkered down protectively over the chicks, although uttering quiet chirps. Later, at 13:33:30, the same male landed on the ledge, where he remained for 59 minutes, quietly just standing there. The female was initially guarded, though again uttering quiet chirps, but eventually settled and even turned to face the male. I believe they were establishing some form of bond. It certainly felt like a good step forward.

    1. Your narrative of the events on that ledge is very welcome, Alison. Thank you so much. I hope he turns out to be as fantastic as Alden and Xavier. That would be grand! I so appreciated your time stamp of the male watching over the chicks and then watching the feeding. He seems to be watching and we hope, learning.

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