Early Saturday in Bird World

10 December 2022

Good Morning Everyone from a snowy, icy landscape – the Canadian Prairies. As many of you suggested, it was a huge culture shock going from bright sun and warm seas to frozen. It is always good to be away but, it is equally nice to get ‘home’. Thank you for all your wonderful letters and best wishes. I had an epic time!

The big news is still coming out of Samson and Gabby’s nest in The Hamlet near Jacksonville. Will there be a nest take over? will Gabby get a new mate? where is V2 this morning as I write this? did Samson appear? Wow. Everything else pales in comparison.

This is a short catch up on some news that we are following this morning.

I want to start with a disgusting arrogant display that has gone viral. It was posted by Geemeff, one of our readers.

What a disgusting individual.

Was it Samson visiting the NE Florida nest? We would have to see his toe – one is flattened. But, gosh, it sure looks like him.

Maybe the word is out and all of them know that Gabby is now single (sadly) and they are lining up for her to choose? They should try bringing her fish!

There was a musical nest. V2 was there and gone, then Gabby left and V2 returned, and then he saw Gabby and escorted her back to the nest.

Postings of a third visitor.

But where was V2 last night. It looks like Gabby spent the night alone – again!

Gosh, I love these daily videos that Elain posts of the highlights at the Orange scrape in Australia of Diamond and Xavier. That little Indigo reminds me so much of Izzi – chasing the parents out of the scrape in the morning, pair bonding, and snacking.

Why do I like them? Elain edits the entire day into a short video and includes the main highlights.

Now for a few smiles.

Falcons in the Middle East fly in their own 747s. Challenger the famous US Eagle in the care of the American Eagle Association likes to fly SW Airlines.

Have you been following the World Cup of Birds? Let’s see who is left standing! Pick your favourite bird out of those left and follow what happens. Morocco stunned everyone when they beat Brazil putting the Rufous Bellied Thrush out of action. So will Moussier’s Redstart take home the cup? England is playing France today – the Robin vs the Gallic Rooster! Stay tuned.

For all Osprey fans, there is an Osprey still in Londonderry today – at the Bann Estuary. Does this bird know something we do not know? I mean seriously shouldn’t he be sunning himself in Spain right now or Africa? or does he need to get out of town quick?

Zoe is flying over shallow water and getting those wings to work. Dad brought Zoe 3 fish yesterday and Mum brought her 1. They are taking good care of their daughter! Here is her most recent tracking release.

We haven’t done a check on Karl II’s family recently so let’s have a look and see where Waba and Bonus are today.

Waba is still loving Sudan and fishing at the Nile River.

Bonus started flying over the Eastern Desert. There has been no transmission since the 4th of December. We wait. Please send Bonus your best wishes.

Thank you for being with me for this quick look at what is the main story in Bird World – Gabby and her nest. Send out your warmest wishes to Rita who is healing nicely in Miami and to dear Alden and Samson – we wish you would still appear! Take care everyone. See you soon.

Thank you to the following for their streaming cams, videos, and posts which make up my blog this morning: NEFL-AEF, Bald Eagles Live Nest Cams and News, Charles Sturt Falcon Cam Project and Cilla Kinross and Elain, American Eagle Live Nest Cams, Southwest Airlines, Raptors of the World, Port Lincoln Ospreys FB, Looduskalender, and Geemeff.


  1. Linda Kontol says:

    Good afternoon Mary Ann! So good to hear from you and get the latest updates.
    Thank you! Praying and Best wishes for Rita to continue to heal. For Samson and Alden’s return. I thought it could be Samson there too. But his description doesn’t match. They never mention the talon. That was always the main identity before and it’s still flat so I couldn’t see that in the photos. Sure wish it would have been him though. 🙏❤️🦅
    Have a great Saturday Mary Ann! I bet the birds and animals are happy to see you home too!

  2. Thank you for this…so heartbreaking about the goshawk in Germany. So difficult to comprehend such monstrous deeds. Very saddened. I’m spending in inordinate amount of time at NEFL…so much going on. Your recapping is wonderful. Cheers…I can imagine culture shock being home from the islands. Looked like a gorgeous time you had.

    1. Dear Elyse, Thank you so much for your comments. Much appreciated. I hope that the governments of the countries where there are killings – illegal – by games keepers – is put to an end by extremely strong penalties. These are such cruel people – to all manner of animals including the dogs they use. It is impossible to comprehend the suffering the birds have faced, the badgers, etc. Yes, I wish we could just wait for an egg from Gabby and Samson…no one ever expected this!

  3. Thank you for your wonderful posting! Heartbroken about the German groshawk…such a monstrous deed. Can’t fathom it. NEFL is quite the drama these days…enjoying watching and learning, though.

  4. Elyse Fairbanks says:

    My apologies for the double (now triple!) comments. Have a nice evening! 🙂

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