Hovering with Zoe!

18 November 2022

The eyes are all on Port Lincoln where it is the morning of the 19th of November. Zoe is all wound up just like Indigo was before she fledged. Oh, she wants to fly and she is getting some really good wind under those wings. We are so close to that first flight – the fledge!

I took a video clip for you to enjoy.

The problem is the weather. I am seeing overcast skies, chopping water, wind, and 100% chance of rain starting in less than six hours. Not a good day for a fledge unless Zoe is going to fly and return to the nest. We have come this far. I would hate for anything to happen to this super osplet.

Take care everyone. See you tomorrow!

Thanks Port Lincoln for your streaming cam where I took my video clip.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Thanks Mary Ann for this great video of Zoe hovering! She got really high too!
    Hope she stays put a while longer till the rain stops there if it comes in.
    Zoe looks very pretty up there hovering!

    1. It was surprising and scary. The weather was to turn so bad and I always worry about them if they fledge in the good winds when a storm is about. Thankfully she is home and on the nest.

  2. B says:

    Oh, hoping that Zoe stays safe! She’s such a big girl, it will be harder to fledge, but even if the big winds help her get airborne, better to keep building strength and fledge later!

    1. I agree 100%. I keep watching their weather. It seems that November is a terrible time for storms. Fingers crossed that both her and Rubus stay in their respective nests and scrapes.

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